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Email Design Platform — as Revolutionary as Your Email Design Ideas are

Meet the new version of Stripo — the most intuitive and simple, yet flexible email builder — to let you bring your boldest and most creative ideas to life faster and easier than ever before.

No worries! All email messages and templates of yours will remain and will be fully compatible with the new version of the editor. Everything you are used to and everything you love about the older builder will stay on. However, the new builder opens up new horizons in email production. Read more about the new possibilities it offers, below.

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What Makes the new Stripo so Handy?

The New version of Stripo was released in Spring of 2023.

Having analyzed our 4-year experience as an email builder, having considered our clients and users’ feedback on our tool and their needs, we’ve come up with the most functional, user-friendly, no-code email builder. We’re working hard on both its UI and UX to deliver an even more flexible tool for you.

More Intuitive and Simple, yet More Flexible Email Builder

Brief list of the features that make the New Stripo an email design platform of the future.

The Real WYSIWYG Editor

The “Real” WYSIWYG editor eliminates the need to check how your email will look across different devices, because it lets you work on a design of a necessary version of your email — desktop, tablet, or mobile — just switch to a necessary mode and perfect your email. Works the same way with the regular HTML and AMP HTML versions of your emails.

Dark Mode for Email Preview

Preview emails with the eyes of those who prefer the Dark Mode on their devices by switching the editor Preview mode from the Dark mode to the Light mode and back. It eliminates the need to send lots of test emails.

No-code Email Development

You don’t need to ask developers for help when building regular HTML emails, gamified emails, or emails with interactive, AMP, and dynamic content. Even if you do, you need their help just once. They code certain email elements for you, save them to the Modules Library, next time when building a new email, you just drop those modules into your template to reuse across email campaigns, no-code.

Time- and Cost-efficient Email Building

  • The new editor will let you apply changes to/design multiple elements or even email messages at once.
  • Bulk operations with email design styles, email messages export, etc. to speed up email production.
  • Reduced of number clicks — content blocks will always be visible, on a left sidebar.

Custom UI

For your convenience, we only show those controls that you use quite often. Others get hidden so they don’t distract you when you’re working on an email, yet they are available to you at any time.

Email Accessibility

It is important that you build and send out only fully accessible emails so that every subscriber can read or listen to your message. Color contrast, missing alt texts, inappropriate alignment, etc. — the new Stripo will highlight all of those before you export the email template/message so that your emails are accessible to each and every person out there.

Enterprise Features now Available to Everyone

They open up new horizons in email production.

Collaboration Tools

  • Co-editing — you all can edit the very same email at once.
  • No strict roles and permissions — each colleague will have their role and level of access which you set to them according to their skills.
  • Demo — open your emails to colleagues and clients for approval, and planning.
  • Commenting — clients and colleagues will be able to leave comments right in emails. Just like in Google Docs, you share what you like or dislike about certain elements in the editor.

Safety and Security

Be always confident that your emails and all the changes that you make to them are fully safe. You can roll back to any previous version of any email. And most importantly, you choose what type and level of access to email messages you grant your colleagues. They will be able to edit/work on those email elements that you allow them to.

Become a Beta Tester

Today, the new editor is available as a beta version.
If you join us today, you will be one of those who decide if new functionality is user-friendly or whether it needs to be improved. Yes, your honest feedback will be highly appreciated.

If you agree to beta test Stripo’s new functionality, we will inform you about those releases via email.

Thanks for your interest in beta testing the new editor - we appreciate you giving us a chance to improve our product!
Shortly you start receiving instructions on how to start testing.

Release Notes


Big bug fix update is here:

  1. Fields with empty toaster messages are displayed after changing the settings in the "Menu" block.
  2. The focus is moved from other menu items to the first item in the settings.
  3. Settings menu not displayed after adding more than one "Menu" block.
  4. Extra fields are added in the settings after changing the type of the "Menu" block.
  5. Non-breaking   space disappears when editing the text.
  6. Spaces are changed to a "+" sign in the "Email" type link settings.
  7. UTM labels are not saved if you go to the "General Styles" settings after editing them.
  8. UTM labels are not saved if you go to "General Styles" after editing them.
  9. The transformed file name is displayed after adding an image with Cyrillic characters in the file name in the "Image" block.
  10. The image on mobile does not return to its original size when the "Responsive Image" control is turned off in the "Image" block.
  11. The "Container Inversion" control is disabled when the "Adaptive Structure" control is deactivated for the mobile view.
  12. Additional input fields are added after filling the fields in own UTM tags.
  13. The alignment control in the "Text" block is not displayed correctly.
  14. The color number #00000 is deleted if you enter it manually.
  15. Indentations for added structure on mobile are different from general settings.

The new update brought these changes:

  • Added adaptability for the Samsung Mail email client.
  • We set a limit of 2000 characters for UTM parameter settings fields.

Small update is out now:

  • We changed the name of the "Indent Between Icons" control to "Indent" in the Button block.

Check out these awesome changes:


  • The limit for the Subject/Title and Hidden Preheader fields in the email settings has been increased to 500 characters.

And these bug fixes:

  1. Error wen editing code in code editor if MSO comments are present.
  2. The custom font that was applied to the text is not displayed in the "Font Family" field.
  3. The size of the container in the structure shrinks when trying to increase the size of the container.
  4. No other image is displayed in the test email when the "Rollover Effect" control is activated.
  5. A unique ID class is not created when copying the "Spacer" block.
  6. Unable to align text for selected text in a block.
  7. Displayed default value in the "Desktop Container Indentation" control after changing the value and reopening the email.
  8. Fixed errors when working with the "Text" block for users with the "Proofreader" role.
  9. The "Strip" and "Add Strip" icons appear outside the band at the end of the email.

New update with bug fixes is out now:

  1. The UTM_CAMPAIGN field is not filled with the email/template name in the UTM tag settings.
  2. The values entered in the "Title" and "Alternative Text" fields after saving an email in the "Social" block are not displayed.
  3. Error when re-saving strip, structure, container in module, after removing them from module.
  4. Strip name "Info area" in the general strip settings for Spanish and Italian languages is partially cut off.
  5. Some social networks added to the project can't be added to the email.
  6. Impossible to change the custom image after saving the letter in the "Video" block.
  7. Fixed errors when working with the blocks "Text block", "Button", "Social", "Menu", "Video", "Banner" for users with the role "Proofreader".
  8. Display an error when it is impossible to add an image from another server to the "Banner" and "Video" blocks.
  9. The old Twitter icon is displayed in the editor, after adding Twitter to the project settings.
  10. The settings panel closes when switching between desktop and mobile views.

Large pack of bug fixes is out now:

  1. Another image opens in the email when you click the "Edit Image" button.
  2. The image selection window opens again when replacing the image "Sender's logo" with "Promo Banner".
  3. The target="_blank" attribute can't be added to links on the preview page.
  4. The letters "ã" and "ç" cannot be entered for the Portuguese language.
  5. Unable to edit base64 images.
  6. There is no translation of the Background Repeat control in the strip settings for the Ukrainian and Russian languages.
  7. There is no error when trying to load an image with a width larger than 4000px.
  8. The editor freezes when working with an HTML block.
  9. The Container Inversion control remains activated in the structure setting after clicking the Undo button in the mobile view.
  10. The height of the image for the "Video" block is not recalculated when the width of the container is changed.
  11. Added extra code to the "Text" block when selecting the None list style.
  12. The font appearance for the "Text" block changes after changing the font in the "Banner" block.
  13. Fixed errors when editing the "Menu" block of the "Icons" type.
  14. Shows hidden menu blocks that were added by adding a module.
  15. Moved blocks in the email are duplicated after clicking the Undo button.
  16. An image that has been moved from a smaller container is not displayed to the full width of the container.
  17. Fixed errors when working with the blocks "Text", "Social Networks", "Menu" for users with the role "Proofreader".
  18. Fixed errors when adding blocks to an email for users with the role "Proofreader".

Check out these fixed bugs:

  1. The width of the structure increases when the increasing structure indents, if the adaptability of the structure is turned off.
  2. The key combination "Ctrl + Z" does not cancel the alignment of containers in the structure.
  3. The "es-infoblock" class is not deleted when the block is moved from the Infoarea strip to another strip.
  4. Incorrect display of the "Fixed Height" control in the Button block settings
  5. Cannot fully select an existing link in a text block.
  6. A link that was not entered is displayed in the "Link" field in the copied text block when switching between text blocks.

Here's what we've fixed to ensure a smoother, more reliable experience for you:

  1. An extra <td width="0"> tag was added to the VML code when the spacing between containers in the structure was set to 0px.
  2. A background image was duplicated into another stripe and structure.
  3. Disabling the responsive design of the structure for the mobile version left the spacing between containers the same as on the desktop.
  4. Moving a copied Spacer block to another container resulted in an empty structure being left behind.

We've made several bug fixes. Check them out:

  1. Impossible to add a title to the text without an additional action in the "Text" block.
  2. Underlines disappear when copying text from the old editor to the new one.
  3. Impossible to make the first list item plain text by pressing the BackSpace key.
  4. Disabled Customer list settings appear again if you go back to the list.
  5. Ctrl+Z and Undo to cancel adding modules do not work.
  6. Sometimes the styles are not asserted for the text block in which there is a link.
  7. Top valign can't be added in comments to some structures.
  8. MSO code is not added after activating the Hide for desktop control.
  9. "25" is added at the beginning and end of the link, after adding the merge tag to the "Email Address" field in the Mail type link.
  10. The editor freezes when trying to select text using Ctrl+Shift <--. MacOS + Windows.
  11. Toaster message about no support for custom fonts is missing.
  12. The control name "Indent Between Icons on Desktop" is incorrect.


