Smart-elements email templates

Smart-elements email templates are meant to automate email creation process, specifically products’ cards creation. Choose any of the templates available on our website, adjust it to your brand requirements, insert proper links — and in no time, products’ cards are ready to be sent. (See more details below the templates)

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Like we already said, a smart-element email template is supposed to significantly reduce the time spent on products cards creation.

First off, I guess I should admit that this is our unique feature, and no other editor offers it.

Why are smart elements email templates needed, and how to configure them with Stripo

Difficult to imagine ecommerce without Promo email newsletters. And typically they contain lots of items to advertise, or new product items to introduce to subscribers.

This means that an email marketer needed to copy-paste descriptions, prices, etc., upload to the editor dozens of product snippets, and consequently create dozens of similar CTA buttons. It took much time.

All you have to do now is configure settings for a precise smart-element HTML email template, then insert the links and voila! This way, you can set up to 50 product cards in an email.

Note: Certainly, it works only in case your site offers HTML code of the product pages.

Advantages of using smart elements email templates

1. Time-saving

Due to reducing time spent on products’ cards email creation, you let your marketers stay marketers. They can pay closer attention to the value proposition itself and to the smart-elements email design.

2. Interactive elements

Image rollover feature is applicable to smart-elements, too. This means, that after inserting all the proper links, and once your email template is almost ready, you may switch on “image rollover effect”, then upload the secondary snippet to the precise product’s card. That’s it.

In this article, you will find some fresh ideas and the best examples of how to include them in email marketing newsletters.

3. Library of blocks

Not only save you time by using our free smart-elements newsletter templates, but also due to our library of blocks feature.

After configuring smart-elements, you need to slice the email template into blocks and samples, save them to the very library, and use again anytime you need. You will only need to replace the links to the new items.

Save blocks that contain smart-elements; save footers and headers which are normally unchanged. You may even save social networks icons to pull them in a template when needed.

With the up-to-date tools built-in Stripo, you stick to trends and spend significantly less time on email creation process.

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