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Top digital and email marketing conferences in 2024

Olena Zinkovska
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  2. Wrapping up
Digital and email marketing conferences for email professionals to attend

Longing to learn something new from like-minded people and stay aware of digital and email marketing trends? Conferences are one of the best ways to do that.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a detailed list of the top marketing conferences for you to attend in 2024.

Digital and email marketing conferences for email professionals to attend

The following events are listed in chronological order.

1. Marketing 2.0 Conference

Why attend: You will obtain valuable insights on how to boost conversions and engage customers, learn more about impactful traditional advertising and marketing optimization, and participate in networking sessions.

Keynote speakers: Mohamed Alsayed from Accelera, Cranston Haankwenda from Consult Cranston, Gabe Karp from 10up, Elias Karam from GREY GROUP, Mahmoud Barraj from Neural Design Studios, Gareth Cameron from Davies — Consulting Division, Ahmed Khan from Next Generation Corporate Services, Nicola Middleton from GodBrands (Pty) Ltd, and Jan Ożarowski from Lens That.

Date: February 20–22, 2024.

Location: InterContinental, Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE.

Marketing 2.0 Conference _ Event for marketing leaders

2. E-Commerce Berlin Expo

Why attend: In February 2024, you will be able to join over 10,000 attendees to learn about eCommerce and proven ways to strengthen your business from 50+ leading speakers and 280 exhibitors. There, you’ll find new clients, get honest feedback about your services, and dive deep into trendy topics like social commerce and AI in eCommerce.

Keynote speakers: Corinna Hohenleitner from Criteo, Norman Nielsen from OMIO, Efe von Thenen from ePages, Sebastian Atanassov from Pepper Media Holding, Robert Hein from Olution Advisory Services, Louis Carbonnier from Hokodo, and Katharina Stapel from Stapelfux.

Date: February 22, 2024.

Location: STATION Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6, Germany.

E-Commerce Berlin Expo _ Event to strengthen your email marketing strategy

3. Digital Summit

Why attend: You will get access to digital marketing and networking sessions and six masterclasses with practical tips and valuable insights from leading experts. Speakers will cover the following topics: customer-centric content, AI tools for content, thought leadership strategies, email automation, and social trends, among others. It’s also possible to benefit from networking with industry-leading brands.

Keynote speakers: Jessica Seib from Rolling Stone, Derek Hubbard from Southwest Airlines, Jessica Dove from MGM Resorts International, Upasna Gautam from CNN, Jennifer Brace from Ford Motor Company, Jerri Helms from HarperCollins Publishing, Tyria Saul from Google Fiber, Carley Gauthier from Live Nation, Nicolle Lopez from Amtrak, and Nycole Hampton from GoodRx.

Date: March 13–14, 2024.

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Digital Summit _ Offline and virtual events

4. Email Innovations World

Why attend: You will gain insights into cutting-edge email marketing strategies, innovations in email design, acquisition techniques, and AI in email marketing, empowering you to enhance campaign performance and stay competitive in the dynamic digital landscape. Developed with the membership of Only Influencers, the conference is particularly valuable for professionals seeking advanced expertise in email marketing.

Keynote speakers: Brian Sisolak from PeakInbox, Chad S. White from Oracle Digital Marketing Agency, Elizabeth Jacobi from MochaBear Marketing, Jeanne Jennings from Email Optimization Shop, Justin Khoo from ProofJump, Luke Glasner from Glasner Consulting, and Mark Morin from CXO.

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Date: June 5–7, 2024.

Location: Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel, Phoenix, AZ, USA.

Email Innovations World _ Email marketing conference

5. Collision

Why attend: Collision is a tech conference covering topics like AI, cryptocurrency, and robotics. It’s not dedicated to marketing. Then why attend it? Well, it’s impossible to stay ahead of the competition if we do not follow tech trends and can’t implement them ASAP. This event is also a great opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and lead generation.

You are welcome to join 36,000 attendees and 1490 startups from 118 countries to learn more about topics covering every industry affected by tech. You will always get a chance to meet 865 investors to get funding for your startup.

Keynote speakers: TBA.

Here are Collision 2023 speakers: Adam Selipsky from Amazon Web Services, Sarah Guo from Conviction, Geoffrey Hinton from the University of Toronto, Christina Cacioppo from Vanta, Michelle Zatlyn from Cloudflare, Hans Tung from GGV Capital, Aidan Gomez from Cohere, Max Lytvyn from Grammarly, and Tara Bunch from Airbnb.

Date: June 17–20, 2024.

Location: Enercare Centre, Toronto, Canada.

Collision _ Latest innovative technologies

6. MAdTechFest (formerly MarTech Fest)

Why attend: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving intersection between marketing, advertising, and technology. The event also facilitates networking opportunities, allowing email marketers to connect with peers, experts, and potential collaborators.

Keynote speakers: TBA.

Here are the MAdTechFest 2023 speakers: Vicente del Valle from PUMA, Miracle Inameti from John Lewis Finance, Udeme Ukutt from LinkedIn, Faithful Adia from HelloFresh, John Sadeghipoor from Free People, Taylor Raffa from Semrush, Laura Paterson from Skyscanner, Kath Pay from Holistic Email Marketing, Ian Truscott from Spotler, and Frans Riemersma from MartechTribe.

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Date: September 16–19, 2024.

Location: Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands.

