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17 липня 2020

Hanna Kuznietsova
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Nga Pham 1 рік тому
Do you have ETA for this? "Very soon, we will show how to build forms with multiple choices. You will enable users to choose dates, and time slots in emails, to rate you, and many more."
Hanna Kuznietsova 1 рік тому
Nga Pham, Hello. Thank you for your question and sorry for the late reply. We're about to release multiple choices by the end of the year 2022. Once we do it, we will announce this on our blog.
Denis Giffeler 3 роки тому
Can you say something more about deliverability in terms of possible spam scores and compatibility of email clients?
Hanna Kuznietsova 3 роки тому
Hello, Denis Giffeler. Thank you for your question. As for compatibility, currently only Gmail and support AMP. Very soon, Outlook com and Yahoo will join them. Regarding spam scores, as far as we know, AMP does not affect spam score at all. Our emails get delivered to users' incoming messages. And the spam score for AMP emails is the same as it was for the traditional HTML emails. Also, please familiarize yourself with the "Word of advice" section from the current blog post: It says what steps marketers need to take prior to sending out AMP emails to their contact base. Thank you
Isaac Kim 3 роки тому
Great work Stripo team!
Hanna Kuznietsova 3 роки тому
Isaac, Thank you ))) We're happy to hear it.