Stripo is an Email Design Platform

We started working on Stripo in 2017 and have already built a profitable company with a strong leadership position in the Email Design Platform market. We are a bootstrap company with solid growth and big ambitions. To implement our roadmap faster and accelerate growth we are preparing for the Series A Investment and we will be happy to welcome strong partners on board.






YOY growth

* As of the beginning of 2021

Our goal is to become the standard of email layout coding

Being the standard of email layout coding: What does it mean for us?

  • When a person says they have experience in email message coding, it means they have experience in working with Stripo.
  • When someone orders a template on UpWork, it means they need a template built with Stripo.
  • When someone mentions an example of the proper email code, it certainly means they are talking about the email that was built with Stripo.
  • When an email marketer needs a revolutionary email with real-time/dynamic content that works flawlessly across all email clients, they know that only Stripo can help them out.
Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap

Monthly digest

Every month, our team prepares an email digest, where we share the results of the previous month. We are showing our growth, new features from major releases, and plans for the next month. Subscribe to stay updated and be always aware of what is happening at Stripo.

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