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happy birthday html template

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You want to make your customers feel special? Try out new ways to congratulate your clients on their birthdays.

You may create a sequence of emails: a week or two prior to the Day X, send an email to notify a customer about your value proposition, his or her special gift. On a particular day, congratulate the client.

For this type of event-triggered emails, you are welcome to use Stripo Birthday newsletter templates.

What makes us so sure that our templates suit your requirements?

  1. Our templates are easily exported to any world famous ESP.
  2. Stripo is not another block drag-and-drop editor, it offers an open HTML/CSS also. This makes all Birthday HTML email templates editable in any ESP.
  3. You can export our templates to Gmail, or export them as HTML files.
  4. All Stripo templates are fully responsive. They are not only correctly displayed on all devices, but due to our “Hide on mobile” option, without any HTML skills, you can choose which elements to show and hide on mobile devices.
  5. Our free Birthday newsletter templates are reusable. You can simply change your client’s name and send the email over and over. Save either entire templates or only some samples.

Have we convinced you?

If yes, then we’d love to share a few ideas regarding a proper Birthday email:

  • you are supposed to personalize any Birthday email template to let the customer feel closer to you;
  • as long as this is not an ordinary newsletter, the Birthday email design should be bright and festive;
  • add only one CTA to your email.

Get inspired by our examples — use Stripo pre-designed templates, and delight your customers!

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