New change in this update:

  • Changed control Font Size on Desktop/Mobile, so now it is dynamic.


New change in this update:

  • Added a message about the impossibility of creating a smart structure in empty elements.


New addition with a our new update. Check it out:

  • Added control to set Padding between image and text (link).

New bug fixes are out now:


  1. Pixie editor selectively can't be opened in old emails and templates.
  2. The width of the text block exceeds the screen when adding a large number of links in one line.
  3. No error message when trying to save image to gallery with invalid link.
  4. The link in the "Link" field in the "Text "block can't be saved, after quickly moving to another block and after inserting a link.


 Big update with fixed bugs is out now:

  1. It's not possible to place the cursor in another text block in the email.
  2. The Ctrl A key combination sometimes selects all the text in the editor, and not only within the container in which the text block is located.
  3. Drag-n-drop of the elements of the "Social" block should occur when moving the elements up and down by the same number of pixels.
  4. The height value is set to 0 when removing the spacer block when the focus is on another block.
  5. A non-breaking space is displayed incorrectly in the code editor.
  6. It's not possible to edit some images inserted via Image Path in "Image" block.
  7. Blank spaces are inserted incorrectly after the preheader in the code.
  8. Changing the font color in a text block causes the block layout to break.
  9. The space set at the end of the text in the "Text" block is not displayed.
  10. An error appears when creating a smart container with a text block.


Bug fix update is out now:

  1. Underline Links and Enable Word Break controls in a text block do not work.
  2. The link is not displayed in the link field after activating the "Anchor link" control in the "Button" block.


And the whole pack of fixed bugs:

  1. The mobile font size changes after the desktop font is resized.
  2. Errors in displaying the email when exporting to Outlook.
  3. Responsive styles are not saved when exporting for paddings on the mobile view.
  4. Extra code is added when copying the button code into an HTML block.
  5. The other container on Desktop is resized if the Containers Inversion control is activated for the mobile view.
  6. Impossible to completely remove the font color in the "Text" block style settings.
  7. The background image for the structure breaks if creating it in the old editor and switch to the new one.
  8. Unable to set color for each side of border in container in strip for button block after switching between "separate for each side" and "common for all sides".
  9. After changing the padding on the desktop version, incorrect padding values are added on mobile devices.
  10. Displayed "Height, px" and "Alignment" settings for mobile view.


We've also fixed these bugs:

  1. Incorrect display of font size on mobile view.
  2. Incorrect display of button height for mobile view.
  3. There is no error when using a non-existent selector in smart elements.
  4. The class can't be added with an indent between the icon and the link of the menu block.

We've brought few bug fixes with this update:

  1. The height value in the settings menu of the Separator block does not match the value of the email height control.
  2. Text from Google sheets is incorrectly inserted into the Text block.

Big update with bug fixes is out now. Check them out:

  1. Clicking on links like “Viber”, “Skype” and “Telegram” does not work.
  2. The layout of stock images breaks when the browser zoom is over 110% on MacOS.
  3. The drop-down menu “View\Copy\Save as module” is not displayed correctly.
  4. The same image from the stock storage is not added to the Image block.
  5. Missing menu item settings before adding image if "Links and Icons" menu type is selected.
  6. An error in the console when adding a button to an email.
  7. The distance between the first and second items of the Menu block is displayed incorrectly.
  8. It is forbidden to fill in the Link field for a menu block item if the name of the block item has been deleted.

An update with this change is now live:

  • Added consideration of the maximum text size of included elements to the line-height style when compiling the email.

New update with this feature is now live:

  • Allowed to put the megre-tag in the External Link field in the Image block.

 Small update is out now. Check out these changes:

  • Added parent activation control for Hover Link Color for all strip types.
  • Added an informational message pop-up for updating the configuration and parsing data.

Fixing bugs with this update. Check them out:

  1. Formatting numbering in lists is different from formatting text.
  2. Incorrect tags are inserted when adding modules.
  3. An error in the console when removing the icon from the Button.
  4. There is no error for the user when creating a smart structure if a non-existent reference was entered.

Small bug fix update is out now, so check out these changes:

  1. The use of shortcuts was not prohibited if the letter uses custom HTML.
  2. It's not possible to put a space after a paragraph in a text block.

We've also fixed these bugs:

  1. Error loading fonts in the console when creating\opening the template.
  2. It is not possible to make a button transparent using specific button settings.
  3. An incorrect value is displayed in the Menu block name if the template was saved with empty names in the Menu block.

We've fixed these bugs as well:We've fixed these bugs as well:

  1. The form tag is removed when exporting or previewing the email.
  2. Incorrect display of Button Color and Font Color controls in the general settings of the Button Block.
  3. Color change controls for lists do not work after adding custom HTML and removing it with Ctrl+Z.
  4. The activation of the Adjust to width on Mobile control in the general settings of the button is not saved after saving the template.
  5. When adding an image from the gallery - the transparent part of the PNG is not clickable.
  6. The window for selecting a file to download does not open after clicking on the word "View" in the "Image Gallery" block.

Small bug fix update is live. Check the changes:

  1. List items are not wrapped in their own <p> tag after canceling the "list" property.
  2. Indents between blocks and text color are different in the editor and preview.

 Small bug fixes included: Small bug fixes included:

  1. It's not possible to add two identical stock images consecutively.
  2. The set height value in Spacer mode "Space" is not saved after moving/copying the Spacer block.

We've brought you a small bug fix update. Check it out:

  1. There is no transition to the block with an anchor link when clicking on the image button if there are spaces in the anchor name.
  2. When inserting a title from the old editor into the new one, the title is inserted as plain text.

 We've fixed some bugs to smooth your workflows. Check them out:

  1. Error displaying indent controls for mobile and desktop.
  2. Container styles are written in the wrong tags.
  3. Removes the last space between the text in the "Hidden preheader" field after saving the template.
  4. The link for the added menu item is automatically filled with data from the previous menu item.
  5. Additional hover styles are added to the button when the border thickness is changed



Small update with this change is live, so check it out:

  • Changed the display order of the control in the text block.

Small Stripo update is now live with this change:

  • Added support for Size controls for the Video block and the Image block on the mobile view.

New release is on its way with these changes:

  • Changed the image editor icon;
  • Added hints to the Add Emoji + Fill in with white space control;
  • Added the appropriate protocol insert to the Link control in links when pasting from the clipboard and links when pasting from the clipboard.

We've got a small update for you with this new change:

  • Added a Warning and Restore icon to the settings panel for controls that have been changed using the Override function in the code editor.

Bug fix update is now installed. Check the changes:

  1. When opening the code editor, tabs with default and custom CSS are displayed.
  2. The height of the container with the video does not change after removing other containers from the structure.

A big bug fix update is out now, so check what errors will not bother you anymore:

  1. Fixed the error displaying the preview of the email.
  2. The button text size control on the mobile view takes an incorrect value.
  3. An error occurred when inserting a link to a YouTube Shorts video in the "Video" block.
  4. When adding an image to a container from the image library, the image is not added, and the containers break.
  5. Error saving custom tag in "Image Path" field in "Image" block.
  6. The color adjustment button for the container and structure does not change its color immediately after the user clicks on the color.
  7. Error in the console when inserting a text block into templates.


We've also fixed these bugs:

  1. Information in smart elements is not displayed in the new editor when created in the old editor.
  2. Text is cut off in the Outlook App with a large font size if the font size is changed after changing text styles.

 Also, a small bug fix included:

  1. Incorrect display of the Menu block menu.

No mercy for bugs. Today, we fixed:

  1. The display of lists malfunctions when using the "Custom List Styles" option in the basic "Text" block.

We've also fixed these bugs:

  1. Fixed deletion of the table if it was added to an empty block;
  2. Removed adding an empty square when inserting the Image block on the mobile version;
  3. Fixed the change in the height of the buttons on the mobile version when changing the Line height style;
  4. Fixed the change of style 5 of the title when pressing the Ctrl key;
  5. Fixed adding spaces between tags when pressing the Ctrl key;
  6. Fixed errors when working with responsive structure;
  7. Fixed Button block. Does not save custom CSS for the button;
  8. Fixed Button block. When exporting, the a.es-button and .es-button-border styles are written at the very end of the responsive styles.

 And this bug fix:

  1. Fixed errors related to the translation of the new editor.

 New bug fixes have arrived at Stripo. Check them out:

  1. Fixed errors when adding blocks in the editor on the tablet.
  2. The HTML label is outside the HTML block.
  3. Incorrect size of the media selector when opening an email created in the old editor.
  4. Fixed Master CSS in letters that do not have AMP rollover.

A small update is now live with this change:

  • Removed empty selectors from Master CSS.

New release bring new change. Check it out:

  • Added separate color settings for bulleted and numbered lists to the Custom List Styles control.

The new changes in the new release are here:

  • Added a notification for updating the status of changes in the Smart element in the Link field.
  • Added the option to select an element in the email when clicking on Focus mode, if the cursor is set in the code editor.

Check out this change that came with the new Stripo release:

  • Added the Text Align on Desktop/Mobile: Indent control in the Text block

We've got a new release for you with few additions:

  • Added a new "Fixed height" control for the Button block.
  • Added a new "Fixed height" control for the Text block.

 Also, bug fix included:

  1. Fixed the difference in the display of the adaptive image in the preview and the tests.

Bug fixes included:

  1. The toaster message "Please note that all the modifications/changes you've done so far to this email will remain and be available in the old version" appears after clicking the deactivated block in Custom Html.
  2. The background is not added to the settings and block panels after selecting a color in General Settings for a Custom HTML email.
  3. The modules are not aligned according to the template alignment in the general settings.

We've brought to you some bug fixes to smooth your email creation process:

  1. The module can be shared several times.
  2. Unable to click the tooltip link in the settings panel.
  3. Shift + Left Arrow causes the editor to freeze when using the Text block.

