Why spend time learning Stripo?

To build perfect on-brand emails, even if you’re not a designer.

To cut email production time by up to 10 times, effortlessly.

To design more engaging newsletters, even if you’re unfamiliar with HTML.

To stand out from the crowd and impress subscribers with interactive content.


professionals have already elevated their email marketing skills with us.

Pleasant words from our audience

I am learning Stripo new, can't wait to make my first email and export it. I hope it is really easy and will save me the hours of coding that any email needs.



Thank you for the clear lessons with step-by-step algorithms of actions in Stripo Academy. The lesson about AMP for email technology helped me figure out how to make AMP blocks and finally start using them in emails.

Ann Jones

Ann Jones

Freelance digital-marketer

Thank you for sharing. Although these live session may not have a big audience, but viewers like us make time to watch in their free time. So please do not stop making videos. New member here, Loving your platform and tutorials. Thanks again for the instructor as well.

Yadav Suyog

Yadav Suyog

I really loved your lessons in Academy. It is so interesting to do all you write about. And also its pleasure to get a certificate for my resume.

Mike Alson

Mike Alson


Great content, I love your application. Just a few things I would like to see on the editor. Structure color opacity setting and free movement of structures and containers.



After reading your guide to email gamification, I decided to definitely apply this in my emails, especially since it's so easy to do with a Stripo. Thanks guys for such a practical e-book.

Bill Carter

Bill Carter


Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Stripo account to study?

To get the best results from our email marketing free course or other educational material, to try all the options that we talk about in the lessons, you need a Stripo account. If you do not have it yet, you can get it for free!

What is the best email marketing course to start with if I am a beginner?

If you are a beginner, take note of the basic email marketing online course “How to create email with Stripo” in the Academy or on Udemy. They contain detailed information on how to start working with our builder.

Do I need to have a technical or programming background?

No, you don’t need a technical background. Stripo and our email marketing classes are created in such a way that you do not need to be a designer or a programmer to build email templates.

Do I need to take any courses before I start using Stripo?

Stripo is an intuitive, simple drag-n-drop email template builder that you can use right away—no skill required. But our courses will help you get the most out of Stripo and level up your email production skills.

Have a question?

If you have any questions on the courses or webinars, contact us so we can assist you.

Have other questions?

If you have more questions on our pricing and plans, contact us so we can help.

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