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When it comes to sales and promotion, making your recipients open the email is always challenging. You need to draw attention and keep it simple at the same time.

Here we will share some tips and our promotional email examples to make your marketing campaigns more effective.

Effective promotional email examples

1. Minimalism and discounts

Everyone loves minimalistic design and discounts, and here they are. Adding a disclaimer about safe shopping with free shipping, warranty, and the ability to return the item is always a good choice for nice holiday shopping.

Promotional Email Template for Sales Professionals

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2. Sale, sale, sale

This is a nice promotional email that encourages you to buy more to get discounts or gifts. You can choose which offer you like the most and then visit the website to find whatever you need.

No pressure, only benefits and promo codes!

Great Promotional Email Example

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3. Time-limited offer

Here's another example of an effective promotional email. It says the discount is valid only today, so the customers need to hurry up and buy something.

You may find the contact information at the bottom of the template if any questions appear. And that's basically it!

Proven Promotional Email Template by Stripo

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4. Extra discount 

Here you can see a nice Black Friday design, and the copy says that you'll get an extra 50% discount. Who on earth can resist such an offer?

Promotional Email Campaign by Stripo for Loyal Customers

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5. Gifts in emails

We all love gifts, and when the holidays come, we all want a pleasant surprise more than ever. So why don't you use it while creating your promotional emails?

Email Promotion with Valuable Discount for Product or Service 

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This email contains a countdown timer that makes you think New Year is coming soon enough to receive gifts! 

6. Special occasions 

Promotional emails can actually encourage you to interact with a brand, especially when they update the website's design related to the occasion. And this is one of the best holiday season email campaigns to prove it.

Create Promotional Emails to Encourage Customer Loyalty

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This "Follow the red nose" disclaimer leads you to the website, where you can indicate items with discounts by following some special signs.

7. Helpful content 

You'll more likely get a client if your promotional emails are tailored to their needs. In this email, you can find instructions on how to tie a knot.

If you're not interested in ties, you can always visit a website for more ideas.

Flash Sale Promotional Email Example

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8. Unusual combination 

When it comes to a special occasion, you can always take a chance and connect things that might seem incompatible. For instance, the Super Bowl and the fashion industry.

Email Marketing Strategy to Promote Product or Service

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9. Thematic promo emails

Here's a great example of thematic promotional emails. Besides discounts, here you can find some delicious recipes and helpful posts.

Very Informative Promotional Email with Targeted Messaging

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10. Bonuses for friends 

Instead of sending cold emails to those who might not even be interested in your product, this email template encourages existing customers to invite their friends and get bonuses.

Great Promotional Email Examples 

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11. Valuable info & relevant content 

Good promotional emails always bring some valuable info apart from trying to sell something. This email template draws attention thanks to its relevant content, which might trigger a pain point that you can solve.

Sleek Looking Promotional Email Example 

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12. Important updates 

In this email, recipients learn about important updates for a better user experience and get a discount to make a purchase and check how the updates work.

Promotional Email Examples with a Promo Code

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13. Discounts on goods from customers’ wishlists 

This promotional email example is designed to remind customers that some goods from their wishlists are on sale. 

Promotional Email Examples to Sell Product or Service

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14. Art competition & promotions 

You know how children love creating something. And their parents adore their crafts. This promotional email example from a kid's store kills two birds with one stone by inviting children to participate in an art competition and offering some appealing promotions for their parents.

High Converting Promotional Emails by Stripo

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15. Special offers for book lovers

Bookworms can’t resist the temptation of buying a new book. If you just send them a special offer, you may be sure they will use it.

Although your audience probably likes to read, there's no need to put lots of words into promotional emails: just add some thematic images and eye-catching CTA buttons to make their search easier.

Email Example with Promotional Message and Discount Code

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16. Personal birthday discounts 

We don't know about you, but we always look forward to birthday gifts from different brands. And if we don't receive them, we won't be their client anymore.

Nah, we're joking, of course. But receiving such personal discounts is really appealing. Try this email example to see how it works with your audience.

Successful Promotional Email for Target Audience

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17. Promo emails for the holiday season 

During the holiday season, your customers have a long shopping list of gifts to buy. Make this process stress-free for them. When subscribers get such an email, they only need to visit a website and choose whatever they need. A win-win situation for high click-through rates.

