The Stripo Brand Guidelines Option

Generate a Brand Guidelines kit for your brand in under 1 minute

The Benefits it Gives You

Always on-brand

You build brand consistent newsletters regardless of what agency or email designer you hire for building your future campaigns.

Fast and easy onboarding of new employees

Designers and coders get easily used to the email design standards, and requirements of any brand and will build those consistent emails in no time.

Easier email production

All the images, email modules with contact information, elements’ codes, and other brand assets are always at hand to save time on email creation.

How it Works

The Stripo Brand Guidelines kit that we generate for you contains all the information about the design of emails for a specified company. You can generate as many kits as you need.

You choose which email template of yours we should use as a base and then we generate the Brand Guidelines kit for you in under 1 minute.

The Content of the Brand Guidelines Kit

  • the Guideline PDF file — here we enumerate all the design styles that you used in the chosen template. They are divided into sections for your convenience: headings, headers, buttons, info area, mobile view styles, etc.;
  • PDF files of the chosen templates of yours;
  • content modules — you preview them and copy HTML code of necessary ones;
  • images that you used for your campaigns;
  • brand assets — like logo/set of logos, favicon;
  • contact information like links to social media profiles, your website addresses, etc.
  • Download an Example

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