AMP Emails Builder

AMP for emails is the last word in email marketing. Today, we are glad to introduce new tools that you
can use for creating AMP-powered dynamic emails.

Examples of successful usage of AMP for Email is already using the benefits of Google AMP for Email. You can display rich content and preview destinations directly within the email with AMP for Emails.

Pinterest uses AMP for emails to allow users to view and save items to the board in a very similar way to that they used to while using the Pinterest app.

Doodle used AMP for Gmail to create a list of various times for each participant to choose from that they can submit directly through the email.

ESPs and email clients that already support AMP for Email*

Previously, with Stripo, you could build diverse elements for interactive emails. Those were image rollover effect, CSS-animated buttons, countdown timer. From now, we support all AMP formats!

* According to the data presented at the AMP Conf’19 from Apr 18, 2019

How to create AMP email with Stripo

HTML code will allow you to insert embed code or, if you are proficient with HTML, write it on your own. You can use any third party service to generate the code, or build emails with AMP by using our open HTML code editor.

Drag our ready-to-use carousel block in your template. Add your pictures and edit the design. Image carousel allows showcasing a few products in one screen, or displaying a single product item from different angles. It provides prospects with more details about your product’s features in a totally new way.

How to preview and export AMP emails

Once you’ve finished your email, you need to preview it.
In the preview area, choose the AMP HTML email type.

To export emails of this kind to your ESP, you need to download them as AMP HTML — this export method saves the scripts that are appropriate for the MIME-type. Import this file into the ESP that supports Google AMP for emails.

Create your dynamic emails with Stripo and export it to any ESP you want
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