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Browse our collection of Postmark email templates to find the best one for you. Edit if necessary, export to the featured ESP and communicate with customers by means of fully responsive emails.

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Postmark is a famous ESP for transactional emails only. This means they will not send your promo campaigns. Due to this feature, Postmark shows a higher deliverability of emails.

Why use Stripo for Postmark

1. Collection of Postmark email templates

Stripo offers email templates for all ESPs and all occasions. 

The number of ready-to-use Postmark email templates is constantly increasing.

You can pick any, then customize its design in accordance with your brand. 

However, Stripo also enables you to build them from scratch if you are an experienced coder. 

Our templates are fully responsive. They render well in most environments. In addition, you can even set special parameters for the mobile version of your free Postmark newsletter templates with no coding skills. Be sure to set “full-width” to buttons, be sure to use bigger fonts for mobile devices — not only will this make your Postmark email design mobile-friendly, but will make its content fully legible on mobile devices and will make your emails more functional, as buttons and necessary information will be noticeable.

2. Set of drag-n-drop blocks to design Postmark newsletter templates

Stripo offers 12 blocks to let you build Postmark newsletter templates easier and faster. For more detailed information on how to use these blocks, please go to the manual on our blog.

3. Countdown timer to create a sense of urgency in Postmark email templates

This is one of the 12 blocks we have just mentioned. But we like saying a few words about it here.

With a countdown timer, you notify users about how much time they have left before a certain event, like the start or the end of a sale, like the deadline of payment or how soon their order will be shipped.

This definitely improves communication with customers.

To add a countdown timer in your Postmark HTML email template with Stripo, you just need to drag the featured basic block into your template, configure and design it.
No need to build timers with third-party tools, then embed code samples into your templates. That’s it!

4. The version history to build Postmark newsletter templates with a team

This option allows you to see which member of your team made changes to any Postmark email template that you’d been building together, it shows when this change was made. 

You don’t need to worry about giving access to your teammates because Stripo enables you to roll back to any previous version of your emails.

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