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Outlook Email Templates

Searching for an Outlook email template? We have designed plenty of them. Pick any, customize, and then export it to your Outlook account with just two clicks and delight your colleagues with elegant emails.

Our Most Popular Outlook Email Templates

Actual and Recently Added

Outlook is preferred by over 11% of users worldwide. It is mostly used by big corporations and office workers. Still, you need to make emails elegant, fully responsive, yet informational.

Stripo offers hundreds of Outlook email templates. What does it mean? They are fully optimized for this email client.

Choose any of them, edit and send them out to your valued customers or colleagues.

Things to pay close attention to when optimizing your Outlook HTML Email templates:

There are just a few of them:

1. Work on GIFs

Like we said, only some versions of Outlook support GIFs, others just show the first frame of them. What can you do?

  • make sure the first frame of your GIF is meaningful and delivers the main idea of the entire GIF;
  • always add a link to the web version of the email so users can see your animated GIF;
  • always add alt texts to GIFs.

Adding Alt texts to GIFs in Outlook HTML Email Templates

2. Work on buttons for your Outlook newsletter templates

Normally, rounded buttons Outlook look square-shaped.

Only VML-based do look the way you planned.

The only way out is to insert a special VML code to the button to make your buttons rounded.

But with Stripo, you can do it with two clicks by just enabling the "Support for Outlook" option.

Be sure to activate this option when you only start working on your Outlook HTML Email template. In this case, these properties will apply to all buttons in your template.

Outlook HTML Email Templates_Enabling Rounded Buttons in Outlook

Add alt texts to GIFs in Outlook HTML email templates
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3. Working on backgrounds for your Outlook email templates

Backgrounds that you set for rows and containers do not render in Outlook. It is worth mentioning though that the backgrounds that you set for the entire email template do render well.

But how do you set backgrounds for some elements on emails? Here's the way out.

You need to slightly work on the code of your Outlook HTML email template.

In the "Outlook rendering issues" blog post we show in detail how to enable backgrounds for rows and containers.

4. Menu tabs  

Quite often, menu tabs in Outlook do lose their styles. Why does it happen?

Just if there is a missing link URL.

5. Email tests

Always before you export your emails to Outlook, be sure to send test emails to see how the email looks in your inbox and run a screenshot test to see how email renders across all versions on Outlook if your colleagues downloaded different versions of this email clients or if they use different devices. Our testing tool will provide you with screenshots of how your email looks in latest versions of Outlook on a number of devices.

Choose, customize, test templates to send out only high-quality emails to clients and colleagues
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