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Examine our Product Update templates and choose the best one for you. Modify it the way you like, and indulge your customers with only beautiful emails.

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Product update email templates are a kind of promotional newsletters. This means that the essential element here is a banner.

Fortunately, Stripo is the best tool for working with images and banners. Not only we provide embedded photo editor to work with images and banners, but we also let our users write promo texts over their banners and even apply festive fonts.

You want to spice up product update HTML email templates? Embed interactive elements. Due to our open HTML code you can now display your images and products’ cards in different ways:

  • simply by placing a few containers in one structure/stripe;
  • insert image carousels;
  • adding GIFs in your emails.

The one more reason to be mentioned here and now why our free product update newsletter templates great is our smart elements. Only once you will need to set it up, and the the system will all the arduous work for you. Great solution for those who promote more than one product at a time.

Our product update newsletter templates can be sliced into blocks. Save these templates samples to your personal library of blocks and use each of them every time you need.

What about the product update newsletter design? Is it supposed to be simple, bright or anything else? It does depend on you and your imagination. But typically, all product update emails are meant to inform the clients about one only product. So the best strategy here is one single banner and one clear call to action without any destructive elements to help your clients get the main point of the emails.

Use templates, customize them down to meet your current marketing campaign requirements and be sure that all your templates are fully responsive.

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