08 December 2022

How to increase OR by 78% - business case from Omnicore

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Table of contents
  1. The company
  2. Company’s email marketing strategy
  3. The challenge
  4. The solution
  5. The results
  6. Conclusions for the email campaign
  7. Recommendations from the company
The company

Niche: Fashion, eCommerce as a service

The company

Our today’s guest is an omnichannel player in Ukrainian fashion retail. The company is the official representative of the famous brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Replay, Under Armor brands and many more.

In the meantime, Omnicore's main service is eCommerce as a service. On the one hand, they are a product IT company that develops online stores and applications for traditional fashion retail. On the other hand, after launching an online store, they provide performance marketing, photo and video shooting, customer service, order collection, and delivery.

Both companies work in partnership and run an online business in Ukraine and Kazakhstan and have gone from a multi-brand online store to a full-fledged fashion marketplace. The partner brands of the online marketplace are the leading companies that represent the interests of international and Ukrainian brands in the key shopping centers of the country on the Ukrainian market. The client’s features the brands Etam, Helen Marlen Group, Maje, Sandro, PUMA, adidas, New Balance, Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armour, and others.

Company’s email marketing strategy

Our today’s fashion retailers is one of the TOP-3 online stores in Ukraine in this segment. The website contains 50 thousand SKU from more than 250 world and Ukrainian fashion brands. There is also an attractive Club program in the network of partner stores and on the website. These factors provide a high purchase frequency, vital for regular communication. In addition to promotional newsletters and trigger email chains, sometimes we use non-standard promo emails with gamification inside the email template. This format arouses interest and increases brand loyalty.

The challenge

On the eve of Black Friday, the company set the following tasks:

  • increase the number of registered customers on the website;
  • increase the engagement of subscribers in promotional newsletters.

The solution

To solve all challenges, a chain of messages was thought out. This chain consisted of two stages:

  1. Sending an offer to register with motivation in the form of participation in the quest, which was actually implemented using AMP technology;
  2. Sending an email with a quest to all registered customers with a special gift (early access to a sale). This was based on the results of completing the quest. Sending this email was planned a week before the start of the main sale of the year.

The decision to use Stripo AMP blocks when creating email newsletters was made because of several advantages:

  • time savings since they didn't have to spend time developing a landing page with similar functionality;
  • diversify static emails with an exciting game that recipients can interact with directly in the email, which can also increase customer interest and loyalty to newsletters;
  • the game is available in the email without going to the website, which is fewer actions on which clients can be lost;
  • make our emails stand out from the competition during the busiest sales week of the year;
  • emails that have AMP and HTML versions of the blocks are more likely to be delivered to the inbox of email clients.

The email contained a memory game (find two linked cards). The cards had five brand logos and a corresponding number of products of these brands. When the client finds all five pairs, a button appears when clicking on which the e-mail is added to the list of users to whom Black Friday early access will be sent.

Implementation process

To implement all the plans, it was necessary to prepare three emails worth discussing separately.

First email

The first email was sent to all subscribers who have not yet registered on the site. It said there would be a game soon with a Black Friday Early Access prize. However, only a registered user can take part in it. The company encouraged recipients to register to be among the first to benefit.

AMP Registration Email

(Source: Email from Fashion Retailer)

Second email

The second email was AMP email with the game itself. Like all emails, it all started with design and copy creation. The block with the game was taken from the Stripo library and customized in brand-consistent styles.

AMP Email Creation With Stripo

(Source: Email from Fashion Retailer)

Since not all email clients support displaying AMP content, the company decided to send such clients a button with a link to the AMP email in the web version.

AMP Game for Black Friday

(Source: Email from Fashion Retailer)

Third email

The third email was sent to those who completed the game and won early access to the Black Friday sale.

Black Friday Invitation

(Source: Email from Fashion Retailer)

All preparation for the email campaign, its implementation, and testing took about two weeks.

The results

The results that the company received were very impressive, namely:

  • 17% of the total registered customer base completed the quest and received early access to the sale;
  • the company achieved an OR of 78% for mass newsletters with a database of over 5,000 contacts during the Black Friday period;
  • pushed subscribers to register on the website, but unfortunately, due to some features of the company's website, it was not possible to track specific numbers of growth in registrations at that moment.

Conclusions for the email campaign

The results of this quest fully met the company's expectations and showed very good results. It was essential to achieve a good OR on the days of Black Friday because the main indicators usually fall due to the high activity of competitors on the market during this period.

In addition, the company noticed an improvement in the main indicators in mass mailings after the campaign.

In the future, the company plans to hold similar activities, but not regularly, to leave customers with an element of surprise. It is also worth noting that companies need to plan such promotions in advance (1 month in advance) since setting up and testing the entire process takes a lot of time.

Recommendations from the company

For those companies that do not yet use AMP technology, they need to smoothly begin to implement it in newsletters, as it has great potential and, at this stage of development, can show customers that companies care about them, saving them from unnecessary actions.

Equally important is conducting surveys, creating quests, and adding carousels, and all this will be available to your customers right in the letter. And for companies that already use it, an excellent solution would be to follow all the updates of this technology since the world does not stand still and there is always something to learn and implement.

As you can see, AMP emails are quite a powerful tool that helps businesses achieve new goals. You can do the same, and Stripo will help you with the email design.

Design exceptional emails for your business goals with Stripo
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