How to Use the Stripo Blocks, part 2

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How to Use the Stripo Blocks, part 2

In this video, we'll explore the versatile Stripo blocks that empower you to create engaging and interactive email campaigns.

First up, the countdown timer block. Countdown timers in emails are attention-grabbers that inform recipients about upcoming events or limited-time offers, resulting in increased ROI for e-commerce businesses. Using this block is simple – just add it to your template, set the end time in the desired time zone, and customize the appearance for when the timer expires.

Next, the menu block – an essential component for email navigation. Menus play a crucial role in emails, with around 10% of users clicking on menu tabs. With Stripo, adding menus is a breeze. You can choose between menu items or menu icons, add URLs to each item, and fine-tune the design, including alignment, text styles, and mobile visibility.

HTML block. This block is your go-to when you want to add custom elements to your emails without coding from scratch. Simply drag and drop the HTML block into your template, open the HTML code editor, paste your code, and see the changes instantly. It's a powerful tool for adding unique content to your emails.

In addition to these blocks, Stripo also offers the carousel, accordion, and form blocks, designed to enhance your emails with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) content. These blocks can significantly boost conversions and user engagement. The carousel block allows you to showcase multiple images or banners in one screen, perfect for product displays or email gamification. The accordion block, often known as a hamburger menu, lets you create expandable sections with text, images, carousels, and more. Finally, the form block enables users to provide feedback directly within the email, collecting valuable data and responses.

With Stripo's diverse range of blocks, you can take your email marketing campaigns to the next level, delivering interactive and engaging content to your audience.

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