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First, we are going to define UTM tags. Then we will explain why you should use them for your email campaigns. And then we will show you how to generate trackable URLs for your marketing and analytic purposes in our Campaign URL builder.

UTM links, aka UTM code/UTM parameters: What is it?

First of all, let us define UTM — it stands for Urchin Tracking Module. Being initially implemented by Urchin, a forerunner of Google Analytics, this module was designed to track the URL data. UTM tags based on this technology are parameters added to URL hyperlink by UTM code generator, and used by marketers to track the online marketing performance. We can add multiple tags to the UTM link, and each of them gives us a piece of specific information about user's actions.

Types of data we receive by using UTM code

A proper UTM parameter builder provides us with 5 types of UTM variables to make a trackable URL link. They are as follows:

  • utm_source — detects the web resource from where traffic is incoming;
  • utm_medium — detects the traffic type, campaign channel, for instance CPC or email;
  • utm_campaign — detects the specific promoted product/service or a certain campaign;
  • utm_term — identifies search terms and specific keywords;
  • utm_content — identifies what specific element was clicked to navigate users to the website, e.g. banner ad or a text hyperlink.

Why are UTM tags so for eCommerce?

By adding UTM tags to links via campaign URL builder tools, we collect precious data in automatic mode, and then use this information in analytic tools to enhance the whole business strategy, detect the performance of specific channels/activities, explore target audience behavior, etc. For example, utm_content tags are indispensable when it comes to A/B testing and content-targeted ads.

How to use the Stripo UTM link builder?

You can add UTM parameters to links either in Google URL Campaign Builder automatically, or generate custom ones in the Stripo UTM link builder. How do you do it in Stripo? It is as simple as that:

  • insert your domain in the uppermost field;
  • specify your traffic source — Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, or any other custom source;
  • set required and optional UTM variables in the respective fields;
  • and click the “Generate” button.

That’s it! Your trackable hyperlink is ready. Copy it and then use it in your online business — let every detail of the data puzzle be at hand, so you will easily build a big strategy picture from them!