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Business Email Templates

Looking for professional Business Email Templates? Choose any of ours, customize it down in accordance with your current needs, and indulge customers with elegant emails.

Our Most Popular Business Email Templates

Actual and Recently Added

Who said that business emails are to be dull and boring? After all, those times are gone. Now we can use all of our rich imagination when working on email templates for Business.

Wanna use bright images? Wanna use festive fonts? You are welcome.

Yet you still need to make them look stern and professional.

What makes our free business email templates the best fit for you?

Because offers a wide range of professional, fully responsive templates. They are all unique and creative as we try to implement only fresh ideas.

Apart from being professional, our templates are a good fit because you can edit them in no time.

1. Adding tables in business HTML email templates

Tables are an integral part of reports, which are a must for some business correspondence.

Stripo offers two methods of utilizing tables in emails:

The first method — uploading tables as images

If your stuff designer has already built and saved them as .png or .jpg format, you can easily upload them as regular photos.

To do so, you need:

  • drag the Image block into your email template for business;

Image Block_Building Professional Email Templates for Business

  • upload your table image 

As shown in this blog post.

The second method — building a table on your own

Exactly. You can build one with Stripo.

You add a necessary number of columns and rows.

To do so, you need to:

  • drag the Text block into your free business email template;

  • click it to activate the upper toolbar;

  • click the “Three dots” icon;

  • choose the Table menu.

Building Tables for Professional Email Templates for Businesses

2. Adding bulleted and numbered lists

You might find this option very useful when sharing details of a particular event, agenda, or even when providing users with the list of items/documents required for a certain action.

To do so, you need to:

  • drag the Text block into your free business email template;

  • click it to activate the upper toolbar;

  • click the “Lists” icon;

  • pick the necessary type of lists.

Lists for Business Email Templates

3. Building a professional signature

The professional signature is vital for corporate email templates. No matter who you are reaching out to clients, colleagues, or your employees.

Everyone might want to have an opportunity to reach out to you whenever they need it having chosen the most convenient method.

Your professional signature is supposed to include:

  1. Your photo.

  2. Links to your social media profiles.

  3. Your cell phone number.

  4. Working hours.

  5. Your position, mentioning the industry you’re dealing with.

In our "Signature Design Examples" blog post, we show in detail how you can build your professional signature regardless of your industry.

4. Asking clients for feedback

When working with people, when working with clients, it’s utterly important to get their feedback, it’s crucial to know what they really think of you and your services.

With our professional email templates for business, your clients can leave feedback directly in emails for AMP forms. 

In our “Introduction to Mock Server” post, we in the details show how to build an AMP form, how to embed it in your templates and how to track users’ feedback.

Very soon you won’t even need a Mock Server for these purposes — Stripo is now working on its drag-n-drop AMP form block.

5. Sending business emails over to clients and employees

If you send emails with quite personal information, if you send internal/corporate newsletters, you might not want to use any ESP for these purposes.

But all the business emails that you produce with Stripo, can be easily exported to Outlook and Gmail.

No need to worry about your privacy with our exporting possibilities )))

We do not have access to your accounts in Outlook — you just down the OFT files to your computer, and then insert them with 1-click into your Outlook draft folder.

And as for Gmail, we deliver business email templates to the draft folder ourselves — but last November, we successfully passed the Security test by Bishop Fox, which was Google’s requirement to allow us direct export to users’ draft folders.

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