As of April 2018, Inkbrush has been discontinued

Inkbrush Review:
Pricing, Features, Alternatives

Looking for Inkbrush review? Updated Jan 2018 rating for Inkbrush: pricing, features, and alternatives directly from our experts.

We have surveyed Inkbrush, and its main competitors to find the most suiting template builder. Before we offer the comparison table to your attention, here is the general info about Inkbrush.

What is Inkbrush

Inkbrush is a web-based template builder, that allows designing responsive newsletters. It is not a drag and drop editor but quite similar to Photoshop.

Upload created files, slice them, compose a newsletter, and export it as an HTML code.

Inkbrush Features

  • As of April 2018, Inkbrush has been discontinued
  • Accepts png and psd files
  • Photoshop support
  • Allows customizing cells
  • Allows collaborating within one account. You may let another person use your account with Inkbrush
  • Enables to control who made changes to a template

Inkbrush Pricing

No prices are mentioned on the website. For free, you can export up to 2 HTML files. In order to do this, you will need to download the built template as HTML file, and then import it to the ESP you need.

The prices depend directly on the company which is going to use it. We left our request. They did not call us back.

Inkbrush alternatives

Beefree and Stripo are biggest Inkbrush Competitors

Thus, we decided to compare Inkbrush vs Beefree and Inkrbush vs Stripo.

They all serve the same purpose, but in fact, the 4 builders differ.

Inkbrush vs Stripo vs BeeFree vs Mosaico

We made investigations and comparison of Inkbrush vs Stripo, Inkbrush vs Beefree and Inkbrush vs Mosaico.

Drag-n-Drop AMP blocks for building AMP emails with no coding skills
Free Trial
15 days
Price per month
Unique for everyone
Unique for everyone
50 user €800
Unique for everyone
50 user €800
Export to
Pro/Plugin Packages
HTML code
Edit Template’s Design in MailChimp after Export
Ready Templates
Over 250
Over 80
Available Pictures to use
Decorative Fonts
Embedded image editor
Pixie, Banners
Only Filters Available
Timers / GIFs
Save separate blocks to the library
Hide separate blocks on mobile devices
Smart Automating Elements

All features, prices, and data were last verified in January 2018. Have noticed any discrepancy — please, contact us

6 Key Characteristics to Consider
when Choosing an Email Template Builder

  • Responsive Web Design

    A vast majority of people read messages via the smartphones. To make your newsletters be displayed correctly both on a desktop and mobile devices, they all should be mobile friendly.

  • Technical Support

    Facing some difficulties while working with a Template Builder, you read the FAQs. And when it is not enough, you will need have an access to customer’s support via chat, email, and even a call, in case of emergency.

  • Import and Export of Files

    The main reason why we build templates is to send them out, that is why we want to be able to export them to the ESP within a minute.

  • Open Library

    In order to find inspiration, to save your time, an editor should offer an open library with images to use, and built complete templates. In this case, you will just need to add your logo, and value proposition to the template you like.

  • Smart-elements

    When you need to perform a routine work, and upload snippets, and descriptions of a big number of products, smart-elements will automate this process for you.

  • Drag-n-Drop AMP blocks

    AMP emails are the hottest trend in 2019. They make our emails more functional as users can vote and make purchases directly in emails. But building them could be time-consuming and difficult, besides it requires deep knowledge in HTML coding. Thus, we it is crucial to look for the editor that provides us with drag-n-drop blocks to enable us to create AMP emails easily!

Which Email Template Builder to use?

We have gathered all the necessary data, presented in the table above, to help you make the right choice.

Now when you are aware of all the Stripo options, we are sure you will take us in consideration, as well.

Why choose Stripo Email Template Builder over Beefree, Mosaico, Inkbrush Editors?

Because Stripo is the only editor which contains all the 6 key characteristics, and even more:

  • Offers fully Responsive Layout for Emails
  • Provides technical support via email, chat, and call
  • Open Library with over 250 ready Templates and 10,000+ Images
  • Embedded Photo Editor
  • Remove Editor’s Logo from the Template with Free Version
  • Smart-Element
  • Integration with ESP and Gmail

Comments by Facebook Users

Absolutely LOVE this product. While I’m onto creating my second email, I expect to be a die-hard user for a long time.

I’m so glad you have the save rows/modules and that helps me extremely. I also like the power of “undo”. Thanks!

If I were to change one thing, and seriously I can only think of one, it is this. As I start to use this for my job, and emails for the various brands that we own…I wish there was a way to group emails with either tags or categories. For example: GeoShack is our main brand, and I may have divisions under that… show more

Dear whoever,

I feel like I walked into Heaven when I discovered your company. Over and over again for months and months I have searched for exactly what you are offering – control over my emails. I am THRILLED to have found you. I just hope that it’s not too good to be true since I’ve only played around for a short time but I don’t think so – I feel like this is the real deal.

I just LOVE your interface and the fact that I can actually poke into the HTML and EXPORT IT!!! …

This was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Thank you so much! This made it easy for me to create beautiful, professional looking emails and with the source code I can use it with our drip marketing system. Brilliant! One of my favorite features is that I can separate projects and the emails and images associated with that project (Client). I would give this program 10 stars if I could!

Great design and great output!

Love Stripo! I have built beautiful templates that we use in our HR onboarding process.

I especially love the new tool that allows you to export directly to Outlook, this makes exporting so fast and easy!

We constantly develop Stripo HTML email builder. Every day we extend the product with new functionality and keep it stable and consistent according to your needs.