How to Export Email Templates to UniSender

How to Export Email Templates to UniSender

Exporting email templates from Stripo to UniSender is a breeze with this straightforward tutorial.

  1. Click "Export" Button: Start by clicking the "Export" button in Stripo to initiate the export process.

  2. Retrieve Your API Key: Head to your UniSender profile and access "Account Settings." Then, navigate to the "Integration and API" tab to find your API key.

  3. Paste API Key Here: Return to Stripo and paste your UniSender API key into the designated field. This establishes the connection between the two platforms.

  4. Access Your Template: Your email template is now ready for use in UniSender. Simply open the "My Templates" tab, and you're good to go!

With these simple steps, you can seamlessly export email templates from Stripo to UniSender, streamlining your email marketing efforts.

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