Business Email Templates

Looking for a fresh responsive Business Email Template? Choose any of ours, customize it down in accordance with your current needs, and indulge customers with delightful email newsletters.

Who said that business emails are to be dull and boring? Finally, those times are gone. Now we can use all of our rich imagination when working on the Business email design.

Wanna use bright images? Wanna use festive fonts? You are welcome to do it.

Yet you still need to make them look stern and professional. offers a wide range of free business email newsletter templates. They are all unique and creative as we try to implement only fresh ideas.

With Stripo you can easily create business newsletter templates for different purposes: promotional emails to notify customers about the new services you are going to provide; event-triggered emails to inform the customers about the upcoming meeting or ask them for a feedback. As for the latter… There are two options for you how to do it: build a landing page on your website where the customers will share their opinion with you, and insert the link into email, or — this is the hottest email trend for 2018 — embed a survey form into our business HTML email template.

Stripo template builder does its best to save you a high amount of time. We offer a library of contents blocks. It means that you can create a business email template, slice it into pieces/samples, save them to your personal library and use each element whenever you need it.

For instance, you may create a footer/ business email signature. And add it to all messages and newsletters you send out. Work automation to facilitate your work.

What is the best of our business email templates? They are all responsive, consequently, are correctly displayed on all modern devices.

Our templates are a good example of a professional business email!

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