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Módulos de contenido, o cómo Construir Correos Electrónicos más Rápido

Conoce a nuestro invitado de hoy, Lars Skjold Iversen. En esta historia, Lars comparte qué herramientas de Stripo utiliza para ahorrar tiempo en la producción de correos electrónicos.   P: Hola, Lars. Es un placer conocerte. Le agradecemos que haya venido. ¿Te gustaría presentar tu empresa? R:  Umbraco es una plataforma CMS de código abierto con un alto grado de flexibilidad y una interfaz de edición de contenidos intuitiva para los usuarios finales. La utilizan más de 500.000 empresas y soluciones web...

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Customer Success Stories_iLogica_Cover Image
Cómo gastar 1 hora en lugar de 16 en la producción de correos electrónicos con Stripo

Conoce a nuestro invitado de hoy — Felipe Guerra, CEO de Ilógica. Felipe comparte cómo su equipo de 18 miembros construyó más de 3 500 correos electrónicos para 50 proyectos durante 2 años. Cómo lograron ahorrar días en la producción de correos electrónicos con Stripo. P: Hola, Felipe. Es un placer conocerte. Gracias por venir. ¿Podrías hablarnos un poco de tu empresa? R: Ilógica  es una agencia digital con sede en Chile y Colombia, que actualmente presta servicios en 3...

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Cómo Empezar a Enviar Recopilaciones de Correos Electrónicos de Forma Regular

Anastasia Chugreeva, comercializadora de correo electrónico en voximplant, creó por su cuenta alrededor de 500 correos electrónicos en Stripo en sólo un año. Vea qué herramientas la ayudaron a dedicar menos tiempo a la producción de correos electrónicos y a dedicar más tiempo a la analítica del correo electrónico.   P: Hola, Anastasia. Encantada en conocerte electrónicamente. Gracias por venir aquí. ¿Podrías contar a nuestros lectores un poco sobre tu empresa? R: Voximplant es una plataforma versátil en la nube...

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Customer Success Stories_Magix_Cover Image
Tell us what you need to make email production easier, and we will implement ASAP

In this customer success story, you will learn that sharing your opinion with us can be beneficial for both of us. How? Keep reading.   Q: Hello, Simon. Thanks for coming. We really appreciate that you found the time. Could you tell us a little bit about your company? A: MAGIX is an international provider of multimedia software. Founded in 1993, MAGIX offers beginners and professional users a technologically advanced and at the same time user-friendly range of products for...

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Amy C, Email Marketing Designer & Developer Agosto de 2019

My clients love that they can re-use the templates I design for them with the simple drag and drop interface, I love the full HTML editor. Pros: export directly into 15 different ESPs; freelancer friendly; single login for multiple accounts. Thank you Stripo for saving me hours on every email I send.

Sara E, Content Marketing Strategist Mayo de 2019

I've been working in Mailchimp for a long time but I am not a developer so I don't know how to code my own emails. I think one of Mailchimp's biggest downfalls is their email template options and Stripo is a life saver when it comes to this. The Stripo interface is easy to use and it's seamless to export your template from Stripo straight into Mailchimp. Once it's in Mailchimp, I've tested the email on multiple email platforms including Outlook and Gmail and never have any issues with it exporting properly and functioning the same in Mailchimp.

Paula S, Creative Director Enero 2019

Stripo was EXACTLY the solution I had been searching for over many months. There are others out there but none with the depth and quality necessary to be used for professional work. Stripo has streamlined email production and has become an important part of my workflow as a professional designer. I've recommended to many (grateful) colleagues.

Jonathan W, Founder at Maze Septiembre 2018

Stripo is hands down the best email templating product out there. It's so much better than other tools and so complete (responsive, layout, fonts...) that it feels like alien technology. We played around with different solutions which always left us unsatisfied/frustrated. I cannot emphasize enough how Stripo changed the way we look at email at Maze!

Marcus B, Marketing Manager Agosto de 2019

One would think that coming across a decent email template builder is an easy task. Until he or she actually comes face to face with the task of finding one. Well, I'm glad to say that my search has come to an end thanks to Stripo.email. It is a very simple and effective email template builder.

Sébastien C, Digital marketing strategist Diciembre 2018

Stripo allows my company to create great emails without having to code anything. This means I can focus my dev on other projects while marketers focus on building the emails and have the flexibility they desire. Stripo increases productivity as it takes us less time to produce great emails.

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