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Choose any of our Restaurant email templates. Customize it according to your tastes and needs. Satisfy the customers with indulging emails.

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With properly done templates and appealing images, it is easy to whet the customers’ appetite through email newsletters.

Thus, you should pay very close attention to the restaurant email design.

The images should be big and certainly beautiful. Of course, you may want to add a detailed description to your images.

With Stripo, it doesn’t matter what device the customers will use to open the emails. In any way, these latter will look pretty and appetizing, as all our free restaurant newsletter templates are fully responsive. When a customer opens the message on his/her mobile device, not a desktop one, he or she will see an orderly structured email: description, price, and CTA button will be located under the image.

Restaurants email templates may be divided into three groups

  • event-triggered emails, i.e. welcome emails, order, delivery, and feedbacks;
  • promotional emails, i.e. sales, etc;
  • informative, to notify the customers about new dishes and upcoming events.

Creating restaurants email templates to entertain your subscribers

  • show what your restaurant looks like. Either make a video or share high-quality pictures;
  • new dishes review;
  • record a video-congratulation on special events;
  • share the video of the Chef cooking the meal of the day. Of course, without listing the ingredients.

Of course, in this case, you will have to add the video to your email. If you have uploaded the video to Youtube or Vimeo, you will just need to insert the link into our video block. But if you want to share the video only with your loyal customers and do not want to upload it to any of the sites mentioned above, then you will need to insert the embed code into Restaurant HTML email templates.

Among many unique features and options, Stripo also enables you not only to insert HTML codes, but also to cut the restaurant newsletters templates into blocks and save each of them to a personal content library. Every time, when creating a new email, you may find all of the samples in the library.

Get inspired by our pre-designed restaurant template examples, create your message and satisfy the customers with beautiful emails.

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