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Thousands of people travel by air every day. The airline industry is full of companies offering their services, so performing channels of communication with clients are essential to overcome competitors and win the passengers’ loyalty.

Email marketing is one of them. It’s faster than any supersonic jet, cheap, reliable, and provides a wide range of technical opportunities. Each company needs a set of special emails for various purposes. Good news: We have a collection of airline HTML email templates for you! 

As you probably know, airline marketing fulfills multiple missions — from company promotion to personal notifications about flight details. Our free airline email templates fit them perfectly. 

Airline email template design

All the templates of this category are ready-to-use. It means that you can simply pick any, make minimal editions, and replace the default content with your own. And your email is ready to fly!

Or you can either implement your unique design ideas. Each template is thematically predesigned and has an optimal structure for the respective content. Also, everything is editable. You can change anything easily and even without coding skills.

Types of HTML email templates for airline

As we stated above, airline email marketing means multiple activities. Each of them requires its own template. In our compilation, you can see templates for all these purposes:

  • welcome emails for new passengers;

  • promo newsletters;

  • alerts, notifications, and transactional email messages to keep people updated about the details of the flight;

  • booking confirmations, time changes, flight cancellations, etc. A full set of emails for any case;

Airline Email Templates to Keep Customers Updated_Stripo

(Source: Stripo's template)

  • flight reminder emails. Notify clients what they can take along, what should be put in the luggage, details about masks, COVID certificates, etc.;

  • survey invitation emails collect feedback after the flight;

  • emails to give away sales/holiday coupons

All the templates and their blocks are reusable. Make a set of emails once and then use them for all your further campaigns!

Features of the Airline newsletter templates that Stripo offers

Stripo provides you with all the required options to make attractive and functional next-gen newsletters. 

Smart elements to automate email production

No more boring routine work — with our Smart Elements option, you’ll automate the process of filling in product cards with ticket prices for every flight. Add the proper link to your website — and our system will add all the information.


Banners are crucial for promo emails. Each and every airline newsletter template of ours already contains a banner.  

Airline Email Template Sample

With our prebuilt Airline email templates, you speed up email production
Use it

If some option is not added initially, you can easily drag and drop the respective block to your email.

Final thoughts

In this industry, communications must be fast like an airplane, precise like an airport schedule, and convenient to read on the run. Our airline responsive email templates are already adjusted to all devices and email services. Make your email strategy flawless — rely on Stripo!

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