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  • pure HTML-code according
    to advanced programming

  • layout for popular email clients
  • individual adaptation to desktop-
    and mobile devices
email templates

  • email blocks creation
    from the CSS external web-pages
  • separation of presentation layer
    from the data layer
without any HTML skills

  • advanced blocks constructor
  • 1000+ ready-made templates
  • set of ready-to-use text

    and promo blocks

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New approach to the process of creating emails

Automated layout. Visualization level separated from data level.

Pure HTML that is ready for exporting to any mailing services.

Fully responsive layout on any device.

Open library of blocks and ready-made online email templates in different styles.

Responsive email design
  • fully responsive layout;
  • varied library of Drag’n’Drop blocks for the html email editor stylized extending your web site design;
  • pure source-code;
  • HTML-skills are not a must-have.

Perform researches and tests easily
  • visualization level separated from data level;
  • handy online email templates shift for design variating tests.

Integration with mailings
  • import of templates from other services;
  • easy emails adaptation to other mailing systems (e.g. eSputnik, MailChimp, GetResponse).

Save your time
  • automated layout by capturing of CSS from external sources;
  • fast HTML email creator. will meet your expectations!

  • HTML-skillset is not a must-have;
  • operate advanced Drag and Drop HTML email editor;
  • intuitively work with handy interface;
  • apply large-handed tools set.

  • automate routine operations by separating HTML-level from data-level;
  • reduce repeated operations by using customized Drag’n’Drop blocks (based on own code) and by creating your own libraries.

  • accumulate your expertise (best practices and know-how) on existing projects and apply it to new ones by using agency account;
  • keep all the drafts and letters design ideas together without being tied to a particular email marketing service.

  • participate in templates creation tenders;
  • coordinate the approval of a letter design by client via shared access interface.

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Stages of development

0. Concept development of the Editor

An open beta version of a product with a standard set of tools: basic content blocks, responsive email template builder, Drag&drop support.

The ease of editing in the embedded HTML-editor.

1. Personal account interface implementation

Personal online email templates generating and saving features.

Export of letters and templates to MailChimp, eSputnik, as well as pure HTML.

2. Library Development

Generating a large library of free templates and blocks.

Ability to preview letters by link and share it later.

Implementing the undo option for the last actions.

Adding the Appearance tab to the design panel.

Export letters and templates to GetResponse, GetResponse 360, Gmail.

Autosave letters during editing.

3. Automation and development details

The ability to work with the “content unit”, rather than with blocks (product cards, blog entries, etc.).

Automation of content filling from websites or by importing csv files with data.

4. Management and collaborationCurrent

Invite new users to created projects and manage access rights.

Joint work on letters and templates of the project by several users in real time.

Autosave letters during editing.

5. Tendering process functionality

You can leave an application for creating a template or take an application for execution by users of the system.

To be continued

You can test an existing product and propose changes which are necessary for you!

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