24 febrero 2019
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Anna Paschalidou hace 4 meses
Can I also choose the timer in a way that it always will be counting +3days? background is that I want to use it e.g. in a birthday mailing campaign that I send to users 3 days before their birthday
Hanna Kuznietsova hace 3 meses
Hello, Anna. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, this is now impossible technically. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day.
Gareth “Garoid” hace 5 meses
How can I just display the Days and not the hours, mins and seconds?
Hanna Kuznietsova hace 4 meses
Hello, Gareth. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, currently, you can only show days with hours and mins.
Nicolas Dias Fortunato hace 2 años
Hello, I've noticed that the countdown component, after a couple of days gave an "image error" and does not load anymore on an outlook email. What might be the problem?
Hanna Kuznietsova hace 2 años
Nicolas, My apology for the slow reply. This issue can be really caused by several reasons. Would you please email us at support@stripo.email Our tech dep will review your template to find out the reason of this issue. Thank you
Tom hace 3 años
The countdown method used by Stripo seems like a really bad thing for Gmail users. From what I can see Stripo just generates an animated GIF which shows varying time animations depending on when the image url is fetched. Gmail however appears to store/cache images and at least for a couple of hours or days serves the same cached image version meaning the countdown will always reset to whatever it was when Gmail first loaded the email everytime the email is viewed. So in terms of client compatibility literally all alternatives seem better than Stripo's solution.
Hanna Kuznietsova hace 3 años
Tom, Thank you for your valuable comment. Could you clarify please what alternatives you meant? We would love to investigate them. Thank you