How to Speed up Email Design Process With Smart Elements

Build emails with smart elements
How to Speed up Email Design Process With Smart Elements

Are you tired of spending excessive time on email design? In this video, we'll introduce you to the power of Smart Elements, a feature that streamlines email production and saves you valuable time. Watch and discover how to effortlessly create product cards and email digests with just one click.

Here's a glimpse of the magic you can achieve with Smart Elements:

  • Easily add links to new blog posts, and watch as the image, title, description, and link are instantly added to your email.
  • The same convenient process applies to creating product cards. If you're ready to revolutionize your email design process, keep watching, as we walk you through the steps to set up Smart Elements.

Learn how to configure Smart Elements with one simple guide that covers both email digests and product cards. With these straightforward steps, you can:

  • Design a product card within a single container.
  • Activate Smart Elements for the container to enable the magic.
  • Add all the desired elements to your card, excluding the price.
  • Use CSS selectors and attribute fields to set matching rules for elements like Product Name, Description, and Image.
  • Save your Smart Product Card as a Module for future use and streamline your email design process even further.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your email production and make your campaigns more efficient than ever with Stripo's Smart Elements.







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