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Create a press release email template that increases your chances of getting published

Create attractive press release emails
Table of contents
  1. Why is it important to pay attention to preparing an attractive press release email?
  2. Key components of a successful press release email
  3. Examples of press release email templates
  4. How to make attractive designs for media release emails using Stripo
  5. Secrets and best practices for preparing press release emails from the Stripo PR team
  6. Wrapping up
Why is it important to pay attention to preparing an attractive press release email?

Preparing a strong press release is only half the battle. The second half of the task is to convince journalists to open and read the press release email. We will tell you how to boost media outreach, enhance announcement visibility, and engage journalists and audiences with the help of a strong email in this article.

To make your task even easier, we have prepared an email structure and working press release templates for you.

Why is it important to pay attention to preparing an attractive press release email?

Press release emails’ main task is to motivate journalists to read and publish your press release in the media.

A press release — a press statement or news release — is an official statement given to media outlets that documents a product launch, specific event, new hire in management, or other happening. A press release is written by and about some company and contains brief, direct announcements of its activity.

Here is the press release email example about the launch of a new product type by Nestle:

Free press release with newsworthy story

(Source: Email from Nestle)

Preparing a solid press release email is vital for a company’s public relations promotion, as it allows you to accomplish the following:

  • stand out from the volume of boring press release emails publishers receive and ensure and ensure journalists will not simply archive your email;
  • have the brand mentioned in the maximum number of media outlets;
  • ensure media coverage of an event or new product; 
  • build long-term communication with journalists, sending them only influential information in engaging, easy-to-read emails.

To track the effectiveness of their press release emails, PR specialists use metrics such as the open rate, which allows them to understand how many people opened a given email. If the email contains a link to details and is clicked on, you should also track the conversion percentage. This is a good indicator of whether your email has hit its target.

Also, depending on press releases’ goals, their effectiveness indicators should be tracked. For example, a press release campaign aimed at increasing awareness involves paying attention to the number of impressions, reach, and mentions of your press release.

Key components of a successful press release email

Most press releases and emails used in sending them have a similar structure, which helps to communicate critical information to journalists simply and clearly.

Write engaging email subject lines

To make your email subject line catchy when sending press releases, use these approaches:

  • don’t use words such as “press release” or “for immediate release” in the subject line They show most journalists that the email isn’t personalized and doesn’t add any value;
  • include your key value proposition in the subject line and keep it brief, preferably between six and ten words or 50 characters;
  • summarize the main point of your press release in a concise and informative way, without using common or meaningless words;
  • use words that relate to your industry and target audience and avoid industry jargon or acronyms that may be confusing;
  • use the subject line to arouse curiosity in recipients. Don’t give too much information; you’ll have the email body for that.

Include the most important details

Immediately after a polite greeting, in the first sentence, explain the essence of your press release — the most crucial information and key details. These could be the release date, main figures, and important facts. This will help the journalist decide whether the news is suitable for publication.

If they find your story interesting and relevant to the target audience of the media outlet, they can quickly follow up with you and ask for any additional information.

Explain to journalists why they need to publish your press release

Before you write a press release, think about the key idea that will hook the journalist. It will become the basis of the press release itself and the email:

  1. Explain why your news is interesting and worth their time. Who will it be significant to, and what results will it have?
  2. Describe how modern and relevant the event is.
  3. Write 1–2 sentences about your brand to show how the event relates to your company.

The best pitches happen when a startup links what they do to a recent news story. For example, if Apple releases a new phone and your startup works with music or headphones, that's the perfect time to get media attention. It's important to act while the news is still fresh rather than waiting six months when people might not care about a phone anymore.

Oleksandra Khlystova

Oleksandra Khlystova,

PR Team Lead at Stripo.

How to add a press release so that journalists will definitely see it

Sometimes, press release email examples include attachments in standard press release format in PDF.

Should you attach a PDF press release or not?

It’s better not to do this.

There are many reasons for this, with the two most important being deliverability and conversion. Adding an attachment reduces email deliverability because email clients often send such emails to the Spam folder. People prefer to avoid opening attachments in emails they don't expect, so your press release will likely go unread.

Instead, include answers to any essential questions in the email body and, optionally, a link to your Google Drive or Dropbox folder (use a simple link with a visible URL).

Add personal contact details

The press release email signature should include not only information about your brand and the company logo but also your contact details, such as your name, social media accounts, and phone number.

Journalists prefer to receive emails from specific people rather than a general newsletter from a PR service because in the former case, they can conveniently contact you if they need more information.

