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Pricing Plans

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually


Start with free subscription to check market standard features.




Great for personal use by beginners, small business, marketers, designers.



or $10.42 per month




$150 per year


Ideal for freelancers, professional teams, agencies.



or $33.33 per month



$480 per year
Users **
Templates per project
Exports to ESP per project, per month
Sending test emails, daily
Timer block, monthly views **
100 000
500 000
Modules Library
Full Access
Full Access
Full Access
Email clients testing included **
Premium Templates Library
View Only
Full Access
Full Access
Email template previews through link
Custom modules creations
Producing AMP-powered content
Custom domain for emails
Customer support
* The set of features included in FREE tariff plan can be changed without notice, because we constantly develop new features.
** Specified volumes may be extended within organization settings for the additional charges:
+7$ for every extra user, per month; we offer 5-user packs only
+20$ for every 10 email clients tests, per month
+15$ for every 200k timer views, per month

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Sign up for free to start building email templates and checking all of our features out. You can stick to FREE subscription plan or upgrade anytime to Business or Agency plans for more opportunities.

How long can I use FREE subscription?

There are no time limits to use your FREE subscription plan so you can use it as long as it fits for your needs.

What are the Projects?

Projects allow organizing your work across different customers and teams. It's just like templates separation via folders within your account. In addition to the usual storage of email templates, you have the option to invite different participants to your particular project(s) for further collaboration, as well as to customize project settings so your team could reduce time for creating email templates.

For example, if you're email service agency and have a lot of customers, it is more convenient to create separate projects for each customer as they have different branding styles and requirements for email templates.

In the projects' settings, you can set up merge tags, special links, custom fonts for all email templates according to the needs of your customer. As well as you are able to invite your customer only to the project associated with him in a way, so he could not see any other projects with their data.

How could I get discount?

Switch to an annual plan and get 20% discount.

How many Email Clients Tests are available on my Pricing Plan?

Email clients tests allow you to see how your emails will render across 90+ email clients and devices. In other words, with this option, you see emails with the eyes of your recipients.

By running email clients tests with Stripo, you save lots of time, as it prevents you from the need to export emails to any outside testing tool. However, this is a paid option.

So, how many email clients tests do you have?

Free Plan: There are no tests available on the Free Subscription plan. If you need any, please acquire them in your Stripo account: My Organization --> General Information --> Extra Email Clients Tests. Business Plan: Those users with the "Business" subscription plan get 2 email clients tests for free once (not monthly). If you need more, you can always acquire additional tests in your Stripo account: My Organization --> General Information --> Extra Email Clients Tests. Agency Plan: Those users with the "Agency" subscription plan get 3 email clients tests for free once (not monthly). If you need more, you can always acquire additional tests in your Stripo account: My Organization --> General Information --> Extra Email Clients Tests.

Please be advised that changes, like downgrading and upgrading your Subscription plan once again, will not affect the number of tests available to you initially.

What do you mean by «Timer block, monthly views»?

The «Timer» block is the paid feature added to every pricing plan. Thanks to this, you are able to create and add to your email templates a countdown timer customized to your branding style that comes to zero in specified date and time.

The «Timer views» means the limit for views of all generated by our server timers in your account. Every time your customers (or you) open email templates with «Timer» basic block Stripo tracks how many times the timer has been displayed and reduces the number of available views during the billing period.

In case if the limit was achieved, the 1-pixel image will be displayed instead of a gif-image with your timer.

The «Timer views» counter can be tracked on the organization’s settings page.

What are the Modules? How can I use them?

The Modules are like a storage of custom blocks created by you or by your team. Once you have saved a module, you can reuse it in the future for any of your email templates.

What is the custom domain for emails?

The «custom domain for emails» is an option available for Agency plan and especially useful for companies that send links of created email templates to their customers for approval, and do not want the URL links to contain the domain name related to

If you want the links to preview of created email templates to start with the address of your domain instead of, just create the desired subdomain, specify it on the project’s setting page and perform the basic configuration on your server.

Please, just note that others will see your domain name in the link to preview of email templates, but they still will be hosted on the Stripo servers.

Will my subscription auto-renew?

Yes, it will be charged at the beginning of each billing period until you cancel your subscription.

Could I make a payment by bank transfer?

We’re happy to provide invoicing only on our annual plans, but we do not offer monthly invoicing. Contact us to set up payment by bank transfer.

Please note that the provided invoice will be issued by STRIPO Inc. company registered in USA and therefore it will include the payment details of the USA bank where Stripo is serviced.

Could I make a one-time payment?

Not at this time. Since all of our subscriptions are billed on a recurring basis, you can use Stripo on an as-needed basis by selecting the monthly subscription that best fits your needs.

After the first payment is received you are welcome to cancel your subscription in the Billing menu of your account. In this case, you will be able to use the selected Pricing plan during a paid period. After the period is expired, the Pricing plan of your account will be downgraded to FREE plan automatically and no new charges will be performed.

How can I cancel my subscription?

There are no long-term contracts or obligations while using our system. You can cancel your subscription at any time in your Billing menu. To perform this action you need to click «delete» icon in the Active subscriptions table and it’s all done.

Have additional questions?

Don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions about or want to know more about our custom offers.
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