Several bugs have also been removed:

  1. A tooltip is displayed after removing a label from a Text block.
  2. An error appears in the console when adding a Text block.

We also fixed these bugs:

  1. After creating or updating a module, no preview of the module is displayed.
  2. Text height applies to the entire block, not just the selected text.
  3. Display conditions do not work.

We've also fixed these bugs:

  1. The default CSS of the new editor has a selector with incorrect styles for responsive images.
  2. Missing text translation when inserting a Text block.
  3. Structure content is deleted when interacting with structure adaptability control.
  4. Line wrapping does not work when the text direction is left to right.
  5. Deletion of additional text and images on the banner does not work when pressing DELETE.
  6. Incorrect style of the floating table settings panel.
  7. Unable to undo the deletion of all email code in the code editor with Ctrl+Z.
  8. Title and text tags are not saving when pasting copied text.
  9. After pressing Enter, an extra space is added in the new paragraph.

 A new release with lots of features is out now:

  • Added display of the AMP mark on the modules preview.
  • Added the display of the hidden element icon if the hidden element is higher in the hierarchy.
  • Added the option to delete modules.
  • Added the option to share the module with other projects.
  • Added a button to format the code in the code editor.

We’ve got a new release for you. Check it out:

  • Added a Smart element indicator to the block name when working with a email/template.
  • Improved work with tables in the “Text” basic block.

 Stripo release is out now. Check out these changes:

  • Added display of the Appearance panel for the smart-element immediately upon its activation.
  • Added the option to copy several modules to another project at once.
  • Added a “Restore” button when deleting pictures from the “Gallery” of images in the notification about the successful deletion of the picture.
  • Improved validation of inputs in the editor.

Freshly-made Stripo release is out now:

  • The method of displaying the scroll for the user has been reworked.

We've also got a new pack of fixed bugs for you:

  1. The text in the button is not displayed correctly when Outlook support is enabled.
  2. The editor freezes when working with text color controls in the strip settings in the Firefox browser on Windows OS.
  3. You can choose a transparent color for the link and text in the general bar settings.
  4. The Override button in the code editor does not work correctly.
  5. New structures are added with alignment in the middle of the email when there is a different value in the general settings.
  6. The cmd-Z key combination does not work.

It also comes with these fixed bugs:

  1. Shortcut “⇧+↓” does not work.
  2. The color palette for the table field goes beyond the settings popup in the Text base block.
  3. “Left-to-right Text Direction” control does not work for a “Text” basic block added via the quick panel for adding blocks.
  4. The text on the preview of the email/template, which has a background color, is stuck.
  5. Settings for smart elements are not displayed when switching between the current and new editors.

No more bugs like these:

  1. “Gallery” of images closes when adding an additional banner image.
  2. No link is added to the Video Link field for the Video base unit if it is invalid.
  3. Email/template takes a long time to load when opening if it contains smart elements.
  4. The name of the email/template is not saved when defocusing from the name field and exiting email via the “Back” button.
  5. An extra tag is added at the end of the text when “Font Family” is specified for the “Text” basic block.
  6. Shortcut “⇧+↑” does not work.
  7. There is an attempt to change the display side of the settings panel when clicking on disabled blocks.

These bugs are now gone:

  1. The cell structure breaks and the inserted subject is added on top of the table when adding an emoji/special character/merge-tag to multiple selected cells in the “Text” base block.
  2. The “Text Background” control works as a background for the entire block if there is a list in the “Text” base block.
  3. Added amp-rollover styles to the Custom CSS of the email\template when there is no AMPHTML in it.
  4. The control to enable adaptability for the “Banner” base block is out of place.
  5. Video image size control is not displayed when adding a custom image without adding a video link for the Video base block first.
  6. “Video” base block breaks and the image size controls disappear after removing the link to the video.
  7. Unable to update/restore “Synchronized” module after activating “Smart-element”.
  8. The configuration of the “Smart-element” variable breaks if you add the symbol “<” to the name of the selector.
  9. “Show in” does not work for base blocks.

These bugs are no more with new Stripo release:

  1. The preview of the module is not displayed when saving it.
  2. The font size is displayed in the "Menu" block when selecting the "Icons".
  3. The size of the "Divider" block resets to 0px when switching between mobile and desktop modes.
  4. Searching for images in different tabs in the image gallery does not work.
  5. The code editor crashes when clicking on the default CSS color value.
  6. When adding a module to the email, its width does not adapt to the width of the email.

Didn't expect us? We brought you a new Stripo release:

  • Support of hotkeys in the code editor.

 New release just like you wanted:

  • Hide the aspect ratio size controls in the Banner basic block.

 Let's celebrate the middle of the workdays with a new Stripo release:

  • The function of auto-saving of changes in the editor has been added.
  • Work with the custom layout in the editor has been improved.

 We’ve got a new release for you with these bugs fixed:

  1. Extra paragraphs are added when using the Enter key in the Text block.
  2. An additional image in the Banner block сan't be added on the first try.
  3. Image resizes when editing image padding.
  4. A module with a custom code can't be added to the email.

Along with these bugfixes:

  1. Fixes and improvments to compatibility between the old and new editor.
  2. When re-entering the email, the smart properties of the email elements are reset.
  3. Changes to custom CSS are not saved.
  4. The code editor stops working when changing the name of the class of the Button block in the HTML.
  5. When changing the background color of the text, the background color of the entire block changes.

 We’ve got a new release for you with these bugs fixed:

  1. A container with content is completely deleted when its content is cleared.
  2. Alignment of icons on the left edge in the “Menu” basic block does not work if you switch the menu display type to “icons” and return to “links and icons”.
  3. The custom image in the “Video” basic block does not scale if the video is not stretched to full width.
  4. The “Margins Around Message on Mobile” control does not work for mobile separately.
  5. Padding value for mobile is displayed after switching to desktop view on the “Padding on Desktop” control.
  6. Modules are not added to a list in which the “Custom List Styles” control is enabled in “General Settings”.
  7. The custom image from the settings of the “Video” basic block disappears when switching to the email/template.
  8. The intermediate stages of editing the “Banner” block saving in the “Image Gallery”.
  9. A white background is displayed instead of the banner image if you save the module with the “Banner” block in the current editor and add it to the new one.

 Unwanted bugs are now gone:

  1. The entire container deletes after deleting its contents.
  2. Duplicate selector styles in the “Master CSS” code relative to “Custom CSS” appear when opening the old sheet in a new editor.
  3. Synchronization functionality of the module can't be displayed after sharing it to another project.
  4. The "Splitter" block does not return to its default position after returning it to "line mode" in the mobile view.
  5. The comment entered in “Custom CSS” is not saved.
  6. Remove in the basic block "Text" when using "backspace".
  7. No UTM tags are added to links.
  8. The set aspect ratio of the "Banner" block is not displayed after adding padding for the container/texture/strip.
  9. Basic block "Button" is not displayed correctly in "Outlook OFT" after creating it in the new editor.

 Our celebration won't be spoiled with these bugs:

  1. Controls for modifying banner elements do not match the design.
  2. An error occurs when deleting text from the header and pre-header.
  3. Blank spaces appear in the code editor when resizing text using shortcuts.
  4. Work with a sheet with custom markup stucks after removing the structure's indents.
  5. When adding the basic block"Social" it is not in the center of the container.
  6. A copy of the "Divider" base block is created with the dimensions set for the desktop version when using the mobile version of the sheet.
  7. The "Responsive Image" control for the "Video" basic block is out of place.
  8. A new is added without styles if you set styles for the "Text" basic block, enter a list, remove the list, and start entering plain text.

 Another Stripo release with these changes coming your way:

  • Added pop-ups when clicking on blocks not yet implemented in the new editor.
  • Changed the display of toaster alerts in the styles and layout of the current editor.

Friday just gets better and better with a new Stripo release:

  • Improved work with the basic "Banner". block.

 Moving to weekends full speed ahead with a new Stripo release and these changes:

  • Added automatic activation of the "Manage lists" control if there is a list in the email.
  • Improved work with custom markup.

 Hey, take a closer look at the new Stripo release. Especially these changes:

  • Added a tooltip for the library of structures and modules.
  • There is now support for shortcuts to add a new paragraph for the basic block "Text".
  • Improved operation of the “Crop” control for the “Additional Image” of the “Banner” base block.

Hey, do you want to see something cool? Just check out new Stripo release:

  1. Added "Save as new" functionality to saved modules.

 This release don't have any of these bugs:

  1. Indents between content in the "Gallery" of images are not displayed properly.
  2. The styles flash when you click on the letter "B" in the "Text" basic block.
  3. Shortcut “Alt+C” does not work.
  4. The size for the "Image" block in the structure is not recalculated after changing the "Message Content Width" in the "General Settings" of the email/template.
  5. The "Padding on Mobile" control for the structure does not work correctly.
  6. The “Activate Display Conditions” control is not disabled for stripes, structures, and containers.
  7. Recalculation of content width in the framework breaks after moving the "Video" / "Image" / "Banner" base block into a container with "Padding on Desktop" set and changing the image size type.
  8. An error occurs in the console when inserting the code with the basic block "Button" in the Code-Editor.

Yeah, this pack of bugs is now finally deleted:

  1. An error is displayed in the console when uploading an invalid image to the Image Gallery.
  2. When setting the size by height for the picture of the "Video" basic block is turned on, the "Alignment" control is disabled.
  3. The "clear" control in the "Banner" basic block does not cover the entire container width.
  4. Common hover styles for the "Button" basic block do not work if custom hover styles for the block have been toggled on and off.
  5. Fractional values are allowed in "Structure" for "Container" dimensions.
  6. The display of "Smart-block" variables in the configuration menu is broken when re-adding variables and deleting existing ones.
  7. Double scroll display in the editor on MacOs (Safari, opera, GC).
  8. Styles tab closes after changing the background color for the “Banner” basic block.
  9. Changes in the code editor for the class name on the “Custom CSS” tab can't be saved.


