Easter Email Templates

Looking for a joyful Easter Email Template? Among our ready-to-use email templates, choose the one that fits your tastes best. Edit it in accordance with your email campaign goal, and delight recipients with charming emails.

Our joyful Easter newsletter templates will perfectly suit your brand's style, no matter if you are a B2B or a B2C organization. All types of businesses will find a perfect template, as we paid close attention to the Easter email design.

Why do our Easter email templates meet your needs?

1. All our prepared emails are fully responsive

No more rendering issues with your Easter email template due to our fully responsive email design.

2. Festive design

Banners make the first impression on our recipients. They require our close attention. With Stripo, you can frame banners, apply additional images and place text, wrapped in a festive font, over them. Our Easter HTML email templates are decorated with bright thematic backgrounds.

3. Interactivity in emails has never been easier

We do our best to keep up with the times. Interactivity in emails is one of the hottest trends for 2019. Stripo provides its users with embedded advanced techniques to build image rollover effect right in the editor. 

Play "games" with your recipients. For instance, you can hide the Easter coupon behind one of the products' snippets. Behind others, place an Easter bunny. Use your rich imagination.

4. Countdown timer

Wanna let your customers how long the coupon will stay valid? Add a countdown timer in our Easter HTML email templates. 

5. Export to your ESP(s) with just 1 click

All email templates that you've built with Stripo are easily exported to the world's top ESPs. What is very important - all emails remain editable.

Easter is a Great Joyful Holiday. Make the design light, not overwhelmed with superfluous elements. Let your Easter email templates be cheerful and filled with love!

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