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Black Friday is a very awaited holiday for two reasons: 1) it means that Christmas is coming and 2) we all love sales. Yeah, we do…

And every email marketer’s duty is to make Black Friday newsletter templates as unique and appealing as possible. Because a few weeks prior to this holiday, our customers receive a whole lot of similar emails. 

How can you make your newsletters unique? Simply by working on Black Friday email design.

Black Friday email design

There are several major points to pay close attention to:


Email banners

The brightest and the most noticeable element of all holiday emails is the banner. Not only can you apply filters to banner images but also you can place your texts over these images and wrap the text in festive fonts.

Black Friday Newsletter Templates_Bright Banners

With Stripo, you can do it without leaving the tool.

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GIFs in emails

Stripo also allows adding GIFs to your free Black Friday newsletter templates. You upload them the same way as you upload regular images.

Please avoid GIFs with three or more flashes per second not to cause photosensitive epilepsy seizures among your customers.

Email backgrounds

You can add backgrounds to certain email elements or to the entire Black Friday newsletter template. Just make sure the chosen images are of high quality and complement each other.

If you like, you can just apply a background color to the entire email. It looks kinda fresh.

Black Friday Email Templates_Adding Backgrounds to Emails

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Interactivity for improving customer engagement

The more time recipients spend in your emails the better. 

Besides, Black Friday emails are all about the promo. And promo emails are meant to be engaging. 

Our Black Friday HTML email templates already contain some Interactive elements, like a carousel, embedded videos, and even AMP components to entertain your customers.

Or you can build one on your own if you like. To do so, please refer to our blog post to see how to build AMP emails with Stripo with no coding skills.

You can also apply the image rollover effect to images and CSS-animation to buttons — this will help you make your emails more interactive. Besides, by using the former, you can even play games with customers.

For instance, you may suggest that they “search for promo code”. Users hover over these images to see what discount is hidden between each of them.

Black Friday Promo Emails_Interactivity

Boost customer engagement by adding interactivity to Black Friday email templates
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Countdown timers

Proven — countdown timers in emails increase total revenue by 9%.

They are highly useful. You let customers know how soon the Black Friday sale ends.

Black Friday Email Templates_Adding Timers

It is very easy to add one to your emails with Stripo — you will only need to work on its design. 

Encourage customers to shop with you right away by letting them know how soon the Holiday Sale ends
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Now that we know how to make our Black Friday Emails unique, how do we make sure our recipients see those emails? 

Black Friday email subject lines

Quite often, subject lines convince recipients to either open our emails or move them to trash.

Thus, we need to make them clear and encouraging. 

It would be a nice trick to mention in the subject line that you are about to offer free shipping or highlight the amount of the discount that you are going to offer.

Please find more ideas on how to make your subject lines effective in our blog post “Black Friday Email”. 

Gmail promo annotations

As we said, subscribers receive hundreds of emails a day. During the Black Friday season, this number significantly increases.

To help your emails stand out in recipients’ inboxes on mobiles, you should add “Gmail promo annotation” — this feature helps you highlight the amount of the sale, the duration of your sale.

Black Friday HTML Email Templates_Adding Badges for Gmail Annotation

Easy to do it with Stripo. For more detailed information, please refer to our blog post

Final thoughts

Get inspired by our best examples. Use Stripo free Black Friday newsletter templates, implement your own brave ideas, and satisfy your customers with unusual emails.

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