Helpful tools for email creation

Email signature generator

Create beautiful email signatures in no time with our free email signature generator.

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Gmail promo annotations

Enrich email previews in the Gmail Promotions tab with deal badges, product carousels, and more.

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Email campaigns holiday calendar

Improve your newsletter planning with the Stripo calendar. All major holidays, email templates, and tips gathered in one place.

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Email production cost calculator

Calculate your monthly email production cost in seconds.

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Gamification for emails

Add puzzles, quizzes, and other custom games to your newsletters with our interactive module generator. Minimum code-related hassle.

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Calendar link generator

Generate links to add an event to popular calendar services.

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Free email open rate calculator

Learn the exact percentage of recipients who have opened an email out of the total number of delivered emails.

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Branded email templates generator

Generate a set of email templates based on your brand design styles in just 3 clicks for free.

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Conversion rate calculator

Estimate the conversion as a percentage of recipients who completed the desired action after reading an email.

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ROI calculator

Calculate return on investment of your email marketing campaigns.

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Email client testing tool

Preview your emails across 80+ devices and email clients to make sure they render as planned.

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Unit Economics calculator

Efficiently assess profitability per unit. Essential for business growth.

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CPO calculator

Quickly calculate your Cost Per Order. Streamline marketing efficiency.

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CPL calculator

Efficiently measure lead acquisition costs to optimize marketing spend.

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LTV calculator

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value for smarter marketing investments.

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ROMI calculator

Easily assess your marketing investment returns. Enhance strategy effectiveness.

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UTM generator

Create trackable URLs for precise marketing analytics. Simplify campaign tracking.

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Stripo editor
Simplify email production process.
Stripo plugin
Integrate Stripo drag-n-drop editor to your web application.
Order a Custom Template
Our team can design and code it for you. Just fill in the brief and we'll get back to you shortly.

Stripo editor

For email marketing teams and solo email creators.

Stripo plugin

For products that could benefit from an integrated white-label email builder.