Stripo + ESPs and email clients

  • push email messages to 70+ ESPs;

  • export to Gmail or Outlook;

  • export to any CRM via Zapier or Webhook;

  • download emails as PDF, Images, or HTML files.


Cut email production time with Stripo and send your Outlook recipients flawless emails.


Create high-quality emails with Stripo and send them through Mailchimp.


Connect Stripo with the ESP/CRM of your choice via Zapier for seamless integration.


Push emails to Sendinblue with one click, no code setup required.


Use the Klaviyo Stripo integration to seamlessly push emails to your ESP with one click.


Pair your favorite email marketing tools to save time big.


Use Stripo to build elegant emails in Gmail for both personal correspondence and bulk newsletters.


With Stripo, build error-free emails with no coding skills and send them through SendGrid.


Design even complex emails quickly with Stripo, pushing them to Braze with just a couple clicks.

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Zero-effort export with Stripo

Clean code

Stripo templates have clean code with no service symbols that may conflict with marketing ESPs. No misplaced email elements. No manual code setup. Working with several ESPs at once is finally hassle-free.

Bulk export

This is a handy time-saving feature if you don’t want to export each template individually. You can also simultaneously update some elements across many email templates — for example, contact information in all footers — before exporting.

Export & replace feature

If you export a template with the same name as an email in your ESP, Stripo will ask if you want to replace the existing email with the new one. In some ESPs, this is even possible for an active email workflow/scenario.

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