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Use our Sales Email Templates to create delightful newsletters. All you need to do is choose the template you like, adjust it to your needs and send the emails out.

Our Most Popular Sales Email Templates

Actual and Recently Added

Sales emails are probably the most awaited ones.

Yes, we all love them as we prefer buying our favorite goods at lower prices.

Why are Stripo sales newsletter templates exactly what you need?

Because our number 1 priority is work automation. We are willing to reduce the time for email creation.

As a rule, in every sale email template, you need to insert product’s items, detailed description and prices. And every time you need to spend a high amount of time on this arduous work. But at Stripo we’ve invented “smart-blocks” which enable you to create product’s cards within minutes. You set all these fields for one item only, and the system automatically adds all the necessary information regarding the other items —you will only need to insert the links to them.

Easy-peasy to do it with our sales HTML email templates!

And the second great news is that you can save these blocks to your personal content library. Create once — use as often as you need.

Now this is the right time to say a few words about the sales email design. Definitely, it should be bright, colorful, cheerful and emotional. You can find the best ideas and get inspired by the best examples in our “11 Ecommerce Newsletter Examples” and “Hottest Email Trends” articles.

With Stripo free sales newsletter templates, you can easily create a perfect email banner, write unique texts over it, and apply various festive fonts.

Wanna spice up your sales HTML email templates — insert videos, embed image carousels. Due to our open HTML code, make the emails interactive.

With designer you can create, beautiful, responsive emails within minutes. Proven! Reach out customers with indulging, orderly-structured newsletters.

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