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Searching for examples and ideas on how to diversify your commercial real estate email templates?

Search no more!

Because all Real Estate email templates pre-designed by Stripo professionals will perfectly suit your requirements. Why are we so sure about it? For the:

1. Ability to utilize AMP image carousel

This brand new feature allows showcasing a number of banners/photos/images on the first screen.

It also allows you to group photos by categories or, say, houses/districts…

Now you can demonstrate all the photos of a house/apartment on the first screen of your real estate HTML email templates.

Template to use

We offer a pre-designed template that already contains an AMP carousel. To use it, please, click this link.

You may also build an AMP photo carousel absolutely on your own.

In this short video tutorial, we show how to do it in under 10 minutes.

2. Ability to include AMP accordion in real estate email marketing templates

Accordion allows structuring email content, allows showing necessary details upon users’ requests.

It is a good way to make your emails interactive. And as we know interactivity has a positive impact on our CTOR.

Also, users will see only the details of the houses/apartments/other properties they are really interested in. 

Embed AMP accordion in your email template for real estate to make emails logically structured and more informative.

Template to use

We offer a pre-designed template that already contains AMP accordion. To use it, please, click this link.

Just like with carousels, you may also build an AMP accordion absolutely on your own — find details in this post.

3. Ability to add/embed video

It’s better to see once rather than hear 1 thousand times.

But watching a video once can be 1 thousand times better than seeing photos ))

Yes, videos can persuade customers to buy the properties that you offer or at least to schedule an appointment.

Add or even embed videos in our free real estate email templates effortlessly.

In this “Add videos in emails” blog post, we show in the details how to utilize videos in your marketing campaigns.

4. Ability to build an informative signature

How do clients contact their realtors/agents if they want to make an appointment?

You have to share your contact information with them.

They might want to choose the way to reach out to you.

Make sure that the signature of your email templates for real estate contains the following information:

  • links to social media accounts;

  • your cell phone number;

  • your email address;

  • the physical address of your agency;

  • your photo;

  • link to your website.

Please remember that with Stripo, adding information about your social media accounts takes you less than a minute. Because you fill out this information just once.

Then you just need to drag the Social block in your email, and voila — your real estate HTML email template already contains the necessary social media icons and URL links. The design of this module is also set just once.

Find more details here.

5. The ability to export emails to Gmail

If you prefer Gmail as sender over ESPs, then you might really enjoy this option of ours:

You can export your real estate HTML email template to Gmail with 2 clicks.

Your email design will remain as good looking as it was before the export.

Now, in Gmail, you can send mass emails over to all your current and potential clients.

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