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Searching for an Outlook email template? We have designed plenty of them. Pick any, customize, export it to your Outlook account with just two clicks and delight your colleagues with elegant emails.

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Who else?

First of all, I feel like reminding you that Stripo is currently the only HTML email editor that allows direct export to your Outlook account.

Why would you use our email templates?

This email client is mostly used by big corporations and office workers. With us, you can create a professional responsive Outlook email templates to please your colleagues.


Stripo offers a wide range of predesigned email templates for the banking industry, financial consulting, law services, etc. Why would you need Outlook for this purpose instead of using any available ESP? Because most people are unlikely to involve the third-party tool into such serious correspondence.

Interactive elements

The fact that you are using Outlook for business means that you may need to embed reports with tables into your Outlook HTML email templates. Also, most companies I have worked to provide their corporate videos with instructions, explanations regarding where the company goes and what plans it has for the future. These videos are pretty confidential, consequently, nobody will upload them to Youtube or any other public video hosting. With Stripo, you can easily embed them into your Outlook newsletter templates.

Work automation

One more good reason to use Stripo email templates is that we enable you to save a high amount of time. Our developers have invented one useful option: Personal Library of Content Blocks. How does it work? You need to create just once such elements as header with company’s logo, footer with contact information of CEO or the person who sends emails out. Really helpful, especially when the corporation is pretty big or there are newcomers at the company. They will know how to reach you out not only by means of emails and will know each other’s positions. Once you have created these blocks, you simply save them to your library, and insert the sample you need into each new email template you are about to create and send out. Great solution to spend less time on routine work.

Also this way you may send invitations to all your colleagues. Two in one: enchanting emails to invite everyone to a private party, and once again all information remains confidential — no third parties involved.

Outlook emails design

Actually, it does not really matter if you use a big number of images, or if you apply bright colors. The only and the best tip is Outlook email design should be appropriate for your company and the type of email you send. Just make sure your messages comprise brand identities.

Save your time by using our free Outlook newsletter templates, modify them the way they meet your needs, export these emails to Outlook and indulge your boss and colleagues with orderly structured emails. I wish you all the best!

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