Why is it essentially important to send welcome emails? Because this is the first message your clients receive from you. Make it unique, unforgettable, bright… Or at least, just make it.

This is your great opportunity to impress the prospects.

Thus, there are some peculiar ideas regarding the Welcome email design:

1. Make it comply with your website

As a Welcome email template introduces your company to a new subscriber or a client, apply corporate colors, add a logo.

2. Add a greeting

As we have previously said, this is the first time you are contacting your clients. Thus, you should add a greeting. Welcome your customers. Let them know you are happy that each and every of them has joined you.

Note: Stripo allows you to apply festive fonts. Just place the text over a banner, and all email clients will “see” it as an image and will correctly display.

3. Contact information

In a header, you add the logo to remind your company’s name to the customers, again. While in the footer of Welcome newsletter templates, you should add contact information, including the phone number and CEO’s name.

4. The reason for reaching out

You also need to explain the reason why you are contacting the customers — place this info in the footer. Most companies make it grey, but you may choose a brighter color to stand out.

Due to the personal library of content blocks, with Stripo you can save and reuse the same elements/samples for various email campaigns. For example, create a compelling informative footer, save it to your personal library and use for any marketing campaign you run.

Stripo Welcome HTML email templates are easily exported to a big number of modern world-famous ESPS. Due to advanced integration, all our templates are ESP-friendly. Slice and edit them right in the email service provider — change or edit not only texts, but also visuals.

Use our free Welcome newsletter templates to facilitate your work and satisfy your customers!