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22 March 2019

Hottest Email Design Trends for 2019

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Every year, email design trends change. Last year, recommendations were local — bold fonts, we paid close attention to colors, etc. This year, the trends are global and touch all spheres of email marketing.

Our HTML email templates will help you keep up with the times as some of them already contain elements that fit current trends for 2019 and will significantly save you time which is one of the trends ;)

Top email design trends for 2019

Every year brings us fresh design and content ideas for email newsletters.

According to the poll, held by Litmus, and predictions, made by professionals at Email on Acid, and also judging by the best email design examples that we see today in our Inboxes, are:

  • personalization;

  • interactivity;

  • live/real-time content;

  • animations;

  • email production automation;

  • email accessibility;

  • video in email.

1. Personalization

Here, first of all, we should remember, that personalization goes far beyond addressing by names. Though addressing by names should be present in your emails, as well.

Advanced personalization, in fact, includes the following techniques:

  • sender name — it goes without saying. Recipients should see who is reaching out to them. Besides, 65% of Americans open their emails judging by the sender name;

  • personalized subject lines — it could be addressing by names, using some facts that show the recipient that you are addressing specifically to him or her.
    People all over the world received emails: Amsterdamian, Londonian, etc. shirts. This was pretty funny and, certainly, every recipient knew the message was meant for him or her;

Stripo Email Design Trends Personalization

  • personalized offers — add value to your propositions by making them individual. Generic offers ones are now considered irrelevant, and quite often go to trash;

  • signature — is a good way to stay polite and a perfect technique to personalize your emails. Let your customers know the name of the person who has reached out to them.

Note: once you tailored offer for each group of recipients individually, it will be reasonable to use merge-tags to address recipients by names.

Stripo Email Design Trends Addressing by names

You can add merge-tags to copy in emails with Stripo. Just double click the text in your email, and above the template, you will see the “merge tags” button.

Stripo Email Design Trends Adding Merge-Tags

Click on it, select the ESP you are going to send emails through and pick the variable you are about to use for a particular email campaign.

2. Interactivity

Interactive emails are the emails which contain interactive elements. The latter requires customer’s actions right in emails.

Some time back, interactivity was supposed to entertain recipients. But now its goal is to make emails more functional and to prevent customers from extra actions and from leaving emails.

Don’t want to build these emails because it is an arduous work? You had to build interactive elements with a third party tool, then fit it in an email template? And the chances were that email layout could break or get non-responsive. Not any more! Stripo provides you with embedded micro tools to build image rollover effects and countdown timers right in our editor in literally no time! As from today, forget about rendering issues and wasted time. The interactivity you build with Stripo, is totally web safe and works well in almost all email clients.

Stripo Top Email Design Trends for 2019 Interactive Elements

Design tips for this type of emails: in order to convince your audience to interact within the email, make the focus on this particular element. Avoid using distractive elements and dozens of superfluous images.

3. Live/real-time content

Today, it’s really important to provide users with fresh news and updated information. For instance, fund organizations can show an updated amount of money they have succeeded to raise. UEFA, FIFA, MLB and other sports organizations can show score in real-time. Users will just need to update email every 5 minutes.

Stripo Trends in Email Design Live Content_RGE

Provide users with live weather forecast, with seats available on a plane, etc.

Create such content with Nifty.images. They will give you an embed code to insert in your email template. Drag the HTML block into the template you are working with, double click it, paste the HTML code. Done!

Countdown timers are also considered live content. They notify recipients how much time left till the end of the sale or till the start of a certain event.

You can easily build one with Stripo, design it in accordance with your brand design.

4. Animations

When speaking of animations, we mean GIFs and CSS animations.


How can you add GIFs in your emails? Most builders allow you to insert it as a simple image. But with some, you will need to insert the link. With Stripo, you can do it either way.

Stripo Top Email Design Trends GIFs

Design tips for this type of emails: only one GIF at a time. 3 flashes per second can cause photosensitive epilepsy seizures. If you need to use 2 and more GIFs per email, hide them with rollover effect.

CSS animation

Typically, CSS animations are applied to buttons and image. Its main goal is to show recipients they are going to make an action once they click the highlighted element.

