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Reasons to send out abandoned cart newsletter emails

Did you know that only 33% of customers finish their purchases, and 67% leave your website without buying anything from you?

Consequently, you need to remind them about the items they have abandoned in the cart.

With the help of our free Abandoned Carts newsletter templates you can boost your selling rate, and consequently increase total revenue.

Besides, by doing this, you do your customers a great favor — many of them may have forgotten they have not completed the checkout and may be even expecting the order to be shipped their way.

Are you an online clothes store or are you selling mobile devices and plush toys? It does not matter. As there are…

Common tips for the Abandoned Cart email design:

All abandoned cart emails should comprise on-brand colors, mention the items that have been abandoned, the total sum, and certainly should include the reason why you are reaching your clients out.

In fact, abandoned cart email design should be pretty simple as this is a type of event-triggered emails. Thus, avoid applying superfluous CTA buttons — only the one that will take your client to cart itself.

Typically, there is not menu in such emails. Yet, if you please you are welcome to add it.

A proper Abandoned Cart email template should:

1. Be fully responsive

When choosing and creating an email, check whether it is fully responsive. As now more than 50% of emails are open and read on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.

2. Comprise custom/decorative fonts

It is essentially important to use not only boring web-safe fonts, but also add festive ones. They will enliven your emails, especially if you are an online store. Apply any of our 50+ fonts for the inscriptions in your abandoned cart email templates. The good news is that any font, applied for the text that is put on a banner will be correctly displayed in any email client, as it is recognized as an image.

3. Include reusable elements — work automation

Stripo allows you to save and reuse some separate samples and blocks of the Abandoned Cart template.

Exporting templates to various ESPs and email clients

You probably already know that by using Stripo Abandoned Carts email template examples and applying your own ideas you can create the best email templates ever. Yet, you need to deliver and show them to your customers. You can do it just with two clicks.

Read how to export your templates to Gmail, Outlook, MailChimp, and GetResponse from Stripo.

For your convenience, we have integrated our drag-and-drop editor with the ESPs and even email clients we have mentioned above. Now this made all Abandoned Carts HTML email templates editable after export.

Create sophisticated fully responsive abandoned cart email templates from scratch or choose any of ours and simply customize it down by making slight changes, like inserting your logo and other data. Remind your customers they have not completed their checkout.

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