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Do you need an elegant email for your campaigns? Look no further. Choose any of the Constant Contact email templates. Modify it according to your brand design requirements. Please your recipients with sophisticated newsletters.

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Stripo email template builder offers a number of free Constant Contact email templates.

Why you need Stripo when all ESPs have email editors:

1. Library of blocks

We all strive to do as much work as possible. Which is why we don’t want to strive to automate all processes.

With Stripo, you need to create basic blocks — header, menu, contact information —  just once. Then you will only need to pull them into your template — done.

Add a new banner, new value offer — and your email is ready.

2. Banners

Banners are the essence of all newsletters. They are the first thing your customer see and set the tone for entire campaigns.

The banner image is to evoke emotions in readers. And the value offer or a wish, or a request for a favor, placed over this image, is to strengthen this emotion.

Enhance your banners for the Constant Contact newsletter templates right in Stripo with no third-party tools needed:

  • add copy;
  • set additional images and frames over banners;
  • apply filters to them.

3. Custom fonts

Big companies have their brand books. And the font they use is also specified in it. Important to stick to all those prescriptions to stay brand consistent.

But email template builders normally contain about 10 fonts in their arsenal. While Stripo offers 42 fonts for banners, and about 20 fonts for copy, buttons, menu, etc. to make your Constant Contact email design comply with the brand book.

Also, you can add a custom font if yours is not on the Stripo list.

4. Stock images

Stripo has integrated with two photo hosting sites. This enables our users to search for new images for their newsletters right in the editor.

Our image bank contains over 100,000 free images.

5. HTML block and HTML code editor

Some worldly-wise designers prefer making changes to emails by editing the HTML code to make them unique.

You can either work with Constant Contact HTML email templates codes or just add the basic HTML block to, say, embed interactive elements.

For those who don’t have any HTML skills to embed interactive elements in emails, we offer image rollover effect and countdown timer. These elements are already built-in our editor — you just need to design them when creating your Constant Contact email template.

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