And these erased bugs will never stop us now:

  1. The "Form" block button breaks after opening the email with it in a new editor.
  2. The link color disappears if you set the link color and then change the text color in the "Text" base block.
  3. The additional image in the "Video" block does not adapt after switching from mobile to desktop versions.

 These erased bugs are also worth looking at:

  1. Blurred icons in the settings of the "Social" block. network" in the browser "Safari".
  2. When changing the styles of the "Text" base block, extra indents are added to the top and bottom of the block.
  3. Comments for "Outlook" support are missing from the code of the "Button" base block in the current editor if the button first appears in an email in the new editor.
  4. Some buttons do not show the inscription when hovering over the cursor.
  5. A selected area remains on the "Banner" base unit.
  6. The hover highlight is not copied for the "Button" base block in the current editor, if it is individually set in the new editor.

These lame bugs were erased from existance:

  1. Fixed the problem with the functioning of Container inversion.
  2. Added backward compatibility between Container size and spacings between them.
  3. Fixed value storage for container inversion control in Structure.
  4. Fixed the display of the Text block settings panel.
  5. Fixed the display of void characters in the hidden pre-header in the preview.
  6. Fixed an issue with saving styles added to a container after removing a block from it.
  7. Fixed the styles were not taken from the general ones but from the default values when enabling hover styles for a separate Button block.

Thursday means new Stripo release with this change:

  • Updated names of the controls in the editor.

We've got some SUPER goodies for you in our new Stripo release:

  • Added “Crop Zone” to the image for the “Banner” base block.

We are glad to present you a new Stripo release with fresh features:

  • Added a "Crop Shape" control to the "Banner" block.
  • Added the "Size" control to the "Banner" block.

Check out our new Stripo release with a small but needed change:

  • Updated and added tooltips to settings panel controls.

 It is wise to enter the weekend in a good mood and with a new Stripo release with cool changes:

  • Added functionality to add and stylize an additional image for the basic “Banner” block.
  • Changed the “Icon” control description in the “Button” base block.

Starving for some improvements? We've got something special for you:

  • Speeded up the opening of the "Smart Elements" settings panel

Besides, we did not forget to fix these bugs:

  1. Lists move when "Custom List Styles" and "Right to Left Text Direction" controls are enabled in "General Settings".
  2. Image linked to the "Image" base block can't be applied on the first try.
  3. The Radius control for the container does not work if the Radius control for the structure is enabled.
  4. The background color of the content for the strip does not change after it is changed in the general settings of "Strips".
  5. The background color for the stripe is always taken from the general settings of the "Content" stripe when changing the value in the "Message Area" control.
  6. The basic block “Text” settings can't be opened if the mouse cursor is released outside the block after selecting the text.
  7. The structure breaks when moving the "Menu" base block.

 And these baddies are long gone now:

  1. The "Container Resizing" control can't be enabled if resizing is disabled for all but one container.
  2. The "Image Gallery" panel in the module settings does not open after clicking the "Replace" button.
  3. Numbering is not added for each item of the "Text" basic block, if the text is made into a list.
  4. The block and container controls are overlapped by the editor toolbar and the settings panel.

Besides that, we got rid of these annoying bugs:

  1. Disabled controls in empty container settings.
  2. The generated screenshot is not displayed in the "Video" block after inserting your own image.
  3. The quality of the generated screenshot is lost after dragging and dropping the "Video" block.
  4. The height does not change on the mobile view in the "Divider" block.

 Oops, we dropped something here. Oh, right, new Stripo release with fixed bugs:

  1. Narrow font drop-down list in the "Banner" block.
  2. The image width does not recalculate when changing the default outline padding.
  3. Buttons in the same container as other blocks are not copied using the block copy tool.
  4. The image does not adapt to the size of the container after it is moved to another container.
  5. The image for "Sender Logo" and "Promo Image" in "Message Settings" does not load.
  6. The editor stops working after adding a tag through the code editor.

Besides, we fixed these bugs:

  1. The text disappears when you wrap it with a tag through the code editor.
  2. A single container in a structure does not stretch to the full width of the structure if its resizing control is locked.
  3. The Responsive Structure and Container Inversion controls are not displayed correctly in the structure settings.
  4. A “Warning-message” appears without the text in the container settings after selecting a block.
  5. Font changes are not saved in the Banner block.
  6. The image does not adapt to the size of the container after its drag-and-drop into another container.

Poof, and they are gone. New Stripo release with fixed bugs:

  1. Fixed errors in the operation of the keyboard shortcuts "⌘ -" and "⌘ +" for macOS.
  2. Fixed an error with the display of the settings panel of the "Banner" block on the mobile version of the editor.
  3. Fixed an error with the data display in the controls of the "Banner" block after changing this data in the code editor.
  4. Fixed an error with adding text or an icon for the "Button" block after deleting the text and returning it to the editor.
  5. Fixed an error with creating extra indentation when specifying the font or font size in the "Text" block.
  6. Fixed the size of the "Clear" button in the module search menu.

You can finally relax, forgetting about these bugs:

  1. The container with the “Banner” block expands when adding indents to the container.
  2. The container is placed next to the empty container when it is moved rather than taking its place.
  3. Resets the icon size for the basic “Menu” block in the letter after resizing.
  4. The “Image path” control is removed when the link is changed.
  5. The module is not saved to the “Library” of modules.
  6. When copying the basic “Button” block with the effect of highlighting on hover - the new “Button” block becomes the color of the backlight.
  7. Hover styles for the Button base block apply only to the button text on the email preview.

There is a new sheriff in town to bring you peace and new Stripo release with this change:

  1. Added "Shortcuts" to the editor.

We can make your day even better with a new Stripo release and the changes it brings:

  1. Added a new "Blend Color" control in the "Banner" base block.
  2. Added a new "Filter" control in the "Banner" base block.
  3. Added a new "Mode" control in the "Banner" base block.
  4. Added a new "Opacity" control in the "Banner" base block.
  5. Added new and updated old social networks in the "Social" block.

Let's make a trade offer. We give you a brand new Stripo release with awesome changes while you give us a happy smile about it. Check these out:

  1. Added custom icon functionality for the "Social Networks" base block.
  2. Hidden the Restore function in the sidebar of the block settings.
  3. Added the ability to hover over a hint for modules in the "Library" of modules without it disappearing.
  4. Added hints for controls when hovering over the question icon.

  • The indentations for the container are added outside the structure.
  • The indentation between containers on the preview disappears after changing the location of the container in the structure and canceling the last action.
  • Broken recalculation logic for the block after changing the margins in the image container.
  • All these bandit-bugs are now in prison:

    • The indentation between the icon and the text in the "Button" block with RTL enabled resets.
    • Saving changes in the "Pixie" editor does not work.
    • New empty containers are added to the structure when a container is moved.
    • The settings panel breaks when adding additional variables.
    • The logic of displaying containers breaks when they are moved.
    • The link color for the Text block is displayed by default if you change it in the block settings before adding the link.

    No bugs = no problems:

    • Fixed typing protocol for Viber on old emails.
    • Fixed a bug in the tooltip animation for Emoji/Special Character when scrolling.
    • Fixed a bug with the text color control not setting the text color for the entire block.
    • Fixed the functionality of the Rollover module when adding an image to it.
    • Fixed a bug with disabled controls for removing containers when alignment is enabled.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the code editor to open when activating HTML block controls.
    • Fixed recalculation of Margins control values for the "Image" block.
    • Fixed a problem with the display of hidden elements on the mobile view
    • Fixed broken radiobutton component
    • Fixed a bug in displaying the move function on a container if it is one in the structure.
    • Made a general improvement of the editor performance.

    To make the offer as attractive as possible, we removed these bugs:

    • RTL. The padding between the button and the icon is added in the wrong place when RTL is enabled.
    • The type of anchor link is not displayed when setting it for a block.
    • Structure. Extra indentation appears when using the undo/redo functionality when adding/removing a container.

    Have you ever had the feeling that you forgot something? Oh, that's right, you forgot to read the new Stripo release. Here it is with all the changes:

    • Added control "Outer margins for desktop and mobile" for the "Banner" block.

    Red carpet - check. Applause - check. New Stripo release - check. Look at these changes:

    • Added Smart modules for working with Website Page.
    • Changed the animation for drag-n-drop containers/social networks in the settings panel.
    • Stripes with the Info area property now have a tag.
    • Added hints for controls when hovering over the question icon.

    "Knock-knock." "Who's there?", it's a new Stripo release. Check these changes:

    • Added "Alignment on Desktop/Mobile" control for the Banner block.

    These Christmas and New Year holidays were fun, but we are back in action with a new Stripo release. Check out  these changes:

    • Added additional CSS styles for font when using "Custom List Styles".
    • Added Responsive Image control in the Banner block.

    This annoyance from these removed bugs can definitely be forgotten:

    1. The styles of the "Menu" block do not change.
    2. The "+" symbol is not saved when adding it to the link to the phone number.
    3. Added redundant "Url" value when using background images.
    4. Text with "Center" alignment changes its position after changing the direction of the text in the general settings.
    5. The indentation between the text and the icon is added in the wrong place after changing the direction of the text in the general settings.
    6. The spinner is displayed outside the dropdown list in the My Modules panel.
    7. The display of controls swaps on the auxiliary block outline when enabled after changing the direction of the text in the general settings.
    8. The "Settings panel" closes when selecting text in the input field and "onhold" outside the panel.
    9. The "Play" button in the "Video" block is not proportional.

