Photography Email Templates

Wanna create irresistible newsletter to impress your subscribers and win new customers? Examine our Photography Email Templates, choose the one that meets your current requirements best, customize it and GO FOR IT!

This is an extremely interesting category as it is absolutely new to our market.

Definitely, we all take dozens of photos per week, but none of them looks good. And then we come to professionals for help when we need a really beautiful photo.

And who will we choose? The one who not only shares the best examples of his or her work, but also who does it in an appropriate manner. With free Photography newsletter templates you can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers:

1. Working with banners is just a pleasure

A banner is first of all a photo, the main photo for any kind of newsletters. And we have done everything possible to simplify this process for you: edit them within our template builder, insert additional images/photos over banners. Due to our sticky notes, your additional images will be aligned. This way you can create small masterpieces.

2. Texts over banners

In order to place text over your photos in the banner, you will not even need photoshop. Do everything right in the editor.

We offer about 50 various fonts. Don’t be afraid to use any of them in your photography newsletter templates as email clients will “see” them as elements of an image. Consequently, all texts you write on banners will be displayed properly everywhere.

3. Interactive elements

Due to the open HTML code in our editor, you can easily insert interactive elements into your photography HTML email templates.

Insert carousels to show a wider range of images in your emails.

4. Enchanting e-signature

When you are a professional, every little detail matters in the photography email design. And while the banner is the first thing our recipients see in the messages, e-signature, aka footer, is the last. And definitely, it summarizes our impressions regarding the sender’s professionalism.

With it won’t take you long to create a proper email signature with contact information, and — what is really important — with the best samples of your work.

Be brave, bold, implement your hottest ideas to stand out among a wide number of photographers. And Stripo will help you do it in no time.

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