Email review
NYX Professional Makeup vs. Lancôme

Delving into the finesse and strategy behind NYX Professional Makeup and Lancôme's compelling emails — emphasizing their mastery in usability, brand consistency, accessibility, and design elements that underscore their distinctive brand identities and marketing success.

First impression

NYX Professional Makeup

  • Campaign tagline: "Unleash Your Creativity"
  • Visual presentation: Features bold, vibrant colors with dynamic product shots.
  • Initial engagement: Utilizes high-energy visuals and interactive elements like swipe-through product galleries.


  • Campaign tagline: "Elegance is an Attitude"
  • Visual presentation: Showcases elegant, high-quality imagery of products in a luxurious setting.
  • Initial engagement: Offers a refined, sophisticated layout that underscores the brand's luxury appeal.


NYX Professional Makeup

Email web version

Clickable images

Why are these points important?

Clickable images: NYX and Lancôme enhance the email experience with easily accessible product cards and clickable images, directing users swiftly to desired products or relevant website pages, streamlining navigation and user engagement.

Email web version: Essential for accessibility, ensuring that recipients can view the email's content outside of their email client.


Optimization for mobile devices

Both brands ensure their emails are mobile-friendly, which is crucial for reaching a broader audience effectively.

Optimization for dark mode

NYX's vibrant palette and Lancôme's elegant design translate well in dark mode, maintaining visual impact and brand integrity.

Brand consistency

NYX maintains its bold, energetic aesthetic, while Lancôme preserves its luxurious and sophisticated essence, even within the limitations of email clients.

Email accessibility

NYX Professional Makeup

Left-aligned copy

Center-aligned text is not recommended for dyslexic readers

Both brands use Sans Serif font, aiding readability. Sans serif fonts are advised for enhanced accessibility, catering to individuals with dyslexia and visual impairments.

Line spacing at 150%

Single-color backgrounds

Alt texts for images

Accessibility: Both brands utilize features like sans serif fonts and adequate line spacing to enhance readability.

Legal requirements

NYX Professional Makeup

Postal address

Unsubscribe option

Consent reminder

NYX Professional Makeup and Lancôme tailor their email marketing to distinct demographics: NYX targets a younger, trendier audience with vibrant, creative content, while Lancôme focuses on elegance and luxury for a more mature market. Both strategies reflect their brand identities and adhere to marketing regulations, emphasizing transparency and respect for user preference.

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