    These bugs didn't pass our face control:

    1. The controls for setting the radius of the "Image" block have a step of 1px. instead of 5px.
    2. The strip movement functionality is displayed when the strip is the only one in the letter.
    3. Controls of the Menu block stretch across the width of the settings panel.
    4. The standard type selection for all Menu items resets.
    5. RTL control is disabled when the editor is reopened.

    Jokes aside, as these bugs are no more:

    1. Browser tab freezes when copying/pasting code through the code editor.
    2. The image preview does not change when replacing the image link in the settings panel.

    It's good that we left these annoying bugs in 2022:

    • The roll-over effect in amp lists does not work.
    • Custom font can't be used in the editor.

    As bright as the polar star, the New Editor is shining with today’s release. Here we have:

    • added the ability to move the settings panel from the left to the right and vice versa;
    • hid the “Font size” control for the “Button” block in the Mobile Styles tab.

    New Editor has some updates, namely:

    • improved the performance of the “Menu” block;
    • improved the performance of the “Banner” block.

    Grab a cup of hot chocolate, sit near a comfy fireplace to read about the new release and its changes:

    • improved the recognition of the “Text” block in the custom email message/template code;

    More features? Today? Are you sure? Absolutely! Take a look of what we have:

    • a new option to move a module to the other project;
    • a new option to copy a module to the other project;
    • a new functionality of synchronized modules.

    The fewer bugs on the trail, the better:

    1. Removed the “Responsive Structure” and “Container Inversion” controls for the Desktop settings.
    2. Videos cannot be added to the “Video” block from “Vimeo.”
    3. There is no frame of the selected “Image” block in a custom layout.

    Poof! These bugs are fixed and gone:

    1. The “Display Conditions” control values get reset when the “Include in” control is activated.
    2. A hint on the image ratio is missing in the image Rollover effect settings.
    3. The “Anchor link” control does not work.
    4. A lot of free space is displayed in the settings panel when the synchronized module is being updated.
    5. A hint does not change its location according to the buttons for the “Image” block.
    6. The “Mime type” control does not work when the rollover effect is used.
    7. The “Special Characters” pop-over appears when the “Emoji” is being edited in the “Text” block, which is not necessary.
    8. The container’s width is calculated without considering the width of the container’s border.

    We assure you that these annoying bugs are frozen outside of the editor:

    1. The size of the “Image” block gets broken with a large value of external indents.
    2. The “border-width” for the “Button” block is displayed.
    3. The custom image cannot be deactivated in the “Video” block.
    4. The “Hide Element on Desktop/Mobile” icon on the stripe is displayed outside the email message/template.

    Couldn’t let these issue pass the release:

    1. Infinite scrolling appears on the settings panel.
    2. The field for entering a link is increased for the “Menu”, “Socials”, and “Text” blocks.
    3. There are not enough indents for the “Preview link” input field for the “Socials” block.
    4. Added text styles are not completely deleted after clicking the “Delete styles” button.
    5. The “Delete styles” control for lists does not work.
    6. The control of the specified style in the settings panel remains enabled after clicking the “Delete styles” button.

    Right from our magic cylinder, we got a new release for you. Look how awesome it is:

    • new option to undo the last actions in the editor using the Ctrl/Cmd + Z shortcuts is supported;
    • the “UTM” tags functionality has been added to the “Message Settings” menu;
    • the ability to copy/move a module to another project is supported.

    Few magic words and all these annoying bugs are gone:

    1. Alignment of the entire email message/template occurs in relation to the browser window.
    2. The inability to style the email message/template if you delete it from right to left.
    3. Spacing for headings is displayed incorrectly.
    4. The button’s hover color can not be recalculated when the main color is changed.
    5. The image size option gets broken when large values in Margins on Desktop/Mobile control are set.
    6. An empty space is displayed when opening the code editor in small email message/template.
    7. An image rollover gets stuck if there are several images in the email message/template.

     We approve today’s release with these bug fixes:

    1. The translations of the icon style names in the “Socials” block are not displayed.
    2. Unnecessary attributes are displayed when copying code in the code editor.
    3. The size of the copied image doesn’t change when the container is resized.

    Are we the only one in the space? If yes, how is the New Editor release is so good? Look:

    • new “Hover Button Styles” control for the “Button” block;
    • new advanced bulleted list styles;
    • new social networks in the “Social” block.

    Friday always brings nice anticipation of the weekend. And you know what else is nice on Friday? Our new release, with these features:

    1. improved the AMP content support in email messages/templates.
    2. added an icon for display conditions on elements in the email messages/templates.

    No bugs, who dis? It’s Stripo developers, sweethearts. No more issues like:

    1. The background image control is disabled after adding a stripe background image.
    2. Incorrect copying of containers in the structure.
    3. The items on the “Menu” block for the Desktop are also hidden for the Mobile view.
    4. The image rollover size was not recalculated when the container size was reduced.
    5. Structure gets broken when adding a border for a container.
    6. Browser tab freezes when editing CSS code.
    7. The image size controls disappear when adding an anchor link in the “Video” block.
    8. When changing the color for the background of the entire text, the entire block gets painted over.
    9. The module cannot be saved if display conditions are used in it.

    We made sure these bugs don’t ruin your weekend mood:

    1. Styles are not applied to lists when they are selected in the “Text” block.
    2. When setting a color for the last list item in the “Text” block, the next item doesn’t begin by order.
    3. No block shadow is displayed.
    4. The Button’s VML code isn’t displayed in the old editor for “Outlook support”.
    5. The container is moved in the structure when a border added.
    6. The background image is duplicated to the entire block width when the “Full width” control in the “Image” block is disabled.
    7. The link is stored in the tag after disabling it in the “Text” block.
    8. There is no ability to drag-n-drop a stripe if the focus is on a block.

    New Editor release brings some new functionality content:

    • added a full-width background of an email message/template to the editor;
    • improved the Line Height control when working with lists in the “Text” block.

    Gloomy weather doesn’t equal a bad mood, especially when the Stripo release is out! Here, we:

    • updated General Settings for the Mobile version of an email message/template by removing the option to change its width.

    Here you go, freshly fixed issues:

    1. Fixed the increased icons for emoticons in the “Message Settings” controls.
    2. The entire text paragraph is coloured over when the background color of the text is changed.
    3. When inspecting the elements of the message and closing the code editor, the inspection doesn’t get disabled.
    4. Console errors when opening the editor.
    5. Once a list style of the text paragraph is selected, it cannot be changed back to plain text.
    6. When editing the main image in the “Pixie” editor, the rollover image is being edited as well.
    7. The entered values are restored in an “Anchor link” control.
    8. The input field corners of the “Display Conditions” menu are misplaced.
    9. The email message/template is cut off during test sending to the “Outlook” email service provider.
    10. The link for the text block is not added if you select all the text in the “Text” block.

    Please check today’s bug fixes, while we’re heating up a next-gen editor functionality:

    1. Image size breaks down when using the Margins control in container/structure/stripe.
    2. The container’s background color is not displayed correctly.
    3. The functionality of moving icons in the “Social” block is broken.
    4. Spaces between text disappear when opening an old email message/template in a new editor.
    5. The container’s background image that was added in the old editor is not displayed in the new editor.
    6. The text’s background color does not change.
    7. The buttons’ color created in the old editor is not the same i the new editor.

    Bugs have to go! No more:

    1. The way social network icons display is broken when switching between the current and the new editor.
    2. Responsive styles disappear in the “Button” block when it is being edited.
    3. The image size alters when the Margin values are changed.

    Fixed these bugs today to make you guys happy:

    1. User images can’t load in the “Socials” block.
    2. Link selection is reset.
    3. Transparent text background color can’t be set.

    New release notes are just on point. What we have here is:

    • an updated “Text” block. Now you can interact with text styles from the settings panel without a floating panel.

    Caffeine is not a joy compared to a Stripo release! Now we have:

    • the shortcuts of СTRL+B, СTRL+I, СTRL+U are supported for the “Text” block;
    • a  “Text Style” control for text editing. Now, you can make the text bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript;
    • an “Alternative text” control in the “Banner” block.

    Join the New Editor squad! With this update, we have:

    • added tooltips to the Text Style controls for better navigation.

    Do you see the bugs? Neither do we! Today we got rid of:

    1. Custom fonts added via the project settings are not displayed.
    2. Editing the text style changes the style of the bulleted/numbered list.
    3. An empty custom menu for merge tags/special links is displayed even if they are not specified in the project settings.
    4. Incorrect behavior of button colors when switching between current and new editors.
    5. Export to the “Outlook App” doesn’t work.

    Come on! It’s a release time! Work easily with the fixes of:

    1. The elements’ titles of the email message flash when they are hovered over.
    2. When copying text in a “Text” block, the editing cursor appears at the end of a line.
    3. The size of the banner resets when the message width is changed.

    No more issues with:

    1. The list structure gets broken when copying some text.
    2. The image is stretched when changing the width of the email message.

    No bugs, no bad behaviour zigzags:

    1. Paddings for Desktop control calculate incorrectly when the icon’s alignment in the “Button” block is being changed.
    2. The email message height isn’t fully displayed in the Editor.
    3. The “Banner” block resizing doesn’t work.
    4. The decimal digits are shown in the container’s width when the structure is being edited.
    5. Hover styles don’t disappear when the “Hover Button Styles” control is selected in the “Button” block.
    6. An extra indent appears between images and links when the menu items’ icons are center-aligned in the

    Even the pouring rain couldn’t stop us from the new release, where we have:

    • added the “Width” control for the icons in the “Button” block;
    • added the “Icon Intend” control to the “Button” block.

    Surprise, surprise! New features have been added to today’s release. Particularly:

    • new icons in the “Modules” menu panel for the tab of Layout, My Modules, Templates and Pre-Built module options;
    • new “Fit to Container” control in the “Banner” block.

