Thanksgiving Day Email Templates

Searching for a soothing Thanksgiving Day email template? Pick any of those offered below, customize it down, and indulge the customers with soothing newsletters.

Thanksgiving Day is one of the best holidays ever; it is filled with love, peace, gratitude to God, everyone, and everything. You are supposed to try to set the holiday spirit in your newsletters. Consequently, Thanksgiving Day email templates should be festive, heart-warming, soothing, charming, etc. Remind the customers that the holiday is coming.

As we can guess, Thanksgiving email design matters more than even generous value proposition.

A banner is the first thing your customers see when opening an email. Stripo enables you to place a wish over it. Apply any of the available decorative fonts to wrap in your texts and wishes. The great thing about it is that any text placed on a banner will be considered by all email clients as a part of an image — thus, it will be shown correctly.

Another way to make your Thanksgiving newsletter templates warming is inserting a video. This can be a video of you and all your team saying how grateful you are to your customers. Of course, if you are. On the web, you can hardly find an example. This means you will be one of the pioneers who send videos to their subscribers on this day.

You can do it in two different ways: either insert a link to the video located on Youtube or embed it into your Thanksgiving HTML email template.

For some reason, Black Friday, which is famous for its sales, comes the next day after Thanksgiving. So, you should be prepared for this event, as well.

You may want to introduce a big number of your products’ items in free Thanksgiving newsletter templates prior to the Big sales day. Here, our smart-elements will be of great use. You configure them once, pick parameters you want to display next to the items’ images; save these blocks to your personal contact library at Stripo editor. And at any time you need to display a wide range of products once again, you simply insert new links into these blocks, and the system will automatically replace all these parameters with new proper ones. Congratulate your customers on this day with sweet, tender email newsletters. Let them feel loved and cherished.

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