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15 June 2018

4th of July Email Marketing Ideas

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National Retail Federation calculated that in 2017 Americans spent $7.1 billion on food on the Independence day, which is $300 million more than in 2016. On food, mostly on beef, chicken, and beer — data provided by Forbes.

Here is why, if you are not a provision store, you are supposed to try your hardest to impress customers, and get a piece of their attention with your 4th of July emails.

Certainly, you may decide not to even give it a try as the chances are not that high. Yet, if you thoroughly think your strategy over — your chances grow.


So, firstly, you need to grab customers’ attention, and then convince them they need your products.

Ways to grab attention

There are three major ways to get customers’ attention on this holiday:

  1. catchy subject line;
  2. appealing, not necessarily generous, value proposition;
  3. and appropriate email design.

The second and the third points together make a 4th of July email marketing idea. Hopefully, a well-performing one.

Subject lines

A good subject line should reflect the very idea, evoke a desire to open an email, and should be very concise. As we all remember that on mobile screens, our recipients see only 24 characters in the subject line. Make it short and clear!


Shortly speaking, the subject line is the most important element of any email marketing campaign, apart from the sender’s name. Of course, it makes sense because customers see it even before opening the email. And if they the subject line is not catchy, recipients are likely to just delete the email without opening it. Have not convinced you yet?

Ok… According to Omnisend, Father’s Day emails are opened ten percent more often compared to Independence Day ones due to the subject lines.

Subject line examples

If you run a restaurant, why not share some BBQ recipes with your guests? Notify them they are going to see some recipes. Yet, in the email body mention that if these recipes do not work out and beef is totally spoiled, guests may book a table with you.

“Proven BBQ recipes for the holiday” might bring you high open rate.

If running a hotel, mention that you are going to acquaint your guests with traditions of celebrating this fantastic day.

“Dive into customs. Feel American”.

If you run a line of provision stores, you may tell your customers that you have prepared for this holiday and are going to help your customers save some time on cooking. Remind them that you sell already chopped, sliced grocery, marinated, beef and chicken. Your subject line should convince the recipients they need you more than air.

Thus, “Less cook, more fun” is supposed to work well for you.

Performing general subject lines

  • “Happy birthday, America!”;
  • “Independence Day sale”;
  • “Last Day Sale”;
  • “Happy Independence Day”;
  • “Free shipping”.


Subject lines are always followed by preheaders. And customers see it, too, before opening the messages. Make it impressive and emotional! Convince customers to open your fourth of July emails.

Note: popular email clients recommend avoiding using all caps in subject lines in order to avoid spam filters. Yet, companies, like “Chubbies” successfully pass spam filters with the following subject line:


I presume, it is up to you whether to use uppercase in email subject lines or not. Yet, you need to remember that generally caps are considered impolite unless you are “Chubbies” and customers love you for your emotions and nice weirdness.

5 email marketing ideas for the Fourth of July

We offer top five brand ideas for your email marketing campaign for Independence Day, 2018:

1. Pay tribute to Armed Forces

Yes, we are aware of the Memorial Day and of Veterans Day when we celebrate those who served and those who died for the freedom of the United States.

Promise the US Armed Forces that you will serve them some free champagne, or they are about to get extra 10% off to their existing discount. Make them feel honored and cherished. Remind others, that without the heroes there would not be any freedom!


2. New ways to give away coupons

Yes, we are so used to getting coupons and special discounts on the 4th of July holiday and other notable days, that we do not really care about them. We carelessly remove these offers from our inboxes.

But it is widely known — those things that required some efforts before we got them are cherished more than those which we received for free. This is the first reason to think of some quizzes. And the second one is to entertain your recipients. Don’t let them get bored with numerous offers and sales!

Make them earn their “free shipping”.

Engage your customers by puzzling them!

Or if you have no spare time to create puzzles, at least share some unique and very interesting historical facts about the US with your customers.


If you find wearing national symbols too trivial and banal, which I do, and if you have some offline stores, restaurants and other kinds of local offices, why not ask your visitors to sing National Anthem to get extra 4-10% off? Or name all Presidents.


3. Make a contest

Don’t want to listen to everybody singing to you on this holiday? Or you run an online store? In this case, you may hold a contest: ask your customers to take photos of them when decorating biscuits, or knitting suits for their children or pets. It can be anything they wish, yet connected with the Independence Day. All the photos that take that participate in the contest, should be posted on your company’s Facebook page. The winner may get 90% off for the next purchase. This simple 4th of July email marketing trick will help you promote your Facebook account.


Make sure you add those links in your emails 🙂

4. Help foreigners meet America

Who said that only Americans love this holiday? Who said that only Americans would love to get a tour around the picturesque places?

Invite foreign tourists to visit the most famous or the most unique places in the US. Let them enjoy and admire nature and concrete jungles.


Not necessarily to give them a discount. Just let people get familiar with real traditions and customs they will never see on TV.


5. Avoid using stars and stripes in email design

The USA turns 202 this year. And in the past 201 years, sellers, retailers, mass media and now email marketers used stars and stripes in their advertisements. Isn’t it kinda boring?

I think, yes! More than marketers can imagine! If you are afraid to stick to absolutely new email design, why not just write text in red, white and blue.


One more way to stick to traditional Independence Day design and at the same time to be brand new is decorating big elements with tiny stars.


Why not? Looks pretty fresh.

By the way, this pet shop even expressed its concern with pets and provided some recommendations on how to keep your pet on the fourth of July holiday.


Wanna set a holiday spirit and make your customers anticipate the Independence Day? The best and the easiest way to enliven your 4th of July marketing campaign is adding animations in your emails.


Another great idea is using photos of America’s most famous sights, like national park Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, etc.


Still, looks patriotic.

Create elegant, sophisticated and unique emails by using our 4th of July email templates.

Note: start your 4th of July email marketing campaign a few weeks prior to the holiday.

Watch our video on how to create 4th of July email with Stripo:


  • Use catchy, emotional subject lines;
  • Make your email design unique, don’t simply use stars and stripes, as it is too trivial;
  • Pay tribute to those whom we owe for our freedom;
  • Engage and entertain your audience;
  • Help foreigners get bright memorable emotions and impressions after visiting the US;
  • Congratulate compatriots with this big holiday.

Make your 4th of July email marketing campaign highly effective by using our HTML email templates. Send your emails via Gmail or Outlook emails clients.

I wish you best of luck!

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