For example, these are contact details for the Stripo PR team lead:

Contact details, with company name, logo, and social media

Examples of press release email templates

Below are three examples of templates for different types of press releases: product launches, news outlets, and events. Each of them is a well crafted press release email that you can use when creating your own.

Press release email template about a product launch

Subject line: [Company name] launches revolutionary functionality [product]

Dear [Name],

Your publishing house pays attention to new products and breakthroughs in the tech industry. For example, your latest article talks about [name a topic close to yours].

That’s why I think you and your readers will be interested in the new, revolutionary functionality of our product. The [Company name] team made a breakthrough — they developed [short explanation]. This allows users to get [result with numbers].

You can test new product features on [product release date].

Do you think your subscribers will be interested in it? Check out this [Dropbox/Google Drive link] for more details on the launch.

Please let me know if you have any queries, and I’ll get back to you immediately.

Best regards, [Name]

[Your email signature]

News release email template

Subject line: Important news about [the topic]

Hello [Name],

I am a regular reader of [media name] and enjoyed your latest article about [similar company]. I noticed that you were the first publication to report news of [specific example].

Likewise, I am currently preparing a press release about receiving a new round of funding for [company name]. This has not yet been announced, but we plan to share the news this week. You can find basic information in this Google document: [link]

I believe this is a valuable opportunity for your publication to be the first to report on our new funding round. If you are interested in publishing an article about this on your website, please contact me for any details.

Regards, [Name]

[Your email signature]

Press release template for newsworthy event

Subject line: Your readers should not miss this [industry name] event

Hi [Name],

[Event date] [company name] is holding a grand event in the [industry name]. Its main feature is [its specificity], which will give participants [benefits and results]. Our company is a recognized industry leader that has been holding such events for X years, gathering more than XXX business representatives.

Your media outlet is one of the most influential in the industry, so your readers should be the first to know about an upcoming event. This way, they won’t miss out on networking opportunities and more.

For a detailed press release, see the link in the Google folder. Do not hesitate to write to me if you need any pertinent details.

Kind regards, [Name]

Contact details

If you’re using a PR distribution service like Prowly, QuickMail, or Prezly, you can use these email templates to create messages that are already in the tool. However, if you decide to send your email via email clients such as Google or Yahoo, Stripo will help you to make email attractive, without wasting time.

How to make attractive designs for media release emails using Stripo

To create your attractive email in the Stripo editor, take the following steps:

  1. Use the free Stripo templates and create a layout based on them.
  2. Select the modules you need from ready-made blocks and add the necessary information there — a header with the company logo, an email body (choose the font, size, add images, visual elements, and interactive elements), an email signature with your photo, and contact information.

    Example of press release email in the Stripo editor

    (Source: Stripo email template)

  3. Export the prepared template to an email client for sending with the click of a button.

    Use email clients for sending the email to relevant journalists
  4. In the future, use the prepared template with your blocks for other press release emails.

In addition, you can share the saved modules with your PR team so that everyone can create their email templates in the same corporate style.

Here is another example of a Nestle press release email built with main structural blocks described above.

Email example to attract media attention

(Source: Email from Nestle)

Secrets and best practices for preparing press release emails from the Stripo PR team

Here are some best practices of Stripo PR team regarding making media coverage more effective:

  • Write to specific journalists — make sure you know exactly who you are writing to and why the topic will interest you. Contact them by name and show that you have already read the author’s articles.

So, it's important to stay sharp. The research needed to catch a journalist's interest is thorough, and you should remember that every part of a pitch can be personalized. In fact, customizing your pitch is a vital step in reaching out.

Oleksandra Khlystova

Oleksandra Khlystova,

PR Team Lead at Stripo.
  • Avoid mass emails — don’t show reporters that you send out mass emails and don’t care where you’re mentioned. Create exclusive relationships and personalize emails.
  • Be sure to follow up a few days after you send your press release to increase your chances of having your story covered. Send a second email to reporters asking if they received your press release.
  • Spellcheck is a must. Journalists will not take emails written with errors and typos seriously.
  • Collect press release examples that resonate with you personally — they will help you develop ideas when you urgently need to prepare a text.

The most important thing is to keep going! Your communication with a journalist should not end with one email, even if they do not initially respond. I don’t just mean the obligatory follow-up emails but also sending other press releases. One of them will be of interest to the media.

Wrapping up

We are confident that with these tips, you will get a great press release email to generate publicity and help a broader audience learn about your brand.

Use email clients or press release distribution services to send your emails. This will simplify your work with the media and make it easier to keep everything under control. At the same time, the approach to the message structure we wrote about in this article will remain similar.

Create attractive press release emails with Stripo
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