Stripo Email Design Trends CSS Animation Litmus

To animate buttons, use this code:

.es-button:hover {

   background: #7acdec!important;

   border-color: #7acdec!important;

   color: #333333!important;

   transition: all 300ms;


Where “7acdec” is the button color, “333333” is the font color and  “transition: all 300ms” provides a slow interchange of colors.

  • How does it work:

  • Open code editor;

  • Select CSS editor;

  • Paste this code right below the “.es-button” line;

  • Done!

This style will be applied to all the buttons in your email.

5. Email production automation

Email production automation is something that we all long for. The less time we spend on email design, the more time we have left for making encouraging copy.

According to Litmus studies, on average, email production takes an email marketer up to 24.6 hours. That’s a pain in the neck. Especially, taking into account, that he or she needs to build up to 9 emails at once.

Our smart elements enable to build product’s cards just with one click — you paste the URL to a particular product page, and Stripo automatically generates product snippet, price, description and CTA button. If you like, you may set more fields.

Also, by using the Stripo API, you can generate up to 64 similar emails a minute. Soon, we will publish a blog post with details on how to do it.

6. Email accessibility

Email accessibility requirements were developed to enable marketers to create emails that can be “read” by people with visual impairments, now there are 285 of them. Some brands decided to stick to these rules certain temporary circumstances may prevent anyone from reading emails and force to use screen readers. Now more and more people every day use voice assistants to interact with emails using their phones. Due to these facts, we need to make sure our emails comply with the email accessibility best practices.

Accessible emails requirements in a nutshell:

  • Language is specified in the head of HTML;

  • Content type <charset="UTF-8"> is set;

  • Images have alt texts;

  • Contrast ratio is saved;

  • Line spacing is double;

  • Meaningful links;

  • Clear CTA buttons;

  • All sentences (even the ones that go before the buttons) and bullet points end with dot or semicolons.

Stripo Email Design Trends Accessibility

Before you send emails to valued recipients, please check the former for accessibility with the campaign precheck tool by Email on Acid.

7. Video in email

Videos in emails increase CTOR, recipients are more likely to buy from us after watching a video, videos also save us some time and space in emails because they prevent us from writing long-read manuals on how to use our tools.>

There are two ways of adding videos in emails:

  • Inserting hyperlink;

  • Embedding MP4 video in emails.

The best solution is to use them both — embedded videos for the Apple devices users, and inserted URL link for others.

Once the email is opened on Mac or iPhone, recipient will see the thumbnail and the “play” button. The video will be played right in the email.

Once the email is opened on other devices, recipient will see the preview image of the video from Youtube and once he or she clicks the play button, this recipient will be directed to Youtube.

In this post, we in the details showed how to implement both aforementioned ways of adding videos in emails with Stripo and provide with the code to insert to make this email interactive.

You can also use this email template with embedded video. You will only have to replace the links with yours, and your email is ready to go.

Final thoughts

In the era of fast-developing technologies, we need to keep our fingers on the pulse and to hurry to implement these innovations in our emails.

Luckily, Stripo enables you to implement all these trends for 2019 in no time.

Select any of the 300+ Stripo email templates as the base for your future campaign.

sreekumar p 8 months ago

Great article. I would like to know the feasibility of Dynamic Content generation (external API) in Stripo Email Template. Is it possible to include dynamic content?

Hanna Kuznietsova commented to sreekumar p 8 months ago

Sreekumar, Hello. Thank you for your interest in our blog. Yes, our API allows including dynamic content. Currently, all the details on how to build dynamic emails by using API you may find here: Soon, we'll publish a more detailed post on it. I'll duplicate the link here once the post is ready. But now, if you face some difficulties when working with our API, please email us at and we'll be glad to assist. Have a good day!

M. qureshi 9 months ago

I find this one very helpful. I knew most of the stuff already but I missed few trends and this was a good reminder for me. Thanks for Sharing!

Hanna Kuznietsova commented to M. qureshi 9 months ago

M. qureshi, Thank you for your kind words. I'm very glad you find this post useful. Thank you for your interest in our blog!

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