Interactive Email Templates

Don’t know how to create an elegant Interactive email template — use ours. Choose and then modify one to make it meet your expectations best within less than 10 minutes, and please your customers with trend emails.

In one of our articles about trends, we said that interactive emails are the number 1 trend for 2018. But how do you create one?

Ways to create interactive emails

There are two ways to do it: simply choose any of our Interactive email templates we have thoughtfully created for you, adjust it to your goals and needs, or build your own one.

Even if you have deep knowledge of HTML coding, you’d rather use a prepared template. Embed image carousels, videos, image sliders, hamburger menus, etc.

Tools to create interactive elements

There are many tools on the Internet that create such elements. Unless you have a developer in your company who may do this for you. Once these elements are created, you will have to simply insert their embed code into our Interactive HTML email template. Then you will need to test it. No, not with Litmus, but with various email clients and various mobile devices!

Interactive elements compatibility with email clients

Frankly speaking, we have tested our emails from the Interactive newsletter templates list and some newly created ones that have not been published yet, none of the interactive elements passed Gmail filters — all elements went static. But Apple Mail and Outlook 2011 did display emails properly.

Fortunately, Gmail is going to use AMP for interactive emails in 2018.

Yet, currently you are welcome to use and implement alternatives to interactive elements.


As long as this is a new feature, no research regarding Interactive email design has been conducted yet.

But we strongly recommend keeping it simple and using only one interactive element not to distract your customers.

Interactive email examples

You can hardly find many examples on the web. Yet we find it great. Because now you can be an innovator in this field. Implement all your ideas to surprise and satisfy your customers with unique trend emails.

Our free Interactive newsletter templates will help you stand out among millions of email marketers all over the world.

Be brave enough to use innovations!

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