Gmail Promotion Annotations Builder

Use our Gmail annotations generator to provide recipients with the dates, promo code, and a preview
image right in the Inbox without having them open emails!

Gmail’s promotion tab annotations generator enable you to inform recipients about coupons, and sales, to highlight details of the deals right in the inbox. Gmail offers the embed code — to implement promo tabs in your emails you’d need to adapt it to your email template builder prior to inserting your variables. Stripo does it for you!!

Take the simple steps that our Gmail promo tab generator requires to create image preview and annotate your value offer:

Sender name

Email subject line

Sender logo URL

Offer description

Offer code


Check how it works in editor
Introducing Google Promotions in our Builder
20% off

This is not a guarantee of how your email will be previewed.

When developing our annotations builder for Gmail promo tab, Stripo has done its best to simplify the entire process for your convenience.

Very soon we will embed this option in our editor — you will not even have to copy and paste the code you generate with us on this page — you’ll be able to create email annotations for Gmail right in the editor working with the email.

Check out our blog for the release date! Also, read Gmail’s documentation on Promo annotation tabs.