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Design and layouts

Design and layouts

Granular level customization

Independently customize each stripe in your email template. Ideal for different configurations across multiple content stripes.

Layout flexibility

Our hierarchical email template structure empowers you to customize every element with no limits. Design emails your way.

Display conditions

Enable varied content displays for each recipient based on specific criteria (e.g. gender) using "Display Conditions.” Apply conditions to containers, structures, or stripes.

Basic blocks

Drag-n-drop basic blocks in your email template. We offer Image, Text, Button, Spacer, Socials, Menu, HTML, Banner, Video, Timer, and three AMP-powered blocks, namely Accordion, Form, and Carousel.


Simply insert a YouTube or Vimeo link, and our video block auto-fills data like alternate text and thumbnail image, streamlining your email design process.


Manually add a link to each social icon or configure this block in advance for an individual project or a group of projects. Select from pre-made designs or incorporate a custom one to better align with your brand.


Let your contacts know how soon the sales will be over or how soon a new feature/product line will be released.

Anchor links

Allow recipients to skip parts of emails and access the necessary sections without endless scrolling.

Real WYSIWYG editor

Work on a design for a necessary version of your email — desktop or mobile.

Image formats

Stripo supports JPG, PNG, or GIF formats for images.

Free stock images

Access a wide range of free images in the Stock folder. Simply use keywords in the search field in the editor to find what you need.

Image storage

We offer default free storage, along with the flexibility to connect to any external storage, regardless of your technology setup.

Saving images

When saving images for email templates or messages, use the "Template" or "Message" folders. For project-wide use, choose the "Project" folder.

Code editor

The built-in code editor allows direct modifications to the HTML and CSS of your emails.

Font customization

In addition to standard web-safe and stylish Google fonts, Stripo enables the addition of your own custom fonts.

Photo editor

No need for external software. Stripo's  allows you to resize, crop, apply filters, overlay text, and perform various editing tasks right in the editor.

Hide element on desktop

Stripo enables selective element visibility: Choose what displays on mobile and what shows only on desktop devices.

Outlook button refiner

Allows improving buttons displaying in Outlook by inserting a special VML-code element.

Button hover effect

Also known as CSS animation. Transform your buttons into eye-catching, animated elements. Choose both the primary and “hover” colors for the button and text.

Zero-effort export

Zero-effort export

Mobile styles

Mobile styles

Share & Collaboration

Share & Collaboration

Coming soon


Enable clients and colleagues to leave comments directly within emails, fostering efficient communication and real-time feedback.

Coming soon

Real-time co-editing

Enable multiple users to collaborate on an email simultaneously, similar to Google Docs, streamlining and accelerating email production.

Ability to invite users

Invite writers, designers, proofreaders, or viewers, assigning specific access levels. Collaborate with complete control of any changes your teammates or clients make.

User roles & access levels

Assign roles like owner, admin, designer, writer, proofreader, and viewer, each with unique access. Flexible role assignments coming soon.

Link to email web version

Generate a shareable link to your email's web version, ideal for sending to clients and colleagues for their approval.

Share to edit

The email template, its modules or its code will be available for copying and use. The original email template will not be changed.

Share test results

Share the latest results of email client tests conducted right in the editor for comprehensive analysis and review.

Custom URL for email sharing & previews

Replace the default Stripo URL with a custom domain when sharing web versions of your emails for a personalized touch.

Show source code

The email message code will be available for editing and saving. The source code will remain unchanged.

Time-saving features

Time-saving features

Coming soon

Embedded spellchecker

Eliminate typos and spelling errors with our multi-language spell checker, ensuring flawless copy quickly.

Translation right in the editor

Translate emails with Google right in the editor or embed custom translations in respective email blocks automatically. All the language versions can be exported in one click and stored compactly.

Modular email design, aka reusable content elements

Build email elements just once, and reuse them across multiple campaigns as many times as you need.

Bulk editing

Update a number of  your emails simultaneously. For example, you can edit contact info in all footers at once.

Bulk actions

Export the required number of emails at once. Move them between folders and projects, and copy or delete selected emails with one click.

Export & replace

Export a template with an existing name to prompt a replacement option in your ESP, even in active workflows.

GenAI for subject lines

Generate engaging subject lines in seconds to boost your open rates.

AI writing assistant for copy

Elevate your communication game with GenAI. It can correct your grammar, adjust text length, optimize your tone of voice, translate, and even add emojis.

Product data import aka smart elements

Paste a link to your website, and Stripo will automatically import the product image, description, name, and price into your promotional emails.

Brand kit generator

Generate email design styles based on a selected template of yours, including colors, fonts, etc. Share it with your designers and marketers so your emails stay on-brand at all times.

Link shortener

Connect your account to Stripo for convenient link shortening directly in the editor.

Improved analytics with UTM Tags

Enhance email performance tracking with Stripo-added UTM tags, elevating your analytics capabilities.

Workspace organization

Workspace organization

Folder system

Organize emails and templates into folders for a tidy workspace.

Email search

Quickly find emails using the search bar on the top panel by name or ID.

Version history

Review changes made in previous versions by your teammates and roll back to any version when necessary.

Email storage

Depending on your subscription, store 10, 50, 300, or an unlimited number of emails and templates.

Multilevel settings

Define unique requirements for individual emails and projects, or apply consistent configurations to multiple projects within the group.

Dive into our collection of premade game mechanics

  • Simply fill in the fields with your content. Stripo will work its magic and generate the game's code for you.
  • Copy and paste the code into your email using Stripo (or any other) email builder. It's that simple!

Fast feedback collection

Increase reply rates by 2.5X times. You can place any kind of questionnaires in your emails such as:

  • Open forms
  • Surveys
  • NPS and CSAT ratings
  • Polls
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