    A few steps up to the new release where we have:

    • added a new “Insert: Special Characters” control to the “Text” block;
    • added a new “Bulleted and Numbered Lists” control” to the “Text” block.

    And fixed some gloomy bugs, such as:

    1. The “Banner size” control doesn’t fit in the settings panel. 
    2. Improved performance of controls for inserting Link/Emoji/Special Characters in the “Text” block.
    3. An extra indent between containers in the settings panel appears, even if no indent is activated.
    4. The image size doesn’t alter in the “Banner” block.
    5. The categories’ titles don’t fit in the “Modules” menu.
    6. The email message gets broken after adding a module as a container from the “Modules” menu.
    7. The Image settings don’t save the Radius border values with a roll-over effect.

    In addition, there will be no challenges without these bugs:

    1. The content is not displayed in a module if it has the AMP functionality.
    2. The button is not copied after changing its color.
    3. The highlighting of containers is still active even after adding blocks to empty containers.
    4. The image is not displayed in the “Banner” block in the “Safari” browser.
    5. The settings panel of the “Banner” block does not close after opening the “Pixie” image editor.
    6. A transparent background can’t be used for the “Text” block.

    And a few fixes made to get rid of these issues:

    1. The image in the “Banner” block is not fully displayed.
    2. The Image Gallery header breaks in some locales.
    3. The Background Image control does not fit in the “Message Settings” menu.

    One, two, three, a release that must be seen. Our new Editor now has:

    • the ability to drag all modules into the email message / template;
    • the “Bold” and “Italic” controls in the floating Text Editing Panel;
    • the “Font Color” and “Font Background Color” controls in the floating Text Editing Panel;
    • the “Insert: Merge tag” control in the “Text” block;
    • an option to “Save” a stripe/structure/container as a module;
    • an option to filter and search for a necessary module by name and group by a category or tag.

    We planted it, cherished it and took care of it. Now we grow it, and it bears fruit with every new release. Like in this one, where we:

    • added a new “Emoji” control to the “Text” block;
    • added a new “Special Characters” control to the “Text” block;
    • added an option to “Save as module” on the structure’s context menu in the email message/template;
    • added an option to submit “Tags” for modules on its settings panel when saving a module;
    • added an option to “View All” modules in the “Pre-Built” modules’ tab;

    Do you keep up with the updates? Check out our new release, where we have:

    • added an ability to drag a stripe/structure/container/block by the name of the element that is located in the upper left-hand corner;
    • added modules to the “Pre-built” tab in the Modules Library;
    • added the “Set the End Date of Discount Offer” control to the “Annotate email for Gmail” menu in the “Message Settings” tab.

    Sorry, no bugs detected, namely:

    1. The size of the containers in the structure after removing the container is not calculated correctly.
    2. The mouse cursor gets disabled when the width of the containers is being edited in the structure.
    3. The editor gets disabled when the width of the email message/template is being changed.
    4. The preview of a blank banner goes beyond the email message/template area of the mobile version.

    While taking care of our New Editor baby, we carefully removed these issues:

    1. The Editor gets broken when deleting the whole text from the “Text” block.
    2. The browser scrolls of the “Mozilla” browser are displayed in the Editor.
    3. The browser console errors are displayed when working with different blocks in the Editor.
    4. The “Adjust to width” control is doubled in the “Button” block settings.
    5. The Editor gets slow when inserting some text in the “Text” block.

    Of course, we had a few minutes to fix these issues:

    • The controls get disabled when working with the “Annotate email for Gmail” menu in the “Message Settings” tab.
    • Image Galley drop-zone indents have shifted.

    Our release is hotter than fresh bagels! Have a decent bite of new features, namely:

    • created a flow for displaying warning alerts/tooltips in the editor;
    • added a new “Modules” menu with Layout, Personal, Favorites, and Pre-built tabs. Eventually, it will be significantly improved;
    • added a new option to drag-n-drop new stripes with empty structures and containers of different sizes into an email message/template from the “Layout” tab in the “Modules” menu.

    Huge greetings to our new massive release! Here, we have:

    • added a blocks’ preview when they are dropped into the email message/template.

    Feeling a light wind blowing? That’s how smoothly a new Stripo release is made. Today we have:

    • added a “Pixie” image editor. Press the “Edit” icon next to an image;
    • added an “Anchor Link” control to the “Banner” block;
    • added  an “Include a Promo Image” control to the “Annotate email for Gmail” menu in the “Message Settings” tab;
    • added an “Include Sender Logo” control to the “Annotate email for Gmail” menu in the “Message Settings” tab.

    Meet our freshly cooked release, where we:

    • added the “Hidden Preheader” control to the “Message Settings” tab;
    • added the “Display Offer Badge” sub-control to the “Annotate email for Gmail” control menu in the “Message Settings” tab;
    • added the “Display Promo code Badge” sub-control to the “Annotate email for Gmail” control menu in the “Message Settings” tab;
    • added the “Include In” control to the “Banner” block;
    • added the “Hide Element” control in the “Banner block”;
    • added translations of the “What to do when adding the HTML block into the template” editor hint in different languages.

    We didn’t forget to take these bugs out of the recipe, namely:

    1. An email template's width does not alter after adding the “Image” block to the template.

    Gone through a lot to fix these bugs. Phew! You won’t see the problems again:

    1. The “Menu” block’s styles are restored when the “Separate Items Color”  control is deactivated.
    2. Font Family is not displayed for the newly added blocks in the email message/template.

    Meantime, these issues were blown away too, namely:

    1. The “Play button” style is not displayed in the “Video” block.
    2. The Image Gallery is displayed when switching between elements in the email message with a background image.
    3. The cursor gets moved when a text is being inserted into the “Text” block.
    4. The icons in the “Social” block are not aligned correctly on mobiles.

    Don’t expect to see these bad boys ever again. In today’s list of bugs that are gone:

    1. The “Include In” control does not work in the HTML block.
    2. The chosen states of certain controls do not get saved for the “Button” block.
    3. The scroll in the settings panel disappears after the image has been edited via the “Pixie” editor.

    Wait a minute, is this a new Stripo release? That’s right; you’re not dreaming. Explore new functionality where we:

    • added the “Border” control to the “Buttons” menu in the “Styles” tab;
    • added the “Аnnotate email for Gmail” feature to the “Message Settings” tab;
    • added a new option to move containers through the Structure’s settings.

    Are you ready for Easter eggs? You can open a Stripo one. Find the following features in it:

    • meet the new Message Settings tab at the settings panel! You can now enter and add a Subject/Title of the email message there.

    New breeze release! Find more cool features in today’s update:

    • added a new option to change the size of containers in the Settings by dragging it with the cursor;
    • added a new “Hovered Button Styles” control to the “Styles tab” in the “Buttons” menu.

    Bad dreams should go, just as these bugs did:

    1. Fixed the text insertion bugs.
    2. Two Letter Spacing controls are displayed in the “Buttons” menu.
    3. The background image for the container/structure/stripe is not displayed.
    4. The Stripe menu gets hidden when switching between web and mobile versions of an email message.
    5. The Radius control for the container disappears when you set a value for one of the corners.
    6. The state of the selected “Include In” control for the “HTML” block is not displayed.
    7. There is no translation in the “HTML” block description that should be in it.

    Easter is fun, and we celebrate it every year. Meanwhile, these bugs are never coming back:

    1. Inserting a copied text in the “Text” block issues.
    2. The inability to scroll down the “Buttons” menu in the “Styles” tab.

    They don’t exist anymore? Who? The Editor’s bugs! Look:

    1. The inability to add a piece of text after a link, if initially the link is at the end of the text.
    2. The newly added block is edited, when you remove text from an existing block.

    Watch out for April fools’ jokes and pranks! Stripo offers you new cool features:

    • added a new “Border-Radius” control to the “Styles tab” in the “Buttons” menu;
    • added a new “Support for Outlook” control to the “Styles tab” in the “Buttons” menu;
    • added a new “Padding on Desktop/Mobile” control to the “Styles tab” in the “Buttons” menu;
    • added a new “Border-Radius” control to the Image block.

    Healthy habits mean a healthy mind. Your work with Stripo editor should be healthy too, this is why we released some new functions:

    • added a new “Text Style” control to the “Styles tab” in the “Buttons” menu;
    • added a new “Font Color” control to the “Styles tab” in the “Buttons” menu;
    • added new “Border Color” + “Style” controls to the “Styles tab” in the “Buttons” menu.

    We're doing our best today to bring some new yet useful features for your convenience. They are:

    • Added the “Paragraph Bottom Space” control in the “Stripes” menu.
    • Added a new “Background Image” control in the “Stripes” menu.
    • Added a new “Font Size on Desktop/Mobile” control in the “Stripes” menu.
    • Added a new “Paragraph Bottom Space” control in the “Headings” menu.
    • Added the “Adjust to Width on Desktop/Mobile” control in the “Buttons” tab.

