How to Embed Video into Your Email

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How to Embed Video into Your Email

Learn how to effortlessly embed videos into your email templates using Stripo, as we guide you through the seamless process. Here's how to make your emails more engaging and dynamic:

Embedding Videos with the "Video" Block:

  1. Add a "Video" Block: Start by adding a "Video" block to your email template. This block is your gateway to incorporating video content.

  2. Insert Video Link: Insert the link to your video in the designated field. Stripo's smart features automatically generate Alt text and preview images for your convenience.

  3. Customize Play Button: Tailor the play button to match your branding by choosing its color. This small detail can enhance the overall visual appeal of your email.

  4. Set Image Dimensions: You have the option to set the width and height of the preview image or use default sizing, depending on your design preferences.

With these simple steps, your video is seamlessly integrated into your email, ready to captivate your audience.

Embedding MP4 Videos with HTML5 Code:

  1. Direct Video Embedding: If you prefer to embed a video directly into your email, you can do so by adding an MP4 video using HTML5 code.

  2. Utilize the "HTML" Block: Add an "HTML" code block to your email template to accommodate the video embedding process.

  3. Paste Your HTML5 Code: Simply paste your HTML5 video code into the block. Stripo makes it straightforward to embed video content.

  4. Your Video is Embedded: With these steps, your video is now completely embedded within your email, ensuring compatibility with email clients like Apple Mail and Outlook.

By incorporating video into your emails, you have the potential to significantly boost click-through rates (CTR) while making your messages more emotionally resonant, visually attractive, and information-rich. Video content adds a dynamic and engaging element to your email marketing, capturing your audience's attention like never before.

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