Promotional Email Examples to Convert Unsure Readers with Promo Code

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18. Promotional emails for narrow niches 

If your niche is very narrow, you should pay attention to every possible reason to catch the eye of your customers. Also, it's a good chance to establish positive relationships with your audience.

Email Campaigns with Promotional Tools to Engage Customers

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19. Promo email to gather feedback 

It's a perfect promotional email example that will help you not only sell something but also collect some feedback, improve your product, and attract more prospects in the future.

Promo Email Campaigns for Feedback with Promo Code

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20. Countdown timers to ignite a sense of urgency

Countdown timers always put a little pressure on your customers, but in a good way. People tend to be indecisive, and such features help them make decisions faster.

Promo Email Marketing Campaigns with Recently Published Sale

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Tips on how to create effective promotional emails

To prevent your marketing efforts from being useless and help you work out the promotional process, we're going to share a few ideas from our professional experience in email marketing.

1. Keep it simple

Keep in mind that your message needs to bring immediate value to the recipients, and you definitely don't want them to miss the point of the campaign.

However, you shouldn't send a blank email, either. Fill the email template with relevant content for a better understanding of the offer, but do it wisely and make sure you trigger the pain point of your potential customers.

2. Avoid spam

Creating promotional emails isn’t all about beautiful design. You need to consider all factors that can influence your deliverability rates, such as a reliable email service provider and a clean email list.

To learn more about email deliverability and how to avoid a spam folder, read the blog post below.

Email Deliverability: Best Practices You Should Know

3. Grab subscribers’ attention with a clear subject line

Good promotional emails should start with an interesting subject line. Just as any other email. But, to make more sales, you really need to do some analytics, find your customers’ pain points, and work out some eye-catchy subject lines.

4. Set a clear call to action

The call to action in your promotional email must be appealing and clear. Again, there's no need to come up with something extraordinary. You just have to make it clear what email subscribers will get after clicking your CTA button.

5. Work on your signature 

As we mentioned before, personal connection always makes things smoother. And it will be a bit more difficult to ignore the message if it's sent from a real person, not just a company.

Equip your signature with your name, company name, position, links for social media, and contact number to the footer of your promotional emails.

6. Don't forget about follow-ups

If you've ever worked with sales in email marketing, you probably know that it's quite hard to sell something without a follow-up. Your subscribers may forget about your previous email, so you need to remind them about yourself with extra messages.

Don’t be pushy, though. Your follow-up emails should be a friendly reminder, not a demand.

Why you should use Stripo for email marketing

1. Pre-designed promotional email templates

Even if you import a template from one email builder to another one, you can still edit it with Stripo without coding skills. You may replace pictures, edit text, and modify the entire email structure. To learn how to add your personal touch, please refer to these links:

2. Synchronized modules

This is a game-changing feature for email marketers because it allows you to edit text across various templates.

It is a lifesaver when you need to update contact information or edit a footer, and for some reason, you don't have time to edit dozens of email templates.

3. Templates for follow-up messages

With Stripo, you can create several email templates for your campaign right away. For instance, it is crucial for event announcement emails to remind subscribers about the date and venue.

You can always use our Brand Guidelines and make the templates fit your brand's style in a few clicks to speed up the design process.

Check out the blog post below to learn how to boost your conversion rate with follow-up messages.

How to Increase Conversion Rate with Follow-up Email Series

4. Responsive design for every email template

We know that people use smartphones most of the time, so we did our best to help you deal with it. Here's what you can do with Stripo:

  • enable or disable some elements on mobile devices;

  • inverse email elements on mobile to display it properly on small screens;

  • design two completely different versions for desktop and mobile.

5. Collaboration tools for your email marketing team

It usually takes a few people to create an email, so we added the ability to set different roles with various access levels to users within your projects on our email design platform.

Another important thing is that you can review the version history and restore any previous version if needed.

Wrapping up

Effective promotional emails always increase your lead generation efforts, sales, and revenue. However, it's not always easy to develop an effective and attractive message.

We hope that our promotional email templates will help you empower your next campaign and impress your subscribers.

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