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Looking for appealing invitation email templates? Browse our compilation and you’ll find the best one that will convince recipients to attend your event.

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May your invitation email templates be beautiful and appealing!

There are many reasons to reach out to your customers. You may want to send either an order confirmation email, event reminder, to notify about the upcoming sales you offer or just to congratulate your clients on the holidays.

But there is one more reason to contact the customers — invitation.

Certainly, you may use any of our free email invitation templates right away, but before you do, we recommend reading some information on “How to create a proper email template for invitation”.

Note: always remember that invitation emails are followed by reminder emails.

Mandatory content elements to add to your email invitation templates

Judging by the examples that we have seen, we can make a conclusion that the content of the template for email invitation completely depends on the type of event you are organizing.

But invitation email is not supposed to contain any menu. Yet, they all should include:

  • exact time and date of the event;
  • a place where the event is about to be held;
  • map, in case you organize an offline meeting/party/conference;
  • speakers’ names if there are any;
  • dress-code;
  • detailed agenda of the event;
  • countdown timer so your recipients know how much time left before the event.

Types of invitation email templates:

We can divide invitation emails into nine types:

  1. email invitation for event;
  2. webinar invitation email;
  3. survey invitation email;
  4. new user invitation email template;
  5. meeting invitation;
  6. interview invitation email;
  7. email template for conference invitation;
  8. wedding invitation emails;
  9. party invitation email.

Note: invite email template should include just one CTA buttons that say “Yes, I’m in” or “Reserve my seat”.

Whilst event reminder emails should comprise two buttons “Yes, I’m in” and “No, I’m out”.

An event invitation email design

No matter how serious your event is, it requires imagery. Some visual elements are just to make emails more appealing, others are informative.

General recommendations to brighten up your Invitation emails:

  • Image carousel

To better showcase the place where the event will take place, or to better present all panelists, you are welcome to add AMP image carousel -- easy to build one with Stripo. Such interactivity will certainly engage your audience. 

  • Accordion

AMP accordion was developed to help us better structurize content in our emails. If you are promoting a few events, hide the details of each event in respective sections of your accordion.

Or even when you are promoting one single event, with a few panelists, you may want to hide the details of their reports under their photos so attendees open only necessary sections for the details.

  • Videos

In videos, you can either invite people, or explain the agenda and goal of your event, or even highlight some interesting moments of previous events to evoke the desire to attend your next event.

An event invitation email template design also depends on its type:

a) wedding, party

If you are about to invite a guest to the wedding or graduation party, email design should be bright and pretty festive. Put a photo of the hall where the event will take place.

b) conference, meeting, webinar

If you invite to attend a conference or a webinar “How to interview the President”, make the design restrained. In other words, the design should fit the situation.

You may also insert or embed a video where you explain in detail why your event is going to be useful for attendees.

c) feedback, and survey invitation

when asking customers for feedback, it would be appropriate to include an image of the products you are talking about.

As long as the main idea is to make the customers answer your questions, we strongly recommend you to focus on the CTA buttons — “fill out the form” or “answer our questions”. No superfluous distractive images. And make the messages short.

How to add a form/questionnaire in your Invitation email template:

There are four major ways to do it:

One-question survey:

  • add two images;
  • people click on an image that corresponds their answer;
  • insert respective number of links that take to your website landing pages;
  • your ESP will provide you with the results.

Link to a long questionnaire added in an email:

  • build a questionnaire on your website or Google;
  • add the link in your email;
  • wrap it in a beautiful noticeable CTA button.

Long questionnaire embedded in an email:

  • build one with Google Form;
  • insert given embed code into your invitation HTML email template;
  • find answers on Google-form.

Form with ratings

Easily with Stripo!

  • you just use our template;
  • customize it down;
  • ask developers to build only one tiny end-point to you;
  • embed this end-point to your email;
  • all feedback and answers will go directly to your website.

Make sure your event invitation templates comprise just one single banner! No special offers, no sales, no promo. Do not distract customers from a necessary CTA button with any additional information.

Responsive web design

Having implemented all the ideas, now you need to care about responsive web design. All invitation template for email should be mobile-friendly, i.e. fully responsive as more than half of email users read messages on their smartphones and tablets. With Stripo emails it won’t cost you any time.

Due to Stripo content library, all free invitation newsletter templates can be used over and over. Slice our templates into blocks, save them to your personal library, and drag-and-drop the necessary samples into your emails whenever you need them.

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