    New yet useful functionality is here to work with. Namely:

    • added a new “Right to Left Text Direction” control in the “General Settings” menu in the “Styles” tab;
    • added a new “Background Image” control to the “Styles” tab in the “General Settings” menu;
    • added a new “Margins Around Message on Desktop/Mobile” control to the “Styles” tab in the “General Settings” menu;
    • added a new option to change the Headings from H1-H6 in the “Headings” menu in the “Styles” tab;;
    • added a new “Font Family” control in the “Buttons” menu in the “Styles” tab;
    • added a new “Line Height on Desktop/Mobile” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Headings” menu;
    • added a new “Font Size on Desktop/Mobile” control in the “Headings” menu in the “Styles” tab;
    • added a new “Text Style” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Headings” menu;
    • added a new “Email Spacing” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Headings” menu;
    • added a new “Font Color” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Headings” menu;
    • added a new “Text Align on Mobile” control in the “Headings” menu in the “Styles” tab;
    • added a new “Font Family” control in the “Stripes” menu in the “Styles” tab;
    • added a new “Line Height on Desktop/Mobile” control in the “Stripes” menu in the “Styles” tab;
    • added a new “Font Color” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Stripe” settings;
    • added a new “Links Color” control in the “Stripes” menu in the “Styles” tab;
    • added a new “Content Background Color” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Stripe” settings;
    • added a new “Stripe Background Color” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Stripe” settings;
    • added a new “Hovered Links Color control to the “Styles” tab in the “Stripes” menu;
    • added a new “Line Spacing” control in the “Stripes” menu in the “Styles” tab;
    • added a new “Font Size on Desktop/Mobile” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Stripes” menu;
    • added a new “Font Family” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Buttons” menu;
    • added a new “Font Size on Desktop/Mobile” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Buttons” menu;
    • added a new “Line Spacing” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Buttons” menu;
    • added a new “Button Color” control to the “Styles” tab in the “Buttons” menu;
    • added a new option to change the menu items order in the “Menu" block, by dragging the item up or down
    • added a new “Containers Inversion” control in the Structure's settings;
    • added a new “Responsive Structure” control in the Structure's settings;
    • added a new “Container Lock Size” control to the “Container” settings.

    Come on, come on, check out the bugs we got rid of forever:

    1. The styles that you set in the General settings get reset when you’re copying blocks.
    2. The styles of the “Image”/“Text”/“Button” blocks do not get automatically applied when adding any of these blocks to an empty container.
    3. The “Hide Element” icon is not displayed for menu items in the “Menu” block.
    4. There’s a delay when a piece of text is being inserted into the “Text” block.

    That’s how a healthy development approach fixed these issues:

    1. The “Info Area” control’s description in the “Stripes” menu of the “Styles tab” does not fit in the settings panel.
    2. The structure cannot be deleted when a new container is added.

    We’re happy to tell you that we fixes the following bugs:

    1. It is impossible to change the height of a dynamic spacer.

    We’re happy to tell you that these bugs are fixed:

    1. The VML code does not change when the background color is changed in the “General Settings”.
    2. When the container is selected, only one border around a container is displayed if the container’s borders overlap.
    3. Containers are not displayed in the structure’s settings after the structure is added to an email message/template in the “Safari” browser.
    4. The block name is displayed in two lines.
    5. When the stripe is selected, the border around the first stripe gets removed when the “Include In” control is ON.
    6. A pop-up of adding stripes/structures in the “Safari” browser stretches to fit the screen.
    7. The border around the first line in the email gets removed when the “Include In” control is on.

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Well, our journey continues. Here's what we added:

    • Added "Underline Links" control to the "General" section.
    • Added control "Default Structure Paddings on Desktop/Mobile" to the "General" section.

    Any news? Any gossips? Any fresh features? Do you really want to know what we have released this time? Here you go!  Our functionality has:

    • an updated “Margins on Desktop/Mobile” + “Paddings on Desktop/Mobile” controls in the Editor;
    • an added “Padding on Desktop/Mobile” control in the Container; 
    • an added content areas’ tab bar for setting the Stripe as Header/Content/Footer/Info Area;

    Did you know that exercise alters brain chemistry to protect aging synapses? While you’re thinking about it, check out our insanely cool features:

    • containers are now updated and displayed correctly in the structure of an email message/template;
    • the ability to change the gap between containers;
    • stripes in email message/template can now be copied.


    We hope you made your New Year’s resolutions, took some time with family, relaxed in a calm atmosphere during the holidays, and are ready to test our new crispy functionality! Please welcome:

    • the “Custom Lists Styles” control has been added to the “General Settings” menu in the Styles panel.

    Winter will no longer be so cold for you with our hot fix:

    1. Editor stops working when copying basic "Menu" block.
    2. Excessive border around empty container is displayed.
    3. The indentation value for desktop is not remembered when switching to the mobile version of the editor.

    Simply called a cleaning service to wash out these bugs:

    1. The video’s preview from the “Video” block disappears when setting the values of “Margins on Desktop” control.
    2. Extra “Drop Here” hints are displayed after copying the “Menu” item, when moving/adding blocks.
    3. The size that was set for the “Image” block is lost when quickly switching to the “Margins on Desktop” control.
    4. The Container remains empty after deleting all blocks.
    5. The size of the “Separator’s” block can be changed by holding it with the right mouse button.

    The fewer bugs, the better. Today, you won’t experience the following issues:

    1. Scrolling does not work after hiding the stripe in the desktop version of an email message/template.
    2. The background image cannot be set for an entire stripe. 
    3. A menu item cannot be removed in the “Menu” block.
    4. The “Width” control disappears in the “Separator” block. 
    5. The “Line Height” control does not work in the “Text” blocks.
    6. Two borders are displayed between the menu items in the “Menu” block.

    They say the mulled wine is quite delicious, especially during the winter holidays, and we think that’s true because you didn’t even notice how fast we’d fixed the issues as follows:

    1. The ability to set negative values to the “Padding on Desktop” control.
    2. The Structure gets broken when some of its blocks are removed.
    3. The inability to put the cursor at the end of a line in the “Text” block, in the Firefox browser.
    4. The image’s default size is reset when switching its size by height/width in the “Menu” block.

    After watching “Home Alone” which is a must during the Christmas holidays, you can give our newly released features a try:

    • added the “Border” control for the Container;
    • added the “Hide element” control for the Container;
    • added the “Background Color” control for the Container;
    • added the “Apply Display Conditions” control for the Container;
    • added the “Radius” control for the Container.

    Mrs. Claus had to deal with Santa’s elves to help Stripo release its new functionality, while her husband was busy:

    • we renamed the “Appearance” tab to “Styles”;
    • added the “Include In” control for the Container;
    • added the “Background Image” control for the Container/Structure/Stripe;
    • added the “Radius” control for the Structure;
    • added the “One level up to” option for the settings panel that helps navigate up to the parent element.

    The latest news about the penguins’ arrival in New Zealand after an epic journey is fascinating, but have you heard anything of the new features from Stripo's latest release? Here they are:

    • the “Line Height” control in the “Text” block;
    • the “Hide Element” control for the Structure;
    • the “Stock” images folder in the в “Image Gallery”;
    • the ability to insert images from the clipboard into the “Image Gallery”;
    • the ability to load multiple images into the “Image Gallery”.
    • the “Background color” control for the Structure;
    • the “Message Alignment” control that aligns content for the entire message in the “Appearance - General Settings” menu;
    • the “Border” control for the Structure.

    As easily and virtuous as Kevin get rid of the burglars, we got rid of the annoying bug that is as follows:

    1. When copying a block, the content of the entire container is copied.

    After preparing toys for Santa’s mission, Mrs. Claus has also helped to pack away our bugs, in particular:

    1. The preview of the “Video” block flashes when it is being resized.
    2. The link input field becomes inactive if the content of the field gets removed.
    3. The outline of the Container is not fully displayed when blocks are being drag-and-dropped.
    4. The separator’s size is not changing when editing the default value in the “Separator” block.

    As fast as the penguins were traveling to New Zealand, the new-editor bugs left for Neverland. They are as follows:

    1. Custom fonts are included in the separate conditional comments in the code.
    2. Conditional comments for custom fonts are not removed from the code when the text is removed from an email message/template.
    3. Two images are added at once to the “Image Gallery” when you select images from the “Stock” tab.
    4. The “Responsive image” control cannot be disabled for the mobile version of an email message/template.
    5. The display of the used image’s weight disappears.
    6. The controls for editing the names of the “Menu” items are displayed when the “Icons” style is selected.
    7. Image controls disappear when the same image is re-selected.
    8. The ability to remove a single Stripe in the email message/template.

    Fasten your seatbelts! The Stripo aircraft has something to deliver. At the customs, all passengers may check new features like:

    • the “Apply Display Conditions” control for the Structure;
    • the “Links Color” control in the “Text” block;
    • the “Text Alignment on Desktop” control in the “Text” block;
    • the “No Line Wraps” control in the “Text” block;
    • the elements’ borders and capability to activate a Container/Structure/Stripe; 
    • the “Copy” option for the Structure.

    We did not win an MTV EMAs award, but the Stripo team can accept some simple compliments, kind words, and win the Best User Experience award thanks to the newly added features:

    • the “Padding on Desktop/Mobile” control in the “Text” block;
    • the "Remove image" option in the "Image" gallery;
    • the “Background Color” control for the Stripe;
    • the "Content Background Color" control for the Stripe.
    • the “Settings/Style/Data” tab in the Structure settings;
    • the “Apply Display Conditions” control for the Structure;
    • the “Padding on Desktop/Mobile” control for the Structure;
    • the “Text Align on Desktop” control  in the “Text” block.

    The modern Olympic games always start with introducing the participants of the contest. We’re not far from that tradition. We are proud to present our new editor’s participants:

    • the “Menu Item Padding on Desktop/Mobile” control to set indents between menu items for the “Menu” block;
    • the “Padding on Desktop/Mobile” control to set indents for the “Text” block;
    • the “Background Image” control for the “Stripe”;
    • the “Custom Thumbnail” control in the “Video” block;
    • the “Content Border” control for the “Stripe”;
    • the images’ common tab in the “Image Gallery”;
    • the “Apply Display Conditions” control for the “Stripe”.

    “Any new spectacular features?“- you may ask. Well of course we’ve worked hard on adding new and valuable functionality such as:

    • “Padding on Desktop/Mobile” control for the “Stripe”.
    • “Include In (Mime Type)” control for the “Stripe”.

