Father’s Day Email Templates

Thinking about how to congratulate your male clients on their special holiday? Choose any of our Father’s Day email templates, customize it down. And use it to let the men know how much you respect them for being good fathers!

Every parent deserves our gratitude and love! Especially, when it's a loving and caring one. Fathers, just like mothers, love and take care of us. They do not worry less than mothers. Though they do not show it that often and that freely.

Now that we agreed that we need to appreciate and cherish our fathers, we need to decide when we can show our gratitude and love. For this, Father’s Day is the best occasion.

It doesn’t really matter if you have your own ideas on how to make the Father’s Day email design elegant and touching, or you were searching for creative examples, you will still need good templates for your future newsletters.

A good Father’s Day email template

Yes, all templates have their features and all are unique, but still, there are some general qualities they should possess:

Responsive email design

When your Father’s Day email templates are fully responsive you do not need to worry that your email may be corrupted or displayed incorrectly. Due to this useful feature, all your clients will see the message the way you have created it.

Please read more on responsive email design on our respective blog post.

Ability to embed interactive elements

Firstly, interactivity is the #1 trend in 2020. Secondly, this is kinda entertaining.

You can embed videos and GIFs, and even short games, like solving puzzles, finding presents hidden behind email images, into our Father’s Day HTML email templates. Never skip an opportunity to entertain your customers. This time they may not even shop with you. But they will remember you, and will impatiently wait for your next message.

Consists of reusable content modules

We do not want to create similar elements of our emails each time we need to reach out to our clients. Thus, we need reusable samples of the templates. Pretty convenient – you build a new banner, write in a new value proposition, and then simply insert the saved samples from the library of your custom Modules.

Saving Reusable Modules

Now we know what a good template is. So what about the visual part of your holiday newsletters?

Father's Day email design

Email design works better than words... Only design – the appearance of your emails –  can persuade your customers to shop with you, to buy presents for their fathers. 

Make it emotional 

Pale or bright colors, stripes, or dots across the email – it all does not matter. But it is utterly important to make a good-looking, sweet, and emotional message. Include photos of young children or of old fathers. This year I would love to include a photo or a video of kids having fun with a father. Set this photo as a background image for content containers in your Father's day newsletter templates. It brings emotions and reminds us that we should call our fathers, congratulate them on the holiday and certainly buy them a present. Perhaps, they’ll choose your online store for this mission.

Sophisticated emotional banners

We all know that 95% of all purchases are driven by emotions. But on this day, our recipients see hundreds of dedicated emails. This means, that we need to make our Father's day newsletter templates emotional as possible, as sweet as can be to stand out in inboxes.

In our Father's Day email templates, we used photos of fathers having fun with children. Put your value offer over these pictures, wrap them in a beautiful matching font, and your Father's day HTML email template is ready to go and impress.

Use our free Father’s Day newsletter templates, set the holiday vibe, and remind us to call our fathers. Make this world a little better and kinder.

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