MAdTechFest _ Event for the email marketing industry


Why attend: Digital marketing experts and opinion leaders will tell you more about powerful sales techniques, hot topics like AI and storytelling, email performance, practical strategies for driving growth, actionable tactics to implement, and more.

Keynote speakers: TBA.

Here are INBOUND 2023 speakers: Reese Witherspoon from Hello Sunshine, Morgan DeBaun from Blavity, Inc., Dr. Yvette Noel-Schure from Schure Media Group, Sinead Bovell from WAYE, and Andrew Huberman from Huberman Lab Podcast.

Date: September 18–20, 2024 (September 17–20, 2024, for VIP pass with an exclusive welcome party and other benefits).

Location: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

INBOUND _ Top email marketing conferences

8. The GURU Conference

Why attend: This conference is a unique opportunity to delve deep into the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in email marketing. The GURU Conference offers a diverse lineup of expert speakers, workshops, and networking sessions tailored specifically for email marketers, providing invaluable insights and connections. You will also get actionable tips informed by real-time user data.

Keynote speakers: TBA.

Here are The GURU Conference 2023 speakers: Martha Stewart from Television Personality, Ann Handley from MarketingProfs, Nancy Harhut from HBT Marketing, Don Le from Meta, Sheri Otto from HubSpot, Tina Nguyen from Shopify, Pierce Ujjainwalla from Knak, Dave Charest from Constant Contact, Paul Hebert from Marigold, and Emily Swanson from Vericast.

Date: October 16–17, 2024.

Location: Online.

The GURU Conference _ Top email marketing events

9. Web Summit

Why attend: Join 70,000+ attendees and 2,600 startups from 150 countries in meeting over 800 speakers and 900 investors at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

Get ready to learn a lot about innovations and new approaches to running businesses and marketing them to their full potential. However, networking is one of the main reasons why people love this event.

You will get a chance to enjoy Q&A sessions and roundtables with leading industry experts, join informative masterclasses to hone your skills, and discover new contacts to expand business growth.

There is also an amazing ALPHA startup program available. If chosen by the Web Summit team, you will gain access to meetings with renowned investors and a chance to pitch your startup.

Keynote speakers: TBA.

Here are the Web Summit 2023 speakers: Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia, Melanie Nakagawa from Microsoft, Albert Wenger from Union Square Ventures, Peggy Johnson from Magic Leap, Andrew McAfee from MIT, Daniela Braga from, Shuji Utsumi from Sega, and Eileen Burbidge from Fertifa.

Date: November 11–14, 2024.

Location: Altice Arena & FIL, Lisbon, Portugal.

Web Summit _ Digital marketing topics

10. B2B Forum by Marketing Profs

Why attend: Leading B2B marketers will share their experience and provide you with amazing networking opportunities. This forum’s topics include AI, content and email marketing, demand generation, landing page conversions, metrics and measurement, SEO, social media strategy, storytelling, and more. Roundtables, brainstorming sessions, and six workshops are also available.

Keynote speakers: TBA.

Here are the B2B Forum 2023 speakers: Ann Handley from MarketingProfs, A. Lee Judge from Content Monsta, Wil Reynolds from Seer Interactive, Jay Acunzo from Creator Kitchen, Ruth Carter from Geek Law Firm, Dina Otero from Mission Cloud, Joe Pulizzi from The Tilt, and Dorien Morin-van Dam from More In Media.

Date: November 12–14, 2024.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

B2B Forum by Marketing Profs _ Event for marketing professionals

11. Slush

Why attend: Don’t miss out on a chance to join 13,500 attendees and 5,500 startup founders and operators in meeting 3,300 investors and 250 media representatives. This conference is ideal for staying updated on the latest industry trends, discovering emerging technologies, and fostering collaborations with startups and industry leaders. It’s a great chance to immerse yourself in an environment that uniquely combines technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Keynote speakers: TBA.

Here are the Slush 2023 speakers: Claire Hughes Johnson from Stripe, Tony Xu from DoorDash, Shuo Wang from Deel, Cal Henderson from Slack, Loreanne García from Kavak, Nico Rosberg from Rosberg Ventures, Ilkka Paananen from Supercell, Sarah Tavel from Benchmark, and Mar Hershenson from Pear VC.

Date: November 20–21, 2024.

Location: Helsinki Expo and Convention Center (Messukeskus), Helsinki, Finland.

Slush _ Boost your email marketing performance

12. Influencer Marketing World

Why attend: You will be able to skyrocket your influencer marketing campaign, along with over 1000 attendees. With lots of expert content, 35+ speakers, and 25 sponsors and exhibitors, you will learn more about engagement methods and growth opportunities in the world of influencer marketing.

Keynote speakers: TBA.

Here are the Influencer Marketing World 2023 speakers: Emily Trenouth from MediaCom, Flora Noble from Group GTI, Grace Fung from COTY, Vik Khagram from Ketchum, Mathieu Couret from Vinted, Ruby Soave from Student Beans, Paul Randall from HP Inc., David Shadpour from Social Native, Daniel Evans from ZAPP, and Madeline Orme from MediaCom.

Date: TBC, 2024.

Location: Dates & venue TBC, London, UK.

Influencer Marketing World _ Influencer marketing

Wrapping up

This is our lineup of the best marketing conferences for 2024. Attend them to stay up to date on digital marketing technologies and learn more about powerful ways to boost your business with email marketing.  

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