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Meet Stripo — an intuitive and simple yet flexible email template creator. Speed up production. Test and export emails to any ESPs. Drag and drop & HTML editors.

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Design emails your way

Drag & drop email builder

Build and customize every element of your email message intuitively. No code email development. Helpful pre-built modules and content blocks to streamline the process.

HTML & CSS code editor

Code emails from scratch or start in the Drag-n-Drop builder and then add custom HTML elements. You can use both D-n-D email template builder and HTML email editor simultaneously with no switching.

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Push email messages to 80+ ESPs

Worryless export in one click. No misplaced email elements, no manual code setup required.

Pure email code that we provide you with ensures hustle-free migration and lets you work with several Email Service Providers at once.

Don’t use an ESP? Export email messages to your CRM through Zapier or Webhook, or push them to Gmail, Outlook. You can also download emails as PDF, Image, or HTML file if needed.

html email generator

Speed up email production

Pre-built modules

Save you from the need to re-create the same email elements. Design content modules once and use them across multiple email campaigns.

Automatic email replacement

If you edit one of your trigger emails with Stripo and then push it to an ESP the new version will automatically appear in an existing workflow.

Bulk editing and export

Great feature if you need to update some elements of your emails simultaneously. For example, you can edit contact info in all email footers at once. Just activate synchronization between modules and done.

Easy translation process

Translate emails with Google right in the editor or embed custom translation in respective email blocks automatically. All the language versions can be exported in one click and stored compactly.

In-built AI writing assistant

Creative subject lines and email copу in just a few clicks.

Generate your Subject Line

Test email messages before sending them

Test traditional HTML and AMP HTML emails.

See how your email will render across 90+ devices.

Try the preview mode for desktops and mobiles.

Embedded spellchecker

Dark mode for email preview

Missing links and alt-texts highlights

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Invite teammates to work with you

html email generator

Assign custom roles and access levels

Invite writers, designers, proofreaders, or viewers with respective levels of access to your workspace. Collaborate with complete control of any changes your teammates make.

Share the results of your work for approval

Get a shareable link to the web version of an email or send the latter to your teammates’ email addresses.

Co-editing &

Create email templates together.

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Build AMP- powered emails

Create an interactive, website-like email with the AMP for Email technology.

Actions right in email

With AMP, recipients can perform actions directly in the email instead of going off to a landing page. For example:

  • Booking tickets, hotel rooms, appointments.
  • Browsing product catalogs, choosing product sizes and colors.
  • Sharing feedback, filling out review forms, and taking surveys.

Real-time data

Content in emails gets updated the moment recipients open them. Update quantity, prices, product images, blog post tittles, etc. in your newsletters. All you need is connection with servers — we got you covered here, too.

Customer engagement

Increase ROI by 300%, and user response rate by 520% by letting users play mini-games, answer quizzes and fill in feedback forms and surveys.

Gamification Examples Ebook
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Stripo plugin

The plugin can be easily customized to your requirements and integrated into any product.

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