The evolution of Stripo: from basic blocks to the Template Generator

2:00 pm (UTC), Thursday, Aug 25

Today, Stripo is a popular email design platform with 1050+ HTML templates and integration with 70+ ESPs and CRMs. But have you ever wondered how it all started? How did we get from an email template builder to an all-in-one email design platform with features to automate email production, AMP content, and an extensive library of prebuilt modules?

In this webinar session, we will cover:

  1. Basic blocks: magic in simple things.

  2. Modular system: first steps to streamline your production process.

  3. Stripo’s transformation into an email design platform with more flexible functionality.

  4. Simple ways to create AMP content with our platform.

  5. Template Generator and how you can benefit from using it.

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