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Mailchimp Editor Review:
Pricing, Features, Alternatives

Searching for the Mailchimp Editor review?
Updated March 2022 rating for Mailchimp Editor: pricing, features and alternatives directly from our experts.

We have thoroughly surveyed Email Editor by Mailchimp and its alternatives. Prior to providing you with the table of comparison, here’s the general info on this email template builder.

What is Mailchimp Editor

Mailchimp is one of the World’s Top ESPs. It was developed for small businesses, but you can find enterprises among its clients. Mailchimp offers its users with embedded email template builder.

The Mailchimp Editor Features

  • over 100 email marketing and newsletter templates;
  • allows importing emails from external tools;
  • collaborative tools to get feedback from colleagues;
  • link checker.

The Mailchimp Editor pricing

We cannot compare prices as the Mailchimp’s Editor is free. It goes as an addition to other services that Mailchimp provides. Is meant for the Mailchimp clients only.

You cannot use it to build emails that you are going to send via any other ESP.

The Mailchimp alternatives

Stripo is an email design platform. Offers over 1150 email templates. Stripo enables to build emails with AMP/dynamic, and interactive content. Synchronized modules, significantly save time on email production.

BEE Free is a drag-and-drop email template editor. Offers 1170 prepared email templates.

Chamaileon is an online email template builder that provides teams with tools to collaborate right in the editor.

We’ve thoroughly surveyed the top Mailchimp Editor competitors. Please, see our comparison table blow.

Mailchimp Editor vs Stripo vs BEE Free vs Mosaico

Mailchimp Editor
BEE Free
Free Trial
Prebuilt email templates
Stock images available
Decorative Fonts
And ability to add own ones
Embedded photo editor
Banner generator
Emails with inline countdown timer
Modular Email Architecture
Ability to save emails to the library for further use
for paid plans only
Ability to hide separate blocks on mobile devices
Ability to add merge-tags in emails
for BEE Free Pro users
Custom Domain
for BEE Free Pro users
Ability to automatically pull data into emails from your site by using Smart Elements
Email Translate Service

All features, prices, and data were last verified in March 2022. Have noticed any discrepancy - please, contact us at contact@stripo.email.

The 5 key characteristics a comprehensive
email editor should provide you with:

  • Automation of email production

    The entire email production process takes email marketers about 24.7 hours. That is way too long. Search for the editor that provides with proper micro tools that significantly reduce this time.

  • Open HTML code editor

    Sometimes you may need to add custom elements or make slight changes to the entire HTML code if the test shows that the layout breaks down in some email clients. Embedded HTML code editor allows making these changes right in the drag-and-drop editor without necessity to copy the email to an external code editor, make the changes in it and then import it back to the online email template builder for further work with the email.

  • Ability to build interactive emails

    Interactive emails generate double conversion. Not only do they entertain your recipients, but also save you precious space in emails. Embedded advanced techniques, that are available in some editors, allow you to build interactive elements right in email template. And as long as they are built within the editor, emails remain totally responsive!

  • Personal content library

    This feature enables you to save both separate modules and entire emails or individual elements to your personal account for further use.

  • AMP-powered emails generator

    Now that Gmail announced it supports AMP-powered emails, it’s crucial to have the ability to build such emails within the drag-and-drop editor. For more unformation on how to build AMP emails, please see our "6 easy ways of building AMP emails" blog post.

Which Email Template Builder to use?

It’s only at your discretion. Depends on your needs and preferences.

Why choose Stripo Email Template Builder over Mailchimp Editor, BEE Free, Chamaileon?

Because Stripo provides its users with all the 5 aforementioned key characteristics, and even more:

  • Drag-n-Drop AMP blocks.
  • Embedded tools to validate AMP emails.
  • Mock server for AMP emails.
  • Countdown timer block.
  • Over 1000 prebuilt email marketing and newsletter templates.
  • Smart elements to create products’ content modules in minutes. You simply insert the link to a particular item on your website, and Stripo by itself retrieves necessary data.
  • Direct export to Gmail and Outlook for sharing private reports with colleagues and investors.

Comments by Facebook Users

Absolutely LOVE this product. While I’m onto creating my second email, I expect to be a die-hard user for a long time.

I’m so glad you have the save rows/modules and that helps me extremely. I also like the power of “undo”. Thanks!

If I were to change one thing, and seriously I can only think of one, it is this. As I start to use this for my job, and emails for the various brands that we own…I wish there was a way to group emails with either tags or categories. For example: GeoShack is our main brand, and I may have divisions under that… show more

Dear whoever,

I feel like I walked into Heaven when I discovered your company. Over and over again for months and months I have searched for exactly what you are offering – control over my emails. I am THRILLED to have found you. I just hope that it’s not too good to be true since I’ve only played around for a short time but I don’t think so – I feel like this is the real deal.

I just LOVE your interface and the fact that I can actually poke into the HTML and EXPORT IT!!! …

This was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Thank you so much! This made it easy for me to create beautiful, professional looking emails and with the source code I can use it with our drip marketing system. Brilliant! One of my favorite features is that I can separate projects and the emails and images associated with that project (Client). I would give this program 10 stars if I could!

Great design and great output!

Love Stripo! I have built beautiful templates that we use in our HR onboarding process.

I especially love the new tool that allows you to export directly to Outlook, this makes exporting so fast and easy!

We constantly develop Stripo HTML email builder. Every day we extend the product with new functionality and keep it stable and consistent according to your needs.