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Valentine’s Day Email Templates For 2021

Browse elegant St Valentine’s Day Email Templates prepared by our professionals. Pick one, and customize it down. Voila! Your romantic newsletter is ready to go! Spread the love!

Our Most Popular Valentine’s Day Email Templates

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Design ideas for the St Valentine’s Day newsletter templates

Here, we are sharing the most effective ways to enliven your holiday emails:

1. Adding interactive elements

Interactive emails are one of the hottest trends for 2021. You can implement an image rollover effect in your newsletters with ease.

To do so, just drag the “Image” block in your new St Valentine’s Day HTML email template. Once you've uploaded your image, toggle the "image rollover effect”, the system will ask you to upload the second image. That’s it!

Enabling Image Rollover Effect for Emails

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By using this option, you can create a perfect teaser email, you can also play with recipients. For instance, hide the coupon behind the hearts. Or do quite the opposite — once recipients mouseover a heart, they will see the coupon or a wish!

Also, you can insert interactive elements you have previously created with a third-party tool. Drag the “HTML” block into your template, insert the embed code. Done!

2. Decorating banners

If you are not ready to add interactive elements, you may enliven your St Valentine's Day email templates by working with bright banners. Insert additional images, add festive frames over your banner images. This will make your Valentine’s Day email design look more festive. Also, by using the Stripo banner block, you can even place poems over banner images. Wrap the former in a decorative banner font to make it complement the entire template.

Design my banner

3. Decorating headers and footers

You may run that type of business when bright banners are quite inappropriate. In this case, you may just spice up footers and headers with tiny hearts. By doing this, you’ll let your clients know you are well aware of the upcoming holiday.

4. Adding festive backgrounds

You think that decorating just the Valentine’s Day email body is not enough. Add a festive background then. It will make the email design look complete.

5. Using videos in emails

Remember that funny video by Heineken from 2012? Some still admire and discuss it.

In case, your products are like Heineken's beer, or you are a SaaS, and you find hearts inappropriate, why not add some videos where you and your team just congratulate customers on this romantic holiday? Put love in the air!

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6. Utilizing custom fonts in emails

As the cherry on the cake, you may wrap all copy in your St Valentine's Day emails in a custom font. This will make your email more notable and way more romantic.

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Final thoughts

You’ll find many interesting ideas in our blog post dedicated to the most romantic holiday of all time. Here we’ve pulled together the most exciting examples for your inspiration. Implement them in our free St Valentine's newsletter templates — indulge your most demanding customers, stand out among other companies, and will save lots of time due to our work automation features.

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