    No need to be afraid of turbulence. As it didn’t stop us from kicking off the following bugs:

    1. Switching between font styles stops working when editing the text.
    2. The inability to delete an image from the “Image Gallery”.
    3. The entire website’s page scrolls when the “Image Gallery” is scrolled.

    Additionally, we made some tweaks and tricks to a few annoying bugs, like:

    • the “Play” button styles in the “Video” block cannot be applied in the “Mozilla Firefox” browser;
    • the context menu is displayed when you move the elements in the email message.

    Fixing bugs is like a Witcher’s Geralt full-time job. We find bugs, we analyze their damage to the people, and we destroy them. Today we’ve demolished monsters like:

    • the ability to hide “Fit to container” and “Size” controls in the “Video” block when the mobile version of the email message is activated;
    • the incorrect distance between icons in the pop-up for adding a new icon in the “Social Networks” block;
    • the ability to drop the block in the “Stripe”;
    • the expanding of the settings panel’s header when switching between menus;
    • the displaying of “Image Gallery” indents when scrolling images;
    • the block’s color is applied automatically when three characters are entered into the input field of the “Color Picker”;
    • the inability to remove “transparent” value in block’s color input field;
    • the “Border” style does not work in the “Separator” block.

    What’s cooking, good-looking? Fresh from the oven features are here. Check them while they’re hot!

    • Enjoy delicious newly added “Settings”, “Styles”, and “Data” tabs in the Stripe settings;
    • Specification geeks would love the “Message Area” feature in the Stripo settings. It lets you choose a message area that suits the content type of the Stripe. Message Area types are as follows, “Header”, “Content”, “Footer”, or even “Info Area”;
    • Don’t hide your feelings! You better “Hide Element on Desktop/Mobile’' in the settings for a certain Stripe;
    • Newly added “Separator”, “Style”, and “Color” controls will be of great use when working on the “Menu” block Appearance.
    • Now you can use the “General background color” control in the “General Settings” tab.
    • “Image Gallery”: When you need to add an image, you can now use the “Image Gallery” area to drop an image into it or search for a necessary one.
    • Please, also enjoy the Grid, Masonry and List types of the image lists.
    • “It’s like a walk in the park”, said Roman, the Product Designer. He meant how cool it was that we now enable our users to drag-n-drop social network icons with a necessary order into the “Social” basic block.
    • This release allows you to unleash your creativity — work on the “Play” button style in the “Video” block.


    • More great functionality for our dear users! And we mean it. We’ve added a new control “Responsive design” to the basic Video block and the “General Settings” tab.
    • What’s on the menu? We don’t know about the McDonald’s menu, but in the Stripo “Menu” block, you can now order new controls. They are as follows:

    • menu type (one for all menu items);
    • menu items type;
    • menu items count;
    • the “Image Gallery” component for uploading custom images to the “Menu” block;
    • the “Fit to container” option;
    • a separator between the Menu icons;
    • the capability to add an Anchor link;
    • the “Hide Element on Desktop/Mobile” control.

    What a blessing to have all crashes fixed. Thanks to our Gods of coding, we no longer have the following bugs:

    • the email message body gets stretched when working on the “Mail” link settings;
    • the indentation lines in “Margins” and “Padding” controls got shifted in the Safari browser;
    • social networks icons disappear when moving those;
    • image tooltips are incorrectly displayed in the “Image Gallery”;
    • design styles of the social media icon disappear when you are editing its title.

    Have you noticed how magically fast our editor now works? Exactly! That’s because we have fixed:

    • the “Restore actual image size” option for the “Rollover effect” feature;
    • the fact that nothing got updated in the Settings Panel once you delete a content block — now the settings for a respective content block also disappear;
    • improved the link generation process for the basic blocks;
    • it was impossible to drop a block below or above the visible area of the email message;
    • icons in the “Social” block do not get broken anymore when changing the style of the icons;
    • now all the changes that you make to the texts in the “Text” basic block get applied immediately;
    • the Anchor link is now displayed in the general link list;
    • the broken dropdown lists in the Safari browser on macOS;
    • the cached state of the “Width” control in the “Separator” block;
    • the indent after the last social network icon in the settings panel;
    • the way the scrolling works in email messages in Mozilla Firefox.
    • Added Titles for panels (they will be displayed for any selected element, not only for selected blocks, but also for structures, stripes, containers)
    • Designed Image Gallery Container
    • Now the Social Network icons are displaeyd with Colored logos.
    • It is now possible to move the drop-down lists by 3px.
    • Optimized performance of the Appearance Tab and its controls.
    1. NE-394. Editor. It is impossible to pull in a video from Vkontakte.
    2. NE-305. Editor. The stroke around the selected block blinks when its values are being changed on the Settings panel.
    3. NE-538. Editor. Few controls' names are displayed in two lines.
    1. NE-521. Editor. The browser page does not load when you are editing Margins.
    2. NE-486. Editor. Image controls are not displayed after the Image block has been dropped in the email message/template.
    3. NE-523. Editor. The Icons' size and width are doubled-sized.
    4. NE-481. Editor. The Video block goes up and down when its size is being edited.
    • Added the Menu block along with its controls to the new editor.
    • Optimized the Responsive Image logic.
    • Customized the quote settings for HTML files. Now by default, the "Double quotes" are used only.
    1. NE-376. Editor. There's too much spacing in the Font Size dropdown list.
    2. NE-390. Editor. The "Drop Here" inscription is not displayed if the Image block has been added.
    3. NE-328. Editor. The Image Size is displayed incorrectly when switching between Image blocks.
    4. NE-475. Editor. Large fonts are overlapping one another in the dropdown list.
    5. NE-345. Editor. Image uploading is not working in the Image block.
    6. NE-427. Editor. The Link type dropdown list expands when you are switching between folders.
    7. NE-388. Editor. It is impossible to copy the block with the Drag-n-Drop option.
    8. NE-492. Editor. The "Delete Text" icon does not work in inputs.
    9. NE-480. Editor. Alignment on Desktop control is disabled.
    10. NE-496. Editor. It is impossible to drop an image in the dropzone if the mouse pointer is on the image.
    11. NE-483. Editor. It is impossible to pull in the same video for two Video blocks.
    • Added the Social block along with its controls to the new editor.
    • Updated custom scrolling in the editor — now everything works correctly.
    1. NE-314. Editor. The "Restore current image size" control does not work from the first time.
    2. NE-323. Editor. Errors are displayed in the console when switching from block to block.
    3. NE-324. Editor. Bottom margin for the link type list disappears on small screens.
    4. NE-329. Editor. The "Include In" control must be in the Settings menu.
    5. NE-346. Editor. The Size control does not work in the Image block.
    6. NE-356. Editor. Font Family control fixes.
    7. NE-366. Editor. The Paragraph Style controls are displayed in the wrong order.
    8. NE-375. Editor. Wrong width for Font Family list.
    • Added the Text block along with its controls to the new editor .
    • Added more components of Counter, Text Style, Radius, Mime Type (Include In) and Border.
    • Improved the Drag-n-Drop feature logic.
    1. NE-238. Editor. Basic blocks are not displayed, the editor height is broken.
    2. NE-272. Editor. The height of the drop-down list for the Link type changes.
    3. NE-273. Editor. The link gets shifted to the next line in the Link type drop-down list.
    4. NE-276. Editor. The checkmark of the selected Font Size should be opposite the Size value.
    5. NE-277. Editor. The color does not change when you enter a value in the input color field.
    6. NE-306. Editor. Margins are getting broken when being edited.
    7. NE-312. Editor. Add Button style names to the Play button of the Video block.
    • Finished the design of Tab Bar components.
    • Added basic "Image", "Video", "Spacer", "Countdown Timer", and "HTML" blocks along with their controls to the new editor.
    • Successfully completed the Input, Link, Tab Bar, and Button Group components.
    • Refined the Colorpicker logic — now everything works correctly.
    1. NE-99. Editor. The tooltip is displayed incorrectly when hovering a button.
    2. NE-109. Editor. Changes are not applying to the Button Text.
    3. NE-127. Editor. Scrolling is missing in drop-down lists.
    4. NE-120. Editor. Controls' drop-down lists open on the opposite side of the screen.
    5. NE-124. Editor. Spaces appear in the title of the Button Text.
    6. NE-116. Editor. The "Drop Here" area is displayed incorrectly.
    7. NE-161. Editor. The Content of Email Messages is disabled when the blocks are being moved.
    8. NE-154. Editor. Dropdown lists open below the selectors.
    • Created POC (Proof of Concept) of a new editor and its design.
    • Drag-n-Drop blocks mapping.
    • Structured the Appearance panel.
    • Enabled users to initialize email messages in the new editor from their accounts.
    • Added Button block and its controls to the new editor.
    • Completed the following components: Container, Dropzone, Icon, Toggle, Switcher, Button Icon, Select, Counter, Hint, Popover, and Color Picker.
    • System modifications and CSS models optimization.
    • Added the ability to configure the editor and transferred the code of email messages.
    • Provided different ways of displaying the editor.
    • Connected images/fonts/assets from different domains with the new editor.
    • Optimized controls methods — now everything works correctly.
    • Enhanced the localization support for multiple languages.
    • Upgraded Blocks with Remove and Copy options.
    1. NE-88. Editor. Blocks preview.
    2. NE-74. Editor. The "Drag" and "Drop Here" state fixed.
    3. NE-75. Editor. Updated the Default state in the preview area.
    4. NE-93. Editor. SVG icons uploading fix.
    5. NE-106. Editor. UI optimization.
    6. NE-108. Editor. Clicking outside the block should deselect it.
    7. NE-112. Editor. The selected value is not displayed in the Select area.

    Feedback Appreciated

    Feedback Appreciated

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