Do not limit yourself with promotional emails only. You can make every newsletter beautiful with our invitation email templates.

There are many reasons to reach out to your customers. You may want to send either an order confirmation email, event reminder, to notify about the upcoming sales you offer or just to congratulate your clients on the holidays.

But there is one more reason to contact the customers — invitation.

Subcategories of email invitation emails

We can divide the invitation emails into two subcategories:

Judging by the number of examples that we have seen, we can make a conclusion: there are absolutely no restrictions and limits regarding the event invitation email design. It completely depends on the event you are arranging and the business you run.

But definitely, in the world of modern technologies, all invitation newsletter templates should be mobile friendly, i.e. fully responsive as most people read messages on their smartphones and tablets. With Stripo emails it won’t cost you any time or efforts.

Providing any type of service, you would like to get customer’s feedback on your work or products.

As long as the main idea is to make the customers answer your questions, we strongly recommend you to focus on the CTA buttons — “fill out the form” or “answer our questions”. No superfluous distractive images. And make the messages short.

How you can create a one-question survey in emails:

  • add two images;
  • insert a proper number of links that take to your website landing pages;
  • your ESP will provide you with the results.

How you can make a long questionnaire within an email:

  • insert an embed code into your invitation HTML email template;
  • the website you used to create a questionnaire will provide you with updated results.

Due to Stripo content library, all free invitation newsletter templates can be used over and over. Slice our templates into blocks, save them to your personal library, and add the necessary samples